Al Jazeera America news app released for the Amazon Fire TV


Al Jazeera America has just released a new app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The app is compatible with both 1st and 2nd-gen devices. Al Jazeera is among the largest news organizations with 80 bureaus around the world and, due to their origin as a once Arabic only news channel, is often the first news outlet to report on events in the Middle East. Be aware that Al Jazeera is partially funded by the Qatar government and has been criticized as being a propaganda outlet for their foreign policy, as well as having mainly Islamist perspectives. This new app provides on-demand streaming of both their short news clips and full-length episodes of their news shows.


Some have had issue with the second to last sentence in this article. The statements about Qatar and Islamist perspectives were taken from the Al Jazeera wikipedia page and are not my opinion. Im sorry. I should have made that clearer.

I have no personal opinions on Qatar, Al Jazeera, or Islamist perspectives. And I certainly would never include such opinions on this website. I simply did a bit of research about Al Jazeera prior to writing this post and thought some may want to know the views expressed in this app may not be unbiased.

  1. Legs Mechanical says:

    Looks like I’m done with site. I prefer my tech news to be paranoid-right-wing-conspiracy-theory free.

    • Jonathan Rumore says:

      I love this comment for its comedic value.

      • Steve says:

        Is sort of agree with Legs Mechanical.

        I do feel that its odd that Elias used this phrase “Be aware that Al Jazeera is partially funded by the Qatar government and has been criticized as being a propaganda outlet for their foreign policy, as well as having mainly Islamist perspectives.”

        What is there to “Be aware” of???? Will by watching this convert you? Will you be shocked that one persons values may be different then their own.

        While this is ‘merica and everyone is free to say what they wish. It would be nice to see less of this style of personal opinion on Allow the users to make their own judgement call without preempting them with a unsubstantiated subjective statement.

        – Red Blooded American For Life

        • AFTVnews says:

          The phrase you’re having issue with was taken from the Al Jazeera wikipedia page with several sources listed, and is not my opinion. I’m sorry, I should have linked wikipedia as the source. I try to research new apps/services before posting about them to see if there is anything fishy about them and that part f the Al Jazeera page stood out to me so I thought I’d pass it along. Reading this post back now, I can see why some would have issue with. Rest assured that I was not trying to present personal opinions.

          • Legs Mechanical says:

            Right on. I appreciate you acknowledging the issue and the great work you do on the site. I must say, though, that even if sourced from a Wikipedia page, I don’t think it’s terribly appropriate to single out specific content providers as being even “potentially” biased, since we all know that EVERY content is biased in nuanced and subtle ways. Al Jazeera is a widely respected international news organization on par with CNN, the BBC, etc., so treating them differently is bound to raise questions about the author’s OWN biases (that’s not to accuse you of being biased, of course, and I take your update as a statement to the contrary).

    • Stank says:

      “OMG! Kung Fury:Street Rage!? I’m a pacifistic Confucianist, so I’m done with this site.” I think he’s just letting people know what’s new and popular.

  2. vulcan195 says:

    This app mostly is only clips – all of which are available on Youtube. They have several full length shows that are not available via this app. Actually I like AJ International – they have some really good documentaries that explore subjects that American news channels never cover. Most of it is available on Youtube – I recently watched a documentary showing how China has been gradually plundering Africa of all its minerals while the other major powers are busy battling their internal and global issues. AJ and France 24 (live feed available on Youtube) are my go to channels for international news.

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