AFTVnewscast 43: FireStarter’s Future & Revised Update

If you missed yesterday’s live stream, here’s the latest AFTVnewscast episode. Thanks to everyone who viewed live and who participated by asking questions.

The AFTVnewscast is streamed live on Fridays at 1:30pm PT. You can watch all episodes on YouTube, subscribe via RSS, iTunes, Google Podcast, listen via TuneIn, Stitcher, or download the MP3 directly. Read on for the show notes and links.

Show Notes & Links

New version of Fire TV software update starts rolling out

Revised Fire TV software update fixes screensaver issues

Revised software version still rootable on Fire TV Stick with Kingo Root

How to use an NTFS microSD card or USB drive with a rooted Fire TV

How to play files larger than 4GB off the Fire TV’s FAT32 USB storage in Kodi

How to connect a USB Keyboard or Mouse to a rooted Fire TV Stick with an OTG Cable

How to disable the FAT32 format message on a rooted Fire TV

FireStarter relaunched as AppStarter but without HOME button detection or auto-launching features

Sideloading Guide for Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

Kodi fork MrMC lowers price and adds Fire tablet support

MrMC’s developers do not deserve the hate they’re receiving

MrMC app on Amazon

$50 Fire Tablet on Amazon

Own ‘The Croods’ for FREE on Amazon Video

The Croods on Amazon

Dozens of movies on sale for $6.99 or less on Amazon Video

New aluminum-body Fire HD 10 tablet on sale for $179.99

Fire HD 10 tablet on Amazon

Ecobee3 Alexa-compatible smart thermostat on sale for $199

ecobee3 Smart Thermostat on Amazon

New Apple App Store revenue-share model could result in an Amazon Video app on the Apple TV

Understanding the reasoning behind Amazon’s ban of the Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player

TWRP custom recovery and Pre-Rooted ROM for Fire TV Stick are in the works

How to install Xposed Framework on the Fire TV 2 running Fire OS 5

How to install the Google Play Store on the Fire TV 2 running Fire OS 5

DDWRT Firmware

Tomato Firmware

PS4 DualShock 4 button mapping on the Fire TV

Fire TV Xposed Mods by rbox

4K video output not available to Fire TV app developers

Kodi Userdata Location

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  1. TechyChris says:

    Hello Elias, great show as usual. I was hoping you could clarify something. You mentioned that FireStarter will not update to AppStarter, but i’m not so sure. I have FireStarter v3.2.3 on both my updated blocked FTV’s (the last of the “old” version) My FTV’s are asking me to update to FireStarter v4.0 (the “new version AppStarter though it’s calling it FireStarter) I declined this because if I do I’m pretty sure I’d be unable to use this the way it was originally inteded. On XDA it looks like Sphinx just continued on with AppStarter as a new v4.0 of FireStarter from v3.2.3 and included the rename plus , what I consider to be “undesirable new features” It’s very misleading or am I missing something? Has anyone let the app update from v3.2.3 to v4.0 happen? Thanks!

    • Dave69 says:

      Firestarter asks me the same thing on a rooted FTV1. I clicked ok several times but it always returns with cannot find file. I only did this because I have a copy of the Firestarter apk to reinstall.

  2. gdroid666 says:

    can someone tell me what to do to sideload the old version of firestarter on to a new fire tv stick running
    i mean i can’t just load the old firestarter .apk because it is blacklisted right? rooting does not unblacklist the app does it? so is there a guide on how to whitelist the old firestarter app?
    or will it just work now that i am rooted?by just work i mean install and show up , i know there is some guide somewhere about how to re-enable the home button single and double click commands through adb,(if someone could link it here that would be great)

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