1st-gen Amazon Dash reduced to just $3.29, down from $50 [Expired]

The 1st generation Amazon Dash has been reduced to just $3.29 as an add-on item. This is the little known wand shaped device that Amazon makes which allows you to order products by either speaking into the device or using it to scan a bar code. The Amazon Dash originally sold for $49.99, but now that a new model has been released, the old one is being marked down significantly. If you’re an Amazon Fresh subscriber, you can still get the new model for free, but if you aren’t, and want a simple way to order everyday items, now’s your chance to get the Dash for a steep discount.

  1. Matt says:

    Anybody know what the internals of this thing are? Might make for some interesting hacks/modifications

  2. Topper says:

    Just FYI – while it is an add-on item, it can be ordered using the Echo by itself. I just did so over the weekend.

    Hippie it helps someone.

  3. Ujn Hunter says:

    How does this connect to Amazon? Through Wi-Fi? Bluetooth through your phone? i.e. Is this for “Home use” only or are they actually encouraging you to put this on your keychain and scan barcodes while inside other stores?

    • Mike U says:

      It connects to Wi-Fi, definitely not sized for travel. Meant to be kept in kitchen, you scan barcodes of items as you use them and it adds them to your amazon cart.

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