3rd-gen Fire TV Cube available used from Amazon Warehouse for the first time — Starting at $104.99

The 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube has been out for half a year but Amazon hasn’t given buyers much of a discount off its $139.99 retail price. A small number of lucky people were able to snag the new device for $99.99 through a targeted introductory promotion at launch but the lowest price it has been for most people is $124.99 when it has gone on sale. Today is the first day that the new flagship Fire TV has been listed used on Amazon, so if you want to pay less and don’t mind cosmetic imperfections, this is your opportunity to get it for as little as $104.99. At that price, Amazon lists the new Fire TV Cube in “Acceptable” condition with “small cosmetic imperfections on the item associated with regular use.” The Cube is also listed for $118.99 in “Good” condition which is described as having “minor cosmetic imperfections on the item.” Either way, these new used offerings are the cheapest way yet for most people to buy the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube from Amazon. Just click through to the product page and click the “New & Used” button to see the available used prices while they last.

  1. Alan Jacobson says:

    3rd ben cube was a disaster for me. It did everything slower than my 2nd Gen cube along with still frames and mismatched dialogue. Went back to my 2nd gen and all the problems were resolved. Too bad the 30 day return period had ended. Buyer Beware!

  2. Matt Rizzo says:

    I was one of the fortunate few to snag one for $99 bucks in October. Best device ever.

  3. mike says:

    also note, there is no warranty…better to just wait until goes on sale again for $20 more

  4. Walter says:

    I was able to get it for the $99, but was not impressed. There was no difference with the super resolution being on or off and would get an error when using Wi-Fi 6e. I’ve stuck with the Firestick Max that was faster and more reliable.

  5. Larry the SatelliteGuy says:

    I wasn’t impressed with the 3rd gen over what I could already get it off the 2nd gen Cube. But since there’s root for the 3rd gen now, it makes it a much more interesting device.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It looks like the Downloader By AFTVNews got removed from the Play Store

  7. Joe says:

    Not sure where else to post this, but just wanted to bring to attention that the AFTVNews Downloader app is no longer available in the Google Play store


  8. geodude8888 says:

    I traded in a Roku device that I was not using. Tried the FireBox 3 and wasn’t impressed. Hated the remote. Something about that middle click wheel. Couldn’t find anything about how the December update improved the Super Resolution. Review never came on this site. I returned it and got a Shield Pro 19. The AI Upscaling is real on this. Funny I was watching Law and Order and she said that the image was so sharp like 4k. With the Shield you have an ability to compare it. Oh I have a 2015 Shield that still gets day to day use, only piece of tech that I have that still functions 7.5 years after purchasing it. I had a 2 fire tv 2 as well. Those became slow and buggy after about 3 years.

  9. Mario Menezes says:

    I found a significant difference using the 3rd Gen cube. I use Plex to stream 4k content over my server and the only reliable device was the nvidia shield pro. The rest (including roku and the 2nd generation cube) would choke, especially when fast forwarding, rewinding or resuming from pause. The 3rd Gen cube is awesome. And paired with the new lighted remote I got makes it my go to device for ease of use.

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