Over 200 Million Fire TVs have now been sold globally

Along with the release of its new budget-friendly Fire TV 2-Series line of smart TVs and expansion of its flagship Fire TV Omni QLED Series with three new cheaper sizes, Amazon has revealed that over 200 million Fire TV devices have been sold globally. That includes both streaming players, like the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube, as well as the numerous Fire TV Smart TVs from various manufacturers. The last time Amazon released total Fire TV sales figures was at the start of 2022 when it announced that 150 million devices had been sold, for an increase of at least 50 million units in just over a year.

Fire TV’s closest streaming device competitor, Roku, announced a few months ago that it had reached 70 million active users globally but has never revealed the number of devices sold. Amazon used to reveal active Fire TV user figures as well, but has more recently switched to only talk about devices sold, which is arguably a less important figure since many of those may not be in use anymore. The last time Amazon revealed its active Fire TV user count was December 2020 when it had 50 million active users and Roku had only 46 million. I suspect Amazon switched to publicizing its number of sold devices because it has fallen behind Roku in active users, but that’s pure speculation based on nothing more than Amazon’s switch from revealing active users to devices sold.

As for Google, the latest figure it has revealed is that there are 150 million active devices using the Android TV OS, which it shared at the start of 2023. On the surface, that may seem impressive compared to Roku’s 70 million active users and Amazon’s 200 million devices in an unknown state of use, but there’s a catch to Google’s figure. The 150 million active Android TV devices do not include only streaming devices and smart TVs, as is the case with Amazon and Roku’s figures. Google’s figure also includes devices from pay-TV operators, which are set-top boxes from cable and satellite TV providers that use Android as their underlying operating system. Google has never revealed the actual breakdown of its active devices, but it’s likely that the 150 million figure shared most recently is heavily bolstered by millions of set-top boxes, of which many obfuscate the underlying Android OS with a different interface and experience.

Between Amazon, Roku, and Google, each company is sharing a different metric that seems impressive on its own and indicates continued growth, but the figures seem intentionally impossible to compare between the three. Which streaming platform is actually ahead is unknown, but it seems neither one is far ahead of the other two. If I were to guess, I would say that Roku has the highest number of active users using its interface, Amazon has sold the most devices using its interface but not as many of them are as active as Roku devices, and Google technically has the most active devices, due to the open-source nature of Android, but fewer of those devices are using Google’s interface than are using Roku or Amazon’s interface.

  1. Crew says:

    Since launch, I have bought 9 Fire TV devices – 3 are still in active use. Another one is used intermittently, two 4K sticks and the 1st gen stick have died. Various remote controllers have died and it made more sense to buy a new device set (when on sale) which is only marginally dearer than buying a replacement remote.
    Anyone else have the same experience that the Sticks don’t last as long? My 1st and 2nd gen boxes are still going strong (their remotes have died)

  2. RG Geiger says:

    Well, I love my fire cube3/recast/antenna solution for linear live tv. Between free apps and $25 a month Philo I have over 300 channels on the best grid guide around. By I also used my Android tv Os for Internet because Silk is so bad.

  3. Thomas Hoang says:

    I have bought 5 over the years. AFTV2, Cube 1st gen, 4K Stick, 4K Max, and a Lite for my mom. The latter 3 are still used regularly.

  4. Mark says:

    FTV Stick 1×1,2×2,& 3×2
    FTV Lite x2
    FTV Cube (2nd gen)
    FTV TVx4

    But does Amazon include the returned FTV in their list of what sold & returned? Most likely in my opinion.

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