2nd-Gen Amazon Fire TV is back in stock 5 days early


The 2nd-gen Amazon Fire TV is back in stock after a nearly month long hiatus. The device went out of stock just 3 days after it was released due to a mistaken sale and Amazon diverting stock to use for testing software updates. When it went out of stock, the new Fire TV listed a return date of November 7th. Hopefully its early availability return, along with the return of the Gaming Edition stock, means that Amazon is nearly done fixing the new device’s numerous bugs.

  1. vulcan195 says:

    Firmware (most recent) still does not allow me to set custom DNS on my WIFI network (unlike my Apple TV and PS3).

    Also, it still does not have the additional option to send plain DD over HDMI. This is unlike the Roku 3 and Roku 4 where there is an option to send either DD or DD+ over HDMI.

    As a result, in my setup the TV will not pass through the DD+ signal to my old receiver. However, my Apple TV and Roku does send DD signals over HDMI and the Samsung TV sends DD over TOSLINK to my receiver.

    I realized that my old $400 Yamaha receiver is significantly better built than some of the $700 and $800 receivers in the market today. One thing that shocked me is companies have tried to save pennies on $400+ receivers by replacing binding posts with tiny spring terminals. And they are significantly lighter than my old receiver. If companies cut corners on binding posts … I can only guess where else they did the same.

    In short, I would like to keep my old trusty receiver and really hope that Amazon will add the option to send plain DD over HDMI.

    • Vu says:

      Hello..use earphone for Streaming like others..will ya?

    • Goodhur says:

      You can set DNS manually.
      Settings>system>network>wired>configure network

      With wifi you need to select advanced instead of next at the password screen. You may need to forget the current wifi to go through the dialogue again

      Here is a walk through, note: confirm you prefix length notation first. 24 = most common at home

        • Vulcan195 says:

          I know the steps well. I confirmed that I can do it for WIRED. It will not retain the settings for WiFi (yes, went through the steps … I am a Cisco engineer. LOL!)

          • goodhur says:

            Weird one my aftv2s is running on WiFi. It retains the manual configuration across reboots.

          • vulcan195 says:

            @Dixie – I did not expect trolls on this forum.

            @Godhur – A couple of things. I called Amazon yesterday. First tier did not know what a DNS was. So they reluctantly passed me on to Tier 2. They put me on hold and were able to duplicate the issue but claimed that it was deliberately programmed to prevent changing the DNS on WIFI !

            Secondly, I tried it again moments ago on both 5Ghz band and 2.4Ghz and it will retain the custom IP address and the custom Gateway but not the custom DNS. There are no error messages, the only way to find out is by going to About->Networks … only to find that the DNS entry does not get updated when done on WIFI (worked on Wired).

            I side loaded an android app called “Wifi Settings” which is supposed to allow you to change the DNS on non-rooted devices — and it too goes through the steps … but the FireOS5 just ignores the custom DNS for WIFI. The weird thing is … it always works for WIRED.

            I did a google search and there was a post on XDA Developers forum from back in 2014 when AFTV1 folks were complaining that they could not change the DNS on the Wireless adapter but were able to do the same on the wired adapter. So looks like the bug has been carried through to the current iteration of the FireOS.

            So thats where it stands now.

          • goodhur says:

            That is still very strange. I just tried Vezions DNS, Open DNS and Google DNS manually. All of them retained Gateway, Manually assigned IP and the DNS number on reboot on my Firetv2 on 5ghz. Not sure why some units can’t do this while my does.

          • vulcan195 says:

            @Goodhur – Thanks for testing it out. That really helps. What firmware version are you running?

          • Goodhur says:


            Fire OS (534011720)

            Since Fire OS doesn’t allow much tinkering, have you considered a resetting to factory defaults? My most hated option.

        • vulcan195 says:

          @Goodhur – My Comcast box issues IPV6 DNS – and I wonder if that is what is throwing off the FireOS.

          • Goodhur says:

            I am not IPv6 here.

          • Menon says:

            EUREKA !!!!
            It’s the IPv6 DNS that is throwing it off. I stood up another wireless router with its WAN port plugged into the Comcast modem and set its DNS to (Google DNS IPv4 address) and verified that the FireTv was connecting to the internet; Did a “Forget Network” and reconfigured but this time overrode and used my own custom DNS. And it accepted the new DNS !

  2. crevz31 says:

    sweet, just in time for the root. i will order one simultaneously when the root is released

  3. vulcan195 says:

    @Goodhur – My Comcast box issues IPV6 DNS – and I wonder if that is what is throwing off the FireOS.

    • Cray says:

      When in doubt run the packet capture. That’s what we do here, any new device connected to your network should put under your watch ( packet capture for couple of weeks and observe what the device is trying { filter chat on DHCP,DNS & brocast/multicast ,etc… } so that you have better understanding on how the device behave ).

      It solves many weird unknown problem.


      • vulcan195 says:

        Yes – but in this case, the packet capture of traffic might not have helped. The firmware within the AFTV2 is overriding the DHCP supplied info for the wired connection but on the wireless side is overriding the information only if the DNS is an IPv4 address. Some IF-ELSE statement got truncated. LOL.

        • Gustavo says:

          Pls provide your packet capture data and screenshot of your AFTV DNS/DHCP config and request helpdesk to forward directly to AFTV developer. That is the best way to approach.

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