2024 Onn 4K Pro Benchmark Scores — Compared to all Onn, Fire TV, Chromecast, Shield TV, and more devices

Walmart has released its new Onn 4K Pro with impressive specs. Despite having a relatively low price, compared to other similarly specced streaming devices, performance expectations are set a bit high since Walmart chose to put “Pro” in its name. Here is how the new Pro model stacks up in benchmark scores compared to all other Onn streaming models, as well as all Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks, Fire TV Cubes, Chromecasts, Nvidia Shield TVs, and more.

It’s important to note that these synthetic benchmark tests artificially push the hardware to its limits. For that reason, this isn’t necessarily a great way to gauge how these devices perform with real-world use. However, these scores are still useful as a fair way to compare one device’s raw performance capabilities to another. As always, I run each benchmark test three times and then take the average of the top two scores. All tests were run on newly factory reset devices that have had all available updates installed, both for the operating system and for system apps.

It’s not looking like the Onn 4K Pro is living up to its “Pro” name with its Geekbench score, which is a benchmark test that primarily taxes a device’s CPU but also does a good job of assessing a device’s overall performance. The Onn 4K Pro outperformed the 2023 Onn 4K box by a measly 2% and is 16% less powerful than the 2021 Onn 4K box. Compared to Google’s top streamer, the Chromecast 4K is 17% more powerful than the Onn 4K Pro.

Compared to Fire TV devices, the Onn 4K Pro is most equally matched with the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick 4K which it beats by a tiny margin. However, the newer 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K outperforms it by 20% and the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick 4K Max crushes the Onn 4K Pro with a score that is 37% higher. While the Onn 4K Pro may have similar features to the Fire TV Cube, thanks to its hands-free voice capabilities and built-in smart speaker, performance between the two isn’t remotely close, with both the 2nd-gen and 3rd-gen Fire TV Cubes more than doubling the Onn 4K Pro’s benchmark score.

The story gets a bit worse when it comes to the GFXBench score, which tests a device’s GPU performance and gaming capabilities. With this benchmark, the Onn 4K Pro was beaten out not only by the Chromecast 4K but also by the 2023 Onn 4K box. None of the sub-$50 streaming devices are really meant to be gaming powerhouses when you have the Nvidia Shield TVs dominating this performance category. However, the Onn 4K Pro seems especially bad at gaming and is nearly the worst gaming 4K device I’ve tested since 2018.

Even though I benchmark every new notable streaming device, I’ll be the first one to tell you that these scores mean very little in real-world use. It’s certainly disappointing that Walmart didn’t put a more powerful SoC in the Onn 4K Pro, but I certainly wouldn’t count it out for that decision alone. Its generous 3GB of RAM will help keep more apps in memory longer, making them launch faster than most of the other benchmarked devices which nearly all have only 1-2GB of RAM. Its spacious 32GB of storage bests every device on the list and will go a long way to keeping storage management headaches nonexistent. Those perks certainly count for something in the Onn 4K Pro, even though the “Pro” moniker isn’t as well-earned as it could be.

  1. Greg says:

    Dose it have True Dolby 7.1 Atmos/DTHD. Pass through etc.

    I believe it will have 4K Dolby Vision, hopefully.

    And at least 5.1 Atmos/DD+ PASS THROUGH

    • Mr. Nobody says:

      To your first question it does not, to the other two it does support both 5.1 atmos/ D D plus pass through

    • discgolf4life7 says:

      The new Onn supports Dolby Vision and Atmos but I haven’t found any clarity on lossless audio yet. It does have AV1 support and that’s a good thing. I’m sure we’ll be reading more about it as soon as tomorrow since several Walmart stores have it in stock already.

  2. Mr. Nobody says:

    Where can we get a direct link to purchase this 4k Pro? I have yet to find a Walmart carrying it or a digital store. A link would be amazing.!

  3. AFTVUser says:

    Yet again reinforcing the fact that for those who desire an overall great streaming experience, particularly in an Alexa environment, the 2nd-Gen Fire Tv Cube may still be a best-ever value.

    • Joe l says:

      I have plenty of Alexa’s but the Fire TV sticks vomiting ads which auto play on my Home Screen means I can’t take them seriously as main devices for my tv.

    • discgolf4life7 says:

      With all the bullshit Amazon is pulling we moved completely away from any Fire device. We stream for fun and Amazon is taking away the fun. My guess is it won’t be long until they completely take away customization of any of their streaming devices and I’m not cool with that. I’ll stick to dedicated android devices as we have 3 Shields, a new CCWGTV and a Tivo Stream 4k. Definitely picking up the new Onn as soon as it’s released just to give it a go. Hopefully it’ll perform as well as the specs that have been reported. I was impressed after watching Tankdell’s video.

    • RupertC says:

      Well I am not using it for gaming, but strictly streaming. Also thinking that Amazon may restrict 3rd party apps I’ll rather spend $50 than $120 or $200 on a device that will perform not as iqual or close to a higher end device ,plus Walmart is known for budget items. So I’ll stick around cause I also like the Google TV interface than the Amazon interface.

      • Blazen says:

        if enough RnD and ppl are interested, they maybe come a time where they can flash a new 64bit rom on to the 4k pro and install 64bit only apks like es-de

  4. clocks says:

    Disappointing results. I thought about trying to pick one up earlier this evening, and I am glad I waited. I wonder if it has some kind of driver issues, or thermal issues holding it back. Or maybe it is similar to the original FTV cube, where a % of it’s resources were dedicated to the smart speaker functionality. I thought it had a better SoC that the older model?

    • The scores above are with hands-free enabled. After seeing the unusually low scores, I did also run a bunch of benchmarks with mics muted (hardware switch), mics disabled (software option), and both. While it does seem like there is a performance improvement with mics muted and disabled, it’s not consistent or significant. The highest improvement I saw in all the runs without hands-free voice was around 6%, but sometimes there was no improvement at all, so it’s hard to tell if it actually made a difference or if it’s just usual variance in different runs.

      On average, it was about a 3% improvement with hands-free disabled, so I guess it’s worth disabling if you’re not using it at all, but it’s certainly not going to make a noticeable difference in performance.

      • clocks says:

        Thanks for the tests. Gosh, I guess I would lean towards the $20 box then. Hopefully they can identify the problem and issue a firmware update.

        • Even with no performance advantage over the $20 box, it may still be worth the extra $30 for: quadruple the storage, 50% more ram, remote finder, built-in Ethernet (10/100 though), full-sized USB, and hands-free voice/smart speaker.

          • clocks says:

            TBH I don’t care about remote finder(I live alone), ethernet, smart speaker, etc.. But I just saw on Reddit that the remote is backlit? That along with the ram/storage may be enough for me to try one.

      • PS says:

        Not bad device but am a bit disappointed. Usually I’ll grab the newest cheap device and play with it but at $50, I’ll probably wait untill an update to see if it does score better. Not sure how much better it will actually get after dethrottling.

        Definitely an A for effort. If it was just a little cheaper I would get it to use the remote on one of my shield pros. Or if I used Google Assistant. Have Gemini now but I even turn that off.

  5. Quantum Oracle says:

    This reaffirms my belief it should of used the new s905x5

  6. LTM says:

    The plucky Nvidia shield, versus the modern competition, continues to perform admirably. Imagine the performance levels of a Nvidia shield built for 2025. Would be really nice if Nvidia ever gets around to creating a new version.

    • Vee says:

      I seriously doubt there will ever be a new Shield revision. Nvidia is a completely different company from what it was 5 years ago, literally 20 times the market cap compared to 2019, with 80% of their revenue now coming from the data center market. Niche consumer electronics devices are just not going to be worth their time anymore.

  7. ricklar says:

    Think the out-of-box performance is being held back by the CPU Governor used, Chromecast & TiVo use “Interactive”, and I think Superdell’s video showed “Schedutil” being used.

  8. Bob says:

    The real question is will this company Onn keep this android box up to date and how long. This is one of the reasons Nvidia Shield stays on top they keep it updated and add stuff to it.

  9. DiCarlos says:

    I knew it was a bunch of hype. But just in time for those of us that are in panic mode about the Fire TV OS update.

  10. Jackie says:

    Remember when the very first Onn box came out and the firmware was a complete disaster? After the second and third firmware update, it turned out to be a decent streamer.

    The Pro box should be performing better. Definitely, some driver issues, I suspect, is holding it back.

    What was the Android version? Each new version becomes more and more demanding on the hardware.

  11. kathy says:

    instead of putting down every device how bout fixing your own downloader app so that it lets us delete files after an app is installed on the onn google tv box & stick cause its broken it works on original onn android tv box but broken on the original onn android tv stick and onn google tv box & onn google tv stick

    • Nate says:

      Kathy coming in hot with that Karen energy!

    • countryrock4me says:

      Hi Kathy i understand your fustration it was broke on all them devices from day 1

      It is now fixed & working on all them devices now with the v1.5.0 update
      However it needs to be 100% clean install
      Uninstall current Downloader installed
      Install v1.5.0 fresh from TV playstore on your device
      100% Working Now!

      Cheers Elias Saba (AFTVnews) Thank You For Fix

    • clocks says:

      Feel that entitlement! Fix my free stuff!

  12. countryrock4me says:

    Elias Saba (AFTVnews) I have 3 of the new Onn 4K Pro
    Your reviews mean nothing total nonsense garbage opinion
    Common sense the new Onn 4K Pro is not a gaming device
    Do not let this guy’s nonsense steer you away from the new Onn 4K Pro people
    The Box works great no lag for streaming apps with only the average 200-300 mbps internet speeds
    Sure if the ethernet supported 1 GB it would be great but…….
    It’s only 50 Bucks & well worth every penny
    It smokes the original Onn Android TV box
    Android 12 alone smokes Android 10 & below
    Not even close!

    • clocks says:

      He is just presenting test results, dude. LOL

    • Nate says:

      Just out of curiosity, how is an empirical test of the hardware and presentation of the results an “opinion”? If not a Geekbench score, then what would be a more objective CPU/GPU benchmark? Elias even notes this doesn’t necessarily reflect real world usage, but rather a maxed out benchmark of the hardware. In fact, the amount of in-your-face comments I’ve seen for this device online in such a short period of time has been enough to steer me away from it for the time being.

    • Newktrane says:

      In terms of the Ethernet, instead of using the port included- an addition of a USB Gigabit Ethernet Hub & Otg cable will bring forth speeds you’re paying for.

      • PS says:

        No it is also limited to the speed of the USB port. Just use the dedicated built-in ethernet that’s more than enough for streaming.

  13. blazen says:

    im getting one too, just so i can mess around with it in the spare room. i have multiple google tv sticks and firesticks. I was planning on getting a nvidia shield pro but since the Terga X1 is kinda out dated. Im gonna get a used phone for my gaming and streaming needs with hdmi hub and connect it to my UST projector

  14. Blazen says:

    The geekbench can fluctuate in the hundreds. So what version of Geekbench was used to run these tests? V3-6? or was v.5?

  15. Gray says:

    Wow, I sort of wish I had went with the Cube over the Firestick 4k Max Gen 2 now looking at these tests, but getting two Max’s at 2/3 the price of one Cube on sale is hard to beat.

    I was actually looking forward to trying out the new Onn, but definitely not after reading this. I’ll wait for the new Shield to come out before making any large changes.

    Bought a cheap $32 Android box that has 4gb ram (DDR 3),128gb (eMMc) storage, and the real seller, the S905X4. Also a small cooler to sit in so it doesn’t dry itself to death. If that works out with all the software and codecs, I’ll probably never need to buy anything else for a while.

    • Blaze says:

      I was doing that 8yrs ago, but most android Chinese boxes don’t have the certs. that streaming apps need, like netflix, paramount, HBO max, Hulu etc.

  16. AlanS says:

    One time I had a car salesman try to sell me a 2 liter car with an eco-boost turbo. I laughed and thought sure, I’m down for a good laugh. That car would SMOKE the equivalent 6 cylinder 4 liter.

    My point being… sometimes specs mean little. The real question is how does this Onn box perform at the job it was intended to do? I have multiple fire devices and a Chromecast w/Google TV and they are so laggy and slow it should border on illegal. I could make dinner in the time it takes them to load an app. I could give a crap about benchmarks and performance tests if it does its job well.

  17. Logan07 says:

    Highest Geekbench 4 score available in Geekbench website

    Onn 4K Pro (2024+)

    Single-core : 904
    Multi-core : 2521


    Onn 4K Box 2 (2023+)

    Single-core : 729
    Multi-core : 2011


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