Additional shots of the new Amazon Fire TV interface


Here are two more shots of the new Fire TV interface coming later this year. Big thanks to Janko Roettgers from Variety for responding to my request and providing these additional screenshots which were’nt included in his preview article.


This first shot is of the screen you’ll see when selecting to view a TV show’s episodes. It’s quite similar to the existing interface, as far as layout goes, but is more attractive thanks to the full screen background image that has been added.


It’s not entirely clear to me exactly where this second screen will appear. It says Home at the top, so either this is what the interface looks like when you scroll down the Home screen, or the Home label at the top is a button that takes you back to the Home screen. Regardless, we see what I presume is a horizontal list of recommended content on this screen. It appears that, while navigating around the new interface, the upper third of the screen will display additional information about the item that is currently highlighted, or at least that’s the case for the top row of items.

  1. tech3475 says:

    Please Amazon make this thing able to work better when without an internet connection for installed apps.

  2. Randall D Lind says:

    Now that they screwed up the music part of the Fire TV interface. They need to release this ASAP.

  3. Ryan says:

    Can we just get them to upgrade to Android 6.0 so that we get all the latest security patches and Apps are easier to update since they will be on the same baseline as tablets and phones.

    • Amazon genius says:

      Amazon ditch their propristary interface? Will NEVER happen. Just buy an android box because amazon will stop selling fire tvs before they go stock android.

  4. Josh says:

    I’m sure an update to six won’t be until late next year. The best thing about that will be the ability to make better use of SD cards.

  5. Daniel H says:

    All everyone needs to do is download Kodi.. That’s all I use my fire for, what else do you need and it’s free. Plus if you have a Samsung TV or LG just download the IPTV app and you have free cable from around the world. If you aren’t that Tech savvy, go on Amazon and buy a box with Kodi already installed. I am sure that the new Interface will not have ES Explorer and Kodi so do it while you can!

  6. Micah says:

    The second screen is the home menu where all content will live.

  7. Jenniffer McMillan says:

    Just got my Firestick. It’s the Firestick with Alexa Remote.
    It took a while for the Firestick to pick up my wifi, even though everything else in the house picks it up, no problem. Then it took a while for it to locate remote.
    After finally locating remote and registering the Firestick, now I don’t see the menu bar on the left of the screen.
    Could someone please tell me how to get to the menu bar on the left side of the home screen. I can’t see it, therefore I can’t make any changes. i.e.: download Kodi.
    Please help!
    Thanks in advance! 01/28/17

  8. Pam Irvin says:

    I am missing my “recent” apps and games row…is there a way to get this back to my home screen. I have tried everything and nothing recent shows up?

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