3rd-gen Fire TV Cube is on sale for the first time ever in Europe

Amazon has put the brand-new 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube on sale for the first time for its early Black Friday sale. It’s not on sale in the US yet, but you can get it at a discount in several European countries. It’s on sale for £119.99 in the UK, which is 14% off. Those of you in German, Austria, France, Italy, or Spain can get the Fire TV Cube 3 on sale for €139.99, which is 13% off its regular price in those countries. Even though it’s not on sale yet in the US, the European sale prices tell us that, if it does go on sale in the US for Black Friday, it’ll probably be priced at $119.99. As a reminder, select lucky customers can get $40 off the Fire TV Cube 3 using promo code 4KCUBE at checkout, which is a better deal than any of these sale prices.

  1. clocks says:

    The new cube has a pricing issue IMO. The apple tv has less ads, is faster, more ram/storage, and now has a lower price. Even at $120, I’d be tempted to jump over to the ATV. I guess the cube has alexa built in, but there are users like me that want the fastest device out there, that have no interest in using alexa.

    • Greg says:

      Plus you get you can get Apple Music in Dolby Atmos Music that you can listen without Ear Buds. And able to listen to through your Dolby Atmos TV and Dolby Atmos Home Theater. Witch you can not get On a Cube 3.

      But As Far As I know you can’t use 3rd party Apps. You can’t get And Don’t Have Downloader or Similar as far as I know.

      • clocks says:

        I apple gives you a more premium, chargeable remote also. Yeah, not being able to install a youtube alternative is the main thing keeping me on amazon atm.

    • LycanHD says:

      Except you will be out of luck for any Android apps or games if you go with the Apple TV. Plus if you don’t have any other Apple ecosystem devices in your home then it is pointless to have.

  2. Jeff says:

    I got the New Cube on release day and it has alot to over come to compete with the other streaming devices. Its over priced and the interface is outdated. QA missed so many bugs before it was released with wifi 6e not working correctly and interface bugs with greyed out icons for side loaded apps. There should also be a easy way to install and transfer apps to external storage. There is not alot of change from the 2nd gen Cube in regards to speed (2 extra A53 cores). Amazon realy needs to look at there competition is doing. Still being on a forked android pie is not being up to the current times. Amazon needs to right the ship and get the bugs taken care of.

    • Greg says:

      About the WiFi6 have you tried to change your WiFi channel to 149 or higher. Check how many bars are you getting if it is 2 or less try moving your Router closer plus make sure your Your Router is Up as high as you can it and 6 inches from the Wall and is not in a Cabinet. Why or if change channel Check for your Router updates then reboot it and reboot all devices that are using that router. These a just a very few basic things to try.

    • clocks says:

      How is the upscaling? Notice any difference versus the other FTVs? Speed and the upscaling are the two main things I am curious about, but seems like most people say they do not notice much difference for either.

  3. Patrick says:

    I have followed you since before the Fire Stick and TV stuff became an obsession for you, but at least, until now, you covered the biggest Amazon developments beyond the Sticks and TVs.

    However, now you are even failing to post major Amazon Black Friday events apparently because they do not involve those few Amazon products that interest you.

    Although I would have expected to have read about it here first, it was elsewhere that I learned several days ago that Amazon has put all its tablets on an early Black Friday sale. The price cuts are as much as 60%. The newest Fire10 HD, for example, is only $75. Best Buy and Target are currently matching Amazon’s price cuts.

  4. 3688xkevin says:

    I got my Fire TV Cube 2022 at JPY$16,980(USD$121), Amazon JP automaticly gave me JPY$3,000 discount when I preordered in October.

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