[SOLD OUT] 50″ Hisense QLED 4K Fire TV Smart TV is on sale for $159.99 — Lightning deal will sell out in minutes!

The doorbuster lightning deal on the 50″ Hisense U6 QLED 4K Fire TV for $159.99 is NOW LIVE! This TV deal will likely sell out in minutes so stop reading and just go buy it if you’re interested. At 70% off the regular price of $529.99, this is easily one of the best deals during Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale. It’s also one of the best, if not THE best, Fire TV Smart TV available. You can read all about its long list of features here, but only after you’ve put your order in. If you miss out on this deal, be sure to check my full list of Fire TV Smart TV deals that are already live.


As predicted, the deal went live at 6 AM PT and, unfortunately, sold out in under a minute.

  1. Asha says:

    Thanks Elias! Snagged one

  2. loss leader bait says:

    that lasted a minute and the wait list was gone too i just blinked 2x.

    • Yup, that was extremely fast. It definitely sold out in under a minute and I’d even say it might have been in under 30 seconds. Basically, I refreshed once and saw the deal, then refreshed again and it was sold out already.

  3. Anthony Rossetti says:

    If it went live at 9:00 A.M. EST
    Then it sold out in less than a minute
    I checked at almost 9:01 and it was 100% claimed
    Unless it went live earlier
    I wonder if people used Alexa to automatically purchase it

    I am only interested in trying tomorrow for the 55″ Omni anyways

    • No, it didn’t go live early. My script was refreshing as quickly as it could and it did go live at exactly 6 AM PT, not earlier. It just sold out instantly, so you had to have refreshed within seconds of it going live to get one.

      The Alexa auto-buy says it may not work for popular deals, so I highly doubt anyone got it through Alexa.

      • Anthony Rossetti says:

        Oh ok thanks Elaias
        I wasn’t sure if there was like a cue for people who told Alexa to auto buy it ,I mean people could have also been using scripts too like they were doing with PS5 and graphics cards.

        • Y314K says:

          In the last couple of minutes. I manually refreshed the page about every 10 seconds until I saw the lower price. I stopped refreshing as soon as the price changed. Then I clicked on “Buy Now” instead of sending it to my cart to make sure I eliminated a step. Once it had refreshed it told me a I had a x amount of minutes to complete the purchase. I am guessing I had secured one but if I did not complete the sale in the amount of time allowed it would go to someone on the waiting list.

        • Y314K says:

          So make sure “Buy Now” is turned on for your account. The time it takes to send to cart & then tell it to buy can be the difference of success.

          • Having “Buy Now” pre-configured and enabled certainly won’t hurt, but I do believe that once you add it to your cart, you’ve also already locked it in for yourself because even just adding it to your cart starts the checkout timer that you mentioned. Probably still safer to just hit the “Buy Now” button though.

          • Y314K says:

            Right, you get 15 minutes to finish your purchase once you successfully add item to cart. Was able to verify that on the 2nd deal day.

  4. Dan G says:

    Got one. Planned on buying this model a couple months ago but was waiting for a sale or for my current set to completely die.

  5. Y314K says:

    Great info Elias. Once again you saved me a ton of time & $$.

    With your great insights. I was able to snag one. Suppose to be here on Thursday. I had pre-ordered the new FireTV Cube 3 with the special coupon ($100) but will probably cancel or return that order since for $70 (including taxes) more I get a full 2022 4K Oled TV that will be great for Xbox Series S.

    Thanks for all you do & offer.

  6. Erinsescence says:

    Got it too! Thanks!

  7. Y314K says:

    Just got mine an early day. Wonder if the Omni will come a day earlier too. Box looks awesome. Will probably wait until the weekend to play with them.

    Any idea how long before updated guides start to get posted ?

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