AFTVnews turns 2 years old


Two years ago today, I started this website (well…not exactly this domain) on a whim due to the lack of organized information available for the Amazon Fire TV. Now, over 1,800 posts later, there are hundreds of thousands of you visiting my little website. Thank you so much for enabling me to turn a hobby into a means to support my family.

  1. natebetween says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Johnny says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you Elias for all you do for the fire TV community!

  3. Guido says:

    Happy Birthday! Great source for all about Fire TV.

  4. Bill says:

    Thank You! Can’t imagine where we would be on the Fire TV without all your help.

  5. Ryan says:

    Happy Bday!

  6. Nick Janvier says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday Elias, great job : )

  7. nyder says:

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Jerry says:

    Happy Birthday. One of my most visited sites on the internet in the last year.

  9. Edgar R. says:

    happy bday. Like I said in the past. Very informative site. One of my dailies.

  10. roligov says:

    Congrats Elias, glad to see AFTVNews still going and going strong! Happy to be apart of this community and your site has been a fantastic central point for everything AFTV related. Your guides are great and meticulous as well! Keep it up :)

  11. Frank H says:

    Happy Birthday AFTVnews!

  12. Chuck B says:

    Congrats, keep up the good work :)

  13. TechyChris says:

    You should be proud, your website is the number 1 source for FTV news. Excellent work! Your tutorials have helped me on a number of occasions! Congratulations Elias!

  14. Alfredo says:

    Happy Birthday Amigo and keep up the good and informative work.

  15. Omar says:

    Wow no idea ! It was my birthday just yesterday love your site keep up the amazing work check this site 5 or more times a day !

  16. Dan says:

    Here’s to the next two Elias, Happy Birthday @AFTVNews!!!

  17. Neogeo71 says:

    Happy Birthday, Love the site!

  18. Katie B. says:

    Happy birthday, AFTVnews! Here’s to many more!

  19. Lori says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday and Congratulations on your success!

  20. atone says:

    I’ve gotten the most out of my FTV1 eg. free amazon apps etc,mods and roots, thanks to aftvnews (& help from rbox)!
    Happy 2nd Birthday aftvnews and many more to come.

  21. Rafo says:

    Happy birthday AFTVnews!

  22. Masterblaster says:

    Elias, I am so happy your doing well personally and we all wanted to thank-you for all the help and information you provide to us.
    Your passionate fans☺☺☺☺☺☺

    Happy Birthday AFTVnews!!!

  23. Mark says:

    Happy birthday! Awesome to see you can live off of this site. You do a great job and the longevity is a credit to your dedication.

  24. Playingmax says:

    Happy Birthday

  25. Troks says:

    Thank U brother.

  26. peter S says:

    Congrats on the website’s 2nd birthday!! I have gotten so much useful information from this site. Thank you.

  27. Reflex says:

    Congrats and thank you for the site. It was well past time to get a site to cover Amazon when you arrived. Have you considered bringing on another writer to perhaps cover the more technical aspects of their products and services (like, say, AWS)?

  28. Eric W. says:

    Happy birthday AFTVNEWS.COM!! Thank you Elias for all the information regarding Amazon.

  29. hdmkv says:


  30. P says:

    Happy birthday! Thanks for all your hard work!

  31. Angel Reyes says:

    Happy bday great work!

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