[SOLD OUT] 55″ Amazon Omni Hands-Free 4K Fire TV Smart TV is on sale for $109.99 — Lightning deal will sell out in minutes!

The doorbuster lightning deal on the 55″ Amazon Omni Series Hands-Free 4K Fire TV for $109.99 is NOW LIVE! This TV will surely sell out in minutes at this price so just stop reading and go buy it if you’re at all interested. At 80% off the regular price of $559.99, this is probably the single best deal during Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale. You can read more about this TV here, but be sure to put your order in first. If you miss out on this deal, be sure to check my full list of Fire TV Smart TV deals that are already live.


As predicted, the deal went live at 6 AM PT and sold out in under a minute.

  1. Asha says:

    Thanks for all that you do to being is these awesome deals and keeping us updated!

  2. Craig S. says:

    No, Elias. Not minutes. 20-30 seconds.

    • Yeah, really. My “minutes” estimate was going off of the two Prime Day TV deals lasting 5 and 25 minutes. Both of the TV deals this time were definitely gone in under a minute. The Hisense TV was gone in a flash but the Amazon Omni TV definitely lasted longer so it seems there were much more of those available.

    • R says:

      Felt more like 10 seconds!

      I hit add to cart then completed the purchase, by the time I returned to the product page there was a waiting list!

  3. Wilson says:

    They only had 11 in stock when I checked in at 6 am. Most likely sold out within seconds.

    • JTF says:

      Got one thanks to reading your prediction yesterday. Thanks! Also there was no ticker for this one, they just changed the price at 8AM CST with no warning.

      • Wilson says:

        Yea I literally was waiting to click the link on the other post exactly at 6 am. Glad I got this, but really wish I got the hisense one.

        • R says:

          The Hisense one is smaller and costs more, right? Is the build quality better on that TV?

          • It’s not that it has better build quality but that it has better features. What the Hisense has over the Omni is a QLED screen (for better color), Dolby Vision & HDR10+ support, Full Array Local Dimming (for better black levels), Variable Refresh Rate (for instant framerate matching), and a screen that gets about twice as bright (for better HDR). The only thing the Amazon Omni has going for it is hands-free voice control, a slightly larger screen, and the cheaper sale price.

          • R says:

            I see, I didn’t know the Hisense one had those premium features over the Omni one. That said, the Omni TV should still be a good TV, right? I bought it not as my primary living room TV but to replace a smaller and older non-smart TV in my garage/man cave.

          • JTF says:

            It’s a QLED. The 55 inch is just LED

          • SC says:

            R I’d say for $109 it’s a really good tv. Especially for your man cave/garage. Are you going to be nit picking the video quality while your work on whatever hobby you do in there? I’m excited about a nice TV for next to nothing. Enjoy.

          • R says:

            It’ll be used casually, for watching baseball or playing Forza Horizon occasionally. Honestly any 2022 tv will be a serious upgrade to the tv it’s replacing.

      • Glad I could help! Enjoy the TV!

      • R says:

        Yeah it never showed up, website nor app

    • Those stock figures are regional and not that accurate. I can already see that multiple hundreds of the Amazon Omni TV were purchased from my articles alone.

  4. Skillet says:

    Thank you!! Would not of found one without you and it was a success.

  5. Y314K says:

    Thanks again, was able to snag this one too. Been on 1080P TV’s for the last decade, which for the most part still work fine. But decided after seeing these great deals to finally time to start upgrading. Reminded me of the old days when I would Snipped eBay deals in the last seconds (manually not using a service or code).

  6. NB says:

    Thanks, I was able to get one of these because of this site!! Doesn’t look like the best TV, but at this price I won’t mind giving it to someone during the holidays if I don’t like it.

  7. Minecraft-boy-#1 says:

    Thanks to you! I was simply on the tv page and pressed F5 at 5:59 and boom! The price changed and was able to order it, thanks Elias major W

  8. K says:

    +1 for this site helping me snag one of the Omni’s. My girlfriend and I camped out and were both able to checkout at exactly 8AM Central with no issues.
    Had my mom buy this very same TV during Prime Day for $300. It’s a great TV and the Alexa function when off is a nice touch. Thanks again Elias!

  9. Subhash says:

    Thank you Elias.i got one Amazon FireTV by following your posts.

  10. Johnm93359 says:

    Got 1 – Thanks. I missed out on the Real prime day sale, and yesterday’s sale. Been watching a 43″ pre smart/ pre 4k Vizio since my very old pre HDR 50″ Vizio died early this summer. horrible picture.

  11. Anthony Rossetti says:

    Got one thanks
    Also before I bought it I was offered a spot on the waiting list
    It is still showing I have the option to buy it for the lighting deal price
    I am not sure what will happen if I try and order a second one or if I should

    • Anthony Rossetti says:

      Oh crap ,I messed it up when I went back to the Amazon app the option to bit is no longer showing
      I probably could have got a second one for someone else
      I got a notification from Amazon about being on the wait list when I clicked it it took me to the product page and I still the option to buy it for the sale price
      But once I went to another app and went back to the Amazon app the buy option was gone , and I can’t get the notification to show again (Android)

  12. Kanon says:

    I got this tv thanks to your post aftv and your preprovided links i was able to open it and keep hitting refresh and i got the tv seems like its sold out very fast how many were avaliable as a estimate

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