AFTVnewscast 28: All Fire TVs & Sticks are Rootable

If you missed yesterday’s live stream, here’s the latest AFTVnewscast episode. Thanks to everyone who viewed live and who participated by asking questions.

The AFTVnewscast is usually streamed live on Fridays at 1:30pm PT. I had to stream this episode last Thursday due to my schedual this week. Sorry it’s out a day later than usual. You can watch all episodes on YouTube, subscribe via RSS, subscribe via iTunes, listen via TuneIn, Stitcher, or download the MP3 directly. Read on for the show notes and links.

Show Notes & Links

Overview of Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software update 5.0.5 changes

New ‘Your Videos’ section on Fire TV combines Prime Video, Subscriptions, Library, Watchlist, and more into one screen

Amazon launches add-on subscription service for TV networks and media collections

Summary of all new Amazon Prime Video add-on subscriptions with prices and content count

Who’s to blame for the Fire TV’s lack of Netflix voice search integration?

Amazon Fire TV gains native Prime Add-On Subscription support with latest update

How to Cancel an Amazon Prime Video Add-On Subscription

Overview of Fire OS 5 software update changes for the Fire TV Stick

Everything you need to know about the Fire OS 5 update for the 1st-gen Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Fire OS 5 on the Amazon Fire TV 1 and Fire TV Stick can be Rooted

How to block software updates on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

Chip in to buy Rbox a Fire TV Stick if you’d like

The current state of Fire TV & Fire TV Stick rooting

How to Root the Amazon Fire TV 2

New voice remote for Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick available for pre-order

New Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Voice Remote on Amazon

All Amazon Fire TV bundles are currently on sale

Get a $5 credit for reloading your Amazon Gift Card Balance with $100
Check if you qualify for the $5 free credit

App Deal: Weather Friend down from $0.99 to FREE

Weather Friend app on Amazon

App Deal: Toy Story – Smash It! down from $1.99 to $0.99

Toy Story: Smash It game on Amazon

App Deal: DuckTales Remastered down from $9.99 to $4.99

DuckTales: Remastered game on Amazon

App Deal: Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse down from $9.99 to $4.99

Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse game on Amazon

German Fire TV gets a new dedicated South Park app

South Park on Amazon

South Park on Amazon Germany

How to install Geographically Restricted Apps from Amazon

Ultimate Sideloading Guide for Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

Amazon Echo

How to change the Wallpaper on a rooted Amazon Fire TV

Amazon reportedly considering its own live TV service

Nyko Cygnus Game Controller Review

Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

Amazon Fire TV Design and User Experience Guidelines

Granting apps access to write on external storage

Amazon will reportedly release a portable version of the Echo in coming weeks

How to unroot a Fire TV and switch back to stock updates From Amazon

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  1. Vortex says:

    Why should I root a perfectly working device? Can someone give me any benefits rooting it?

  2. A.B. says:

    Vortex, while the ftv could be a perfect device, you might want to root it to make it a dedicated device for running only Kodi or Openelec. It would be faster ’cause while the non-rooted ftv would run Kodi, there’s the ftv software running in the background, thus slowing down Kodi. I wouldn’t exaggerate if I say at least two third of ftv owners run Kodi.

    • Vortex says:

      A.B, Kodi is running perfectly on aftv without rooting. I find more headache with it. Are there any other reasons to root?

      • Bombo says:

        I totally agree with you see my fire tv running smoothly without rooting friend A.B. I explain something that does not leave me very clear whether or not worth doing can better explain to the person or another here that we would help make the roooting? thanks

      • vulcan195 says:

        My AFTV2 works fine without rooting. I think the rationale for rooting held true for the AFTV1 because of the noticeable speed improvements. But the AFTV2 is very fast. Moreover, rooting and installing apps from non-Amazon sites exposes it to significant security risks. Yes, there are those who claim that they only download from legit sites – to them I say, even Apple got tricked when malware ended up in the IOS store. So unless you are a cybersecurity guy with plenty of time on hand to verify the authenticity of every app you install … I say, don’t bother … spend that time watching CuriosityStream … it will make you smarter. LOL.

  3. Adam Z says:

    Do you have plan to unlock the bootloader for Fire TV stick?
    and will you build a CyanogenMod android firmware for it?

  4. Some One says:

    Ad blocking, Service disabling, inapp purchase cracking, OS slimming, Wallpaper changes, full root access, among many other things are why I root/jailbreak.

  5. vulcan195 says:

    I use an anti-virus on the FireTV to check every app (including apps that auto-update in the middle of the night). The anti-virus app is native to the AFTV2 … I downloaded from Amazon store. While the AFTV2 may not any sensitive information worth stealing … the device resides on the same network as all your other devices. If a network sniffing malware gets installed on your AFTV2, it can scoop data from across the network.

  6. Vulcan195 says:

    Elias – my question about size of cover art was based on comparisons with cover art size on Apple TV. I have never felt that the Apple UI was too small to read and I have seen any reviews that consider it a con. So as it stands, AFTV only shows four tiles at a time with only left-right navigation … whereas ATV shows around 20 tiles at a time with left-right-top-down navigation. So for someone like me … with 90 titles in their watchlist, the AFTV approach becomes a major PITA.

  7. is0-mick says:

    Since rooting mine, I managed to replace the amazon launcher with my own code, and added voice search into KODI :D

  8. Masi5192 says:

    Hey I have a question.
    I have the unrooted FireTV 1st gen on 5.0.5 and have blocked updates.
    I am waiting for RBOXs TWRP and pre rooted ROM.
    As far as I understand it, the Root with Kingroot is not Bootloader unlocked. So is it possible after Rooting my FireTV with Kingroot and installing TWRP to downgrade on a pre rooted Rom to unlock the Bootloader?
    And then update back to 5.0.5 with unlocked bootloader?
    Is this possible?

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