AFTVnewscast podcast canceled this week

Sorry to say, but I need to cancel this week’s AFTVnewscast podcast. I know this is very last minute, but something just came up. The main things that would have been covered this week were the new Shield TV, my Downloader app update, and the uneventful bug fix software update, so it’s not a big loss. If anyone really wants a separate video of me comparing the physical characteristics of the Fire TV and Shield TV, let me know in the comments and I can record a quick video next week if there’s enough demand. I’ll repurpose the same Q&A post next week so those questions aren’t lost.

  1. 4:20 til 2020 says:

    In a hurry to watch the inauguration I take it? Idk why you disabled comments on that post, were you afraid we’d get in a fight? Just kidding, love the new Downloader app. Keep fighting the good fight Elias.

    • Jer says:

      Ha, yeah, I noticed the comments were disabled on that post too. I am guessing he didn’t want politics on this site…

      Hope everything is okay with you Elias and it is just something came up vs. something bad coming up as often happens!

  2. clocks says:

    There are already a ton of videos out there comparing the 1st/2nd gen shields, so I wouldn’t spend time on that. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the device though, especially how it compares to FTV2 & Mi Box.

    • REDZMAN says:

      I completely agree with the above as I am looking at getting one of these to replace my Fire TV 2. Price isn’t really a factor I am just more integrated into the Google ecosystem than the Amazon ecosystem. I want Google Play music to work the way it is supposed to be able to download anything I want from the Android TV Google Play Store. I also have a SmartThings Hub and several Google homes around the house and this could definitely help me simplify my setup and have power into the future.

      • clocks says:

        This is the 2nd time I bought a Shield. My advice, is if you are a non-gamer and don’t do much 4k, the Mi Box is pretty much the same thing. The first Shield I bought I sold on eBay. This new one I am leaning towards returning. It is very nice, but doesn’t really offer me anything over my FTV2s and Mi Box. Maybe it opens Kodi 2/10ths of a second faster? So what.

        • REDZMAN says:

          I’m an Xbox gamer but I’m also not interested in the gaming aspect of this, I’m interested in the other parts being pure Android TV the SmartThings capabilities and having it take over for my home automation and control of Google home and Z-Wave products. I’m not worried about 4K yet as we are getting 4K TVs later this year. The expandability of Google Assistant throughout the house with the additional spot microphones is also important.

          • Tony Ramirez says:

            I got the Shield and regret it. It is just not stable. I had more “name of app has stopped” pop up more than anything. I might return it.

  3. Ray says:

    I’d love to see a comparison between the new Shield and the Fire TV, if you’re game, Elias.

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