adding Amazon Alexa support

alarm-com-echo-alexa is a home monitoring service that is expanding into home automation. They released a Fire TV app last April which lets you view your security cameras, but now they’re adding Alexa voice control support. Their smart home capabilities include smart lighting which lets you link smart light bulbs from various manufacturers with the service to trigger lights based on events. An example they give is automatically turning on the lights when a motion sensor is tripped or when a door is unlocked. The first Alexa capability they’re adding is the ability to turn lights on and off through Alexa voice commands. This feature is already supported by Alexa by default without integration, but if you already have lights configured with’s system, you won’t have to seperatly configure them with Alexa. You would just be using Alexa as the voice input method for your setup. says their Alexa interface will launch early this year.

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