Adventures of Mana by Square Enix released for the Amazon Fire TV


Adventures of Mana has just arrived on the 1st and 2nd-gen Amazon Fire TV. This game by award winning developer Square Enix is a modern remake of the original Game Boy title Final Fantasy Adventure. It’s an action role-playing game with fully remastered 3D visuals. This is a console calibur game with dozens of hours of gameplay, so the hefty price reflects it. Pick it up now, or wait for a possible sale in the future, which Square Enix is known to have. The game is not compatible with the Fire TV Stick and does require a game controller.

  1. xnamkcor says:

    So far it seems like a remake of Final Fantasy Adventure/Gaiden. Which was also already made into Sword of Mana for GBA, but it feels much more like the GB version.

    • xnamkcor says:

      Except for the graphics and the new controls, This seems very much like a Gameboy game. Don’t expect much more than a minimal action RPG and certainly don’t expect the depth of Sword of Mana or any other Mana title.

      If you have the choice between this and For Frog the Bell Tolls, pick FFtBT.

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