The AFTVnewscast was a weekly podcast about the Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Alexa, streaming media, and tech in general hosted by Elias Saba. The show was streamed live every Friday at 11am PT on YouTube and released in downloadable audio and video formats every Saturday. Each episode started with a discussion of the week’s news and ended with a Q&A session where Elias answered questions submitted by the audience.


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Episodes & Show Notes

Episode 76: New Fire TV Features in Update
Episode 75: Next Generation Fire TV Leaks
Episode 74: Recommendations & External Storage
Episode 73: Fire TV Web Browser & YouTube TV
Episode 72: Stick 2 Overseas, MrMC v3, & WiFi Analyzer
Episode 71: Updates to Fire TV Photos & Home Screen
Episode 70: Fire TV 3 Timeline & Kodi 17 Released
Episode 69: 1st-gen Fire TV Update & NVIDIA Shield TV Comparison
Episode 68: CES, Fire TV televisions, and NVIDIA Shield TV 2
Episode 67: 2017 Predictions & Amazon TV
Episode 66: Fire TV Update & New Interface Arrive
Episode 65: Fire TV Update Halted & Explained
Episode 64: Fire TV Interface Update & DirecTV Now
Episode 63: DirtyCOW, Downloader, & Deals
Episode 62: New TV Apps & Black Friday Deal Preview
Episode 61: Fire TV Stick Temperatures & Echo Dot 2
Episode 60: Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 Overview
Episode 59: Will Kodi be Banned on the Fire TV?
Episode 58: Big Music Changes for the Fire TV & Amazon
Episode 57: New Fire TV Stick 2 & New Interface
Episode 56: New Fire TV Voice Remote Features
Episode 55: Fire TV Stick 2 Confirmed
Episode 54: Full Netflix Integration
Episode 53: New Devices From Everyone
Episode 52: New App Blacklist & Next-Gen Devices
Episode 51: Fire TV Ad Tracking & New Rooting Exploit
Episode 50: Fire TV 3 Evidence, HDR Explained, & ES File Explorer Returns
Episode 49: Fire TV 3 & Fire TV Stick 2 Expectations
Episode 48: Fire TV App Launcher & BLU R1 HD Ad Removal
Episode 47: New Fire TV ROMs & Update Blocking Guide
Episode 46: New Apps & Alexa Features
Episode 45: Custom Fire TV Boot Animation & Screensaver
Episode 44: Deeper Alexa Integration
Episode 43: FireStarter’s Future & Revised Update
Episode 42: Amazon cuts off Fire TV Stick sales
Episode 41: Update Features & Rooting
Episode 40: Amazon Surveys Kodi & New Fire TV Features
Episode 39: Custom Fire TV Timers & Giveaways
Episode 38: Sideclicks, Subscriptions, & Steals
Episode 37: Kodi, SPMC, & MrMC’s Uncertain Future
Episode 36: Fire TV Stick Ethernet & PiggyBack Remote
Episode 35: Amazon Acknowledges Kodi Users
Episode 34: New Update Bans FireStarter
Episode 33: Amazon Tap & Echo Dot Overview
Episode 32: New Fire TV Stick Speculation
Episode 31: KingRoot Issues & Unrooting
Episode 30: Fire TV Rooting with KingRoot
Episode 29: New Alexa Devices & Fire TV Mods
Episode 28: All Fire TVs & Sticks are Rootable
Episode 27: Google Play Store on the Fire TV 2
Episode 26: Fire TV Rooting, TWRP, & ROMs Explained
Episode 25: Fire TV 5.0.5 Features & Rooting
Episode 24: Signs of Fire OS 5 and Alexa Updates
Episode 23: Everything New With Fire OS 5
Episode 22: Fire OS 5 coming in February
Episode 21: New Fire TV Rooting & Alexa at CES
Episode 20: Fire TV Gains Sideloaded App Launching
Episode 19: Fire TV Gains Add-on TV Subscriptions
Episode 18: Alexa Gains New Abilities
Episode 17: Channel Subscriptions Coming To Fire TV
Episode 16: Fire OS 5 Overview on Fire TV Stick
Episode 15: Fire TV 2 Rooted & New Fire TV Stick
Episode 14: Potential Fire TV 2 Root
Episode 13: Fire TV Shopping and Bug Fixes Arrive
Episode 12: Fire TV Shortage Explained
Episode 11: Fire TV Bug Fixes Are Coming
Episode 10: Dissecting the New Fire TV
Episode 9: Banning The Competition
Episode 8: Benchmarking the new Fire TV and Alexa
Episode 7: Everything you need to know about the New Fire TV
Episode 6: New Fire TV vs New Apple TV
Episode 5: The Fire TV Update
Episode 4: Amazon Underground and Easier Sideloading
Episode 3: Fire OS 5
Episode 2: Fire TV Rootability
Episode 1: Next Generation Fire TV

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