2nd-Gen Amazon Fire TV has gone out of stock

It looks like yesterday’s short lived sale on the 2nd-gen Amazon Fire TV was pretty popular. The new Fire TV is now listed as out of stock for the first time, with an expected availability date of October 19th. This stock shortage could explain why yesterday’s sale only lasted half a day. It looks like, once again, Amazon underestimated the popularity of a Fire TV sale. While the new device has been suffering from poor initial customer reviews, due to some launch day software bugs that Amazon is no doubt frantically stomping out, it doesn’t seem to be effecting the device’s sales much. Since the Fire TV Gaming Edition comes packaged in it’s own retail box, its stock is unaffected by yesterday’s sale and remains in stock.


10/8 6:24pm Now showing back in stock on October 30

  1. JackFrost71 says:

    My guess is they pulled it, so as to fix the issues with it.
    Reviews on Amazons own site were crushing because of them

  2. Will G says:

    I am still bummed I bought a gaming edition. I just assumed it came with a normal remote as well. Guess it is my own fault for not looking over the product specs closely.

    • JackFrost71 says:

      It’s ridiculous Amazon still don’t understand the market for the Fire TV. They seem to believe there are those that want it for a streamer, and then there are those that want it for gaming. Two distinct groups. The reality is, the gaming crowd also want it to be their streamer and they require the remote also as the controller is less then ideal for this purpose.

    • Jeff says:

      Return it.

  3. smee says:

    I figured they left out the remote for pricing reasons, not because they don’t think people would want both.

  4. Keith says:

    Im thinking a lot of people said “what the heck” when they dropped it to 79.99. Many were upset when this was originally listed for preorder with no prime discount. And the student discount… Well thats like giving it away. If you arent a student you know someone who is, so its easy to get that .edu email. Its possible they sold out the initial stock. Far as i know the issues people have been experiencing can be fixed with updates. Unless amazon thinks theyre a long way from getting OS 5 up to speed (if the dev preview is any indication-they are no where near close.)
    Im still leaning toward they ran out of stock. Dont know if amazon would stop selling and if they needed to, they probably wouldnt stop the day after a sale.

  5. cosmos79 says:

    If the reviews I’ve read on Amazon have any merit, and sheer number of dissatisfied customers is anywhere close to what they appear to be, there will be a lot of units returned real soon for Amazon to put back in circulation.

  6. BillH says:

    If Amazon is smart, they would lie and say “Sold out” and then try to fix all the issues. I am still surprised that they would send out all the FireTV knowing all these problems. The 1st gen FireTV was awesome and got awesome reviews so the same should happen for the 2nd gen. Amazon products tend to be really good.

    I saw all the problems with the new FireTV so I purchased the new Chromecast yesterday at walmart. I returned it today. Not even worth $35 after I used FireTV and Roku3 for so long. I don’t understand the hype. They should call it Chromecrap. Loses wifi connection (never had the problem with my firetv and roku), very few casting apps, not having remote became annoying, was pretty slow and I could go on. Even though I don’t need another device, I guess I will wait for the battle between Roku 4, FireTV 2nd gen and Nexus player 2nd gen.

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