4-Pack of Alexa compatible smart plugs are on sale for as low as $29.99 [Expired]

There are a couple of good deals on Alexa compatible Smart Plugs. You can currently get a 4-Pack of iSelector Mini Smart Plugs for $29.99 using promo code TDGBHGUJ or get a 4-Pack of Gosund mini Smart Plugs for $35.99 using promo code 9A4LR7C7. I personally don’t have any experience with either of these plugs or brands, but reviews seem to be pretty good for both. The iSelector plugs have a 4.7 out of 5 star rating with 184 reviews and the Gosund plugs have a 4.2 star rating with over 200 reviews. Both of these plugs can be controlled by Alexa through an Echo device or the Fire TV voice remote.

  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    Just wondering if anyone is having WiFi problems with all of these “Smart Devices”, seems like I have around 41 devices attached to my WiFi and then my WiFi just won’t work or can’t connect to new devices, etc… anyone else have this problem? Considering all my Smart Plugs, Phones, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Hue/Harmony Hubs, etc, etc… is there a Router out there that handles these better?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I don’t have nearly that many devices, but I too have been having WiFi issues lately. I just picked up a set of three Google WiFi routers, so I’m going to give the whole mesh network a try. I’m currently using a single Linksys WRT AC1200. I don’t think my issues are related to the number of devices I have. The main reason I bought the Google WiFi kit is for better range. Not having to diagnose why my devices are dropping connections is just a plus.

  2. TT-HappyFuzzy says:

    Yes. This morning as well.

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