2nd-gen Fire TV box will not receive the new Fire TV interface

Amazon has informed me that, along with the 1st-gen Fire TV and 1st-gen Fire TV Stick from 2014, the 2nd-gen Fire TV box released in 2015 will also not be receiving the new Fire TV interace. I mistakenly thought 2015 and newer devices would receive the new interface update, and incorrectly stated so previously, but it turns out that the much-loved Fire TV 2 is just behind the cut-off of 2016 and newer models.

The 2nd-gen Fire TV was released in October of 2015 and quickly became the most sought after model by being the first Fire TV to support 4K video and having exceptional performance that wasn’t surpassed by a newer Fire TV model until the release of the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube. Many home theater enthusiasts have held onto the 2nd-gen Fire TV for being the last model to support features like integrated Ethernet, a microSD card slot, and a full-sized USB port.

Original Fire TV interface (2014 to 2016)

The 2nd-gen Fire TV debuted with the original Fire TV interface that had a vertical navigation menu along the left side. About a year later, it was updated to the current interface, along with the 1st-gen Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Had Amazon decided to update the 2nd-gen Fire TV to the new 2020/2021 interface, it would have been the only Fire TV model to receive two interface overhauls. However, it seems that Amazon has decided that one interface update is enough, making the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick, which debuted in 2016 alongside the current interface, the oldest device to receive the latest interface update.

This news doesn’t necessarily mean that all support and updates are stopping for the 2nd-gen Fire TV. The 2nd-gen Fire TV and older Fire TV models are still receiving software updates as recently as this month. It just means that the current interface will remain on the device indefinitely.

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  1. Tlp says:

    Still amazed and ticked off that the latest so called “premium” devices, the Fire TV Stick 4k and Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen are the last to receive the new interface. Will be looking at other higher end alternatives like the Nvida Shield the next time around.

    • I think you mean the “latest” to receive the new interface, because the Fire TV Stick 2 from 2016 will the the “last” (as in oldest) device to get the new interface.

    • Charlie says:

      My guess is that they held back in order to sell as many of the latest sticks they could before servicing the higher end devices.

    • Charlie says:

      I have a Shield and not too long ago I bought the Ematic Adroid box on Amazon for 70.00. It started under another name as a Walmart exclusive. IMO it’s a lot better than a MiBox and has Ethernet, two USB 2.0 ports and even card reader. It’s not a Shield but it’s not bad at al.

    • Jerramie says:

      Some of us got the new interface on our 4K fire sticks yesterday.

  2. Roy S says:

    Very dissapointing to hear as my Fire TV Gen2 box is still my 2nd best FTV device (out of the 6 I currently use). I would think that having better specs than the aforementioned Gen2 FTV stick this behemoth of a device would have made the cut..oh well…will keep using it though regardless! Thanks Elias for the update!

    • Frank Hiett says:

      I have the 2nd generation box with wolf launcher which is much better than the new interface which I have on my firestick lite

      • JFC says:

        I have the fully customizable Wolf Launcher on my Fire TV Cube 1st ed, which because it has OS 6, I’m able to set Wolf as the default launcher (meaning I never even see the default Fire UI). [No more Amazon ads and countless tiles advertising services I’m not subscribed to.]

        But my Fire TV 2nd gen box is stuck at Fire OS 5, and AFAIK, there’s no way / no easy way to set Wolf as the default (auto runs at start) launcher on an OS 5 device…

        • Frank Hiett says:

          I have wolf launcher as my default launcher on my 2nd generation fire tv box. Tech doctor’s You tube channel has a video that will show you how

  3. trokon dougan says:

    I still use my 2nd gen daily.

    • JFC says:

      It’s still my favorite FTV device of all the various ones I’ve owned and used since the beginning. But very disappointing that, apparently, it’s never going to advance beyond OS5…

      • Tom Wooden says:

        True but it works so well, what’s the need to? We are streaming movies and live tv effortlessly. That’s a very good wonderful thing. Correct?

  4. Nate says:

    Shame to hear that this is the case, but appreciate the update. On the enthusiast side of things, this device getting updated with new internals and codecs would have been ideal. Absolutely love the all-in-one form factor of the device and really would have loved to see it again moving forward. As noted, this doesn’t mean all updates are stopping for it, but I would have liked to see the new interface on this device.

    • Keith Castellano says:

      So the fire stick that was out right before Fire stick 4k I purchased in may 2019 (Everything looks identical to the 4k and has alexa on remote ) isnt getting an update ?

  5. Gl20028 says:

    Disappointing indeed. Is there a way to get the latest interface safely without jailbreaking the FireTV Gen2?

  6. Jerramie says:

    I don’t use them much but I have two second gen fire sticks will they get the new interface? I’m really not sure if I like the new interface or not so I’ve currently blocked updates on my 4K fire sticks.

    • Yes, the 2nd-gen Firesticks will get the new interface later this year.

    • Frank Hiett says:

      Yeah I have blocked update on both my 4k firestick

      • Jerramie says:

        I have blocked it on both 4K fire sticks also but I seen yesterday and Facebook groups some people got the new interface I was worried about it deleting apps but so far it doesn’t seem to be the case but I’m still going to wait and maybe update my third 4K fire stick to see if I like the new interface I run the wolf launcher on one and stock on the other two.

  7. Frank Hiett says:

    Who cares about the new interface. I have wolf launcher which is much better

  8. JP says:

    The interface needs to evolve as time advances, sometimes this requires older devices to be EOL. 5-7 years of support is not unreasonable for a customer to expect. Hardware advances so fast the time spent on backward compatibility simply isn’t a good business model so I’m not really that disappointed the older devices have been abandoned.

    Directly associated with the EOL status bring us to how Amazon jumped the shark with updated hardware. I use to be a huge proponent of the FireTV devices. The best of which was the Gen2 box IMHO. My opinion every “BOX” type device that has been released after the V2 box was a mistake in customer expectations. In fairness there is a place for the CUBE but I’m not a big fan of voice control and I can say I have never used VC call me old fashioned but pushing a button just doesn’t require that much work. Personally, I think there is room for 3 product lines Sticks and all the versions (although having 4k and other one seems redundant), The V3 box basically the V2 with a slightly better CPU and the 16Gb memory maybe with a bit more ram, and the CUBE models for those who like one ring to rule them all, OOPs one device, that’s my 2 cents worth.

    • JFC says:

      As a big Fire TV 2nd gen fan, I kind of have the same feelings about the Cube, and in my particular case, I didn’t like how it was interfering/overlapping with the audio-only Echo Dot/soundbar setup I have in the same room…

      So originally, I simply muted the mic function on the Cube, which took away its audio response functions, making it more like my 2nd gen FTV box, and allowed my Dot to continue responding to voice requests, when I want that…

      But after a while, I realized I could kind of accomplish the same result by changing the audio wake work on my Cube to something other than “Alexa” (which is still used on my Dot). So now, the Cube only activates by voice on my TV when I specifically call instead for the alternate wake word of “Amazon.”

      • I went through the same thing. I first had the Cube muted but then figured there’s nothing to lose if I just change the wake word. It’s a shame that the Cube and an Echo still can’t exist in the same room with the same wake word, but at least changing the wake word isn’t too bad of a fallback.

  9. Rik Emmett says:

    There was an update on my 2nd gen box today, but it didn’t change the interface.

  10. Tom Wooden says:

    myself I am happy they are not going to force all that busy stuff on me. I much prefer the Wuffy app launch with my stuff only on the page

  11. Jersey Jeff says:

    That was my very first Fire device, and it’s outlived a firestick or two. As long as it keeps on chugging.

    • Tom Wooden says:

      I have the box second-gen and it’s still top ten in performance. No issues whatsoever.

      • Tom Wooden says:

        if people need a new interface you can always buy a tivo 4k stick. Slightly better specs than the fs 4k stick, has android 10, 2 interfaces. Is fast and easy to use. So if someone wants a home page with all that business tivo stick would work for you and only 30 something dollars to buy.

        • Kevin says:

          Tom could you please tell me where can I find the tivo stick for only 30 something dollars to buy? I could only find it for about 50 dollars when I looked.
          Thanks in advance.

        • JFC says:

          And fyi, I was able this past week to set up and successfully install the Wolf Launcher as the default launcher on both my Tivo 4K and Sling AirTV Mini ATV devices… which ends up hiding the Tivo and Sling control of home screen content, and giving it back to the user.

  12. Vanildo Eduardo says:

    I’m sorry, my Fire TV Stick is called Fire TV Stick Basic Edition in Brazil. Will he receive the new interface?

  13. Jim Carter says:

    The article in December about the new Fire TV interface didn’t mean much at the time since I knew I wouldn’t see it for months. Now that I have it, I’m completely baffled over the “next up for you” row. I can’t make heads nor tails of the logic being used there. Thoughts?

    • All I’ve been told is that it is supposed to provide better recommendations over time. Since I use a Cube as my main device, I haven’t had daily use of the new interface to know if that’s true or not.

  14. spiffyone says:

    Well, that’s a shame. I was actually looking forward to trying out the new interface as it seems to move more towards what I would want the UI to focus on: content, rather than apps.

    Which is why Wolf Launcher, which others keep mentioning, is not a preference for me nor what I really want in a UI. I would prefer a unified UI that puts content (shows, movies, mylist and suggestions, because I don’t see those as bothersome “ads” the way others do), not apps that I have to launch – each with their own separate UI – in order to watch a particular show or movie.

    Now, if there were something like Wolf Launcher that just put the *content* in the apps rather than the apps themselves on the home screen, *that* would be optimal IMHO. Essentially what I want is, say, something along the lines of what JustWatch or Reelgood do, but better, and as the home screen UI itself. Integrated search, integrated launching of *content*, with the apps in the background not the forefront.

  15. spiffyone says:

    BTW, I’d really like to know their reasoning behind this decision, even though I heavily doubt that they’ll actually provide it. The Gen 2 box has specs that are better than some of the later devices that did get the UI update, so it should be more than capable of running it. Was this a decision based on technical issues, or one based on business concerns?

    • dre145 says:

      all business im sure, you will have the older generation not see the update on their fire tv 2 and go out and buy a fire stick lite thinking the the box is old and “out dated” meanwhile they are getting a less cable device with a new UI.

      • Rik Emmett says:

        The 2nd gen box does 4K but the new 3rd gen fire sticks do not so they wouldn’t be an equivalent replacement.

  16. Stu Parker says:

    I have the AFTV 2nd Generation myself. Starting toag something terrible. Have a few streaming apps on there currently however not sure why it’s so laggy. Ive been tempter to format and start over to see if it improves. What would be the next upgrade to a newer device with better specs that isn’t the stick?

  17. Mike says:

    Fire TV 2nd gen was my daily driver until now. I bought a Cube 2nd gen at less than half the normal price because I want to be ready for when Amazon Luna launches.

    Fire TV 2nd gen will now go to my mother to replace her 1st gen stick.

    • Ericm says:

      I backed up the Luna on my 4k stick and sent it over and loaded it on my Fire tv 2 and it works fine.
      I brought a couple of the Wi-Fi controllers way back when I thought I could use it as a gaming unit. Paid off. I really don’t know why they keep it off the FTV2 app store. Guess to just sell more newer units.

      • Harris says:

        Do you know if the Luna Controller is compatible with Fire Tv Gen 2 (Box, not the stick) Games?

        I want to buy the controller, but not sure if it will work on this model.

  18. wlion1 says:

    This sucks, I just setup the kids with 2 Fire TV Gaming Editions. Amazon always finds a way to screw people over. Reminds me of the Fire Phone.

  19. Ayrton says:

    will i receive this update on my toshiba 49 inch 1080 2018 tv?

  20. Neogeo71 says:

    Elias, I hace a 2nd gen Fire TV box that got hosed in a firmware update from Amazon. it reboots in a loop now at the black screen with the amazon logo. Prior to that update, I had it rooted. Is there a way I can still try to flash it form a computer? I have the USB-A to USB-A cable to connect it to a computer. I would love to revive it if possible…

  21. Rik Emmett says:

    Fired up my second gen box today after several months disconnected. Got several updates, even an OS update but still fire OS 5. Interface is surprisingly responsive and it streams web videos seamlessly. Better experience than my Fire TV Lite and third gen pendant. Seems improved from when I disconnected it. The second gen box is going to be my main driver.

  22. Tom Wooden says:

    myself I like the older homepages so much better. I download and use my own stuff to watch and none of the amazon preloaded junk. That new tiny top line really sucks for us old people, hard to see and read it.

  23. blopez says:

    I have a 2nd Generation Fire TV Box and I love the interface it has. I just bought a 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick 4K. It was nice for a day. Then it downloaded a new interface and now I hate it.

  24. Wendy says:

    My 2nd Gen FireTv keeps giving me this message: “OS Update Required; your device is running an OS version that is no longer supported. Update your Android version to at least 7.0 then download the latest version of the app in the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store.” I have no clue what this means; when I go to look for updates in Settings, it says it is up to date and none are available. Pressing “got it” when this message pops up allows me to move on and use the FireTv, but the message is getting aggravating. Any guidance on how to get rid of it in a more “step-by-step” manner would be most appreciated. If it is just plain outdated and I’m stuck with the message, that would help to know too.

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