1byone Bluetooth Keyboard w/ Touchpad Review


TheLogitech K400 keyboard is one of the most popular keyboards among Fire TV owners, and home theater enthusiasts in general, but its biggest omission is its lack of Bluetooth support, which makes it incompatible with the Fire TV Stick. In my search to find a Bluetooth equivalent to the Logitech K400, I came across the 1byone Bluetooth Keyboard w/ Touchpad. It looks very similar to the Logitech K400, connects via Bluetooth, and is compatible with Android devices. Here’s my review after using it with both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.


FULL DISCLOSURE: I planned to purchase and review the 1byone keyboard once I had some free time. A representative from 1byone coincidentally reached out to me, asking if I wanted to review any of their products. I selected the 1byone keyboard, which 1byone sent me for free. I am not being paid or compensated for this review in any way, unless you count being given the keyboard for free as compensation. 1byone does not have any influence or editorial privileges on this review. I hardly review products, but this is the first product I’ve ever reviewed on this site that I received for free, so I wanted to make sure that fact was clear.


First impressions of the 1byone keyboard are great. It appears to be built well, however, I’ve only used it for a few days, so I can’t comment on its durability. It feels more premium than the Logitech K400, thanks mostly to the full brushed metal back, that slightly wraps up the front. Even though it’s thinner than the Logitech K400, it weights about the same, making it feel solid.


It’s clear the 1byone keyboard is heavily influenced by the Logitech K400. The two are almost the same width and height, with a very similar button layout. The trackpads in particular are nearly identical, down to the slightly larger left mouse button on both keyboards. The 1byone keyboard has chiclet-style keys, which Mac users will be familiar with.


The 1byone keyboard has a physical power switch along the top right. When turned on, a blue power indicator light in the top right turns on briefly, but then turns off a few seconds later and remains off while using the keyboard. If left unused for 10 minutes while powered on, the keyboard will enter a sleep mode to conserve battery power. Pressing any key will wake the keyboard up within 3 seconds.


The 1byone keyboard uses two AAA batteries, which are not included. The battery compartment on the underside oddly has space for a USB dongle, and is labeled as such with an icon, but the keyboard does not come with a USB dongle. The space is the exact size of the Logitech Unifying Receiver, so most small Bluetooth dongles would fit in the space, if you were to use the keyboard with a PC that required a dongle. The Fire TV and Fire TV Stick do not need a dongle of any sort to work with this keyboard.


Connecting the 1byone keyboard to either the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick is simple and straightforward. Once turned on, you put the keyboard into pairing mode by pressing the “Fn” and “C” key, which has a Bluetooth symbol on it. A Bluetooth LED in the top right corner begins to blink to indicate the keyboard is ready to be paired. Then, from the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick’s Settings menu, you select “Add Bluetooth Devices” from the “Other” area in the pairing menu. A “1byone Keyboard” option appears after a few seconds of searching. When selected, a popup asking you to type 6 digits on the keyboard and press enter when done. A second later, the Fire TV reports the device is connected. Once paired, the keyboard can be turned off and on without needing to be re-paired with the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.


The 1byone keyboard has “For Android” and “For Win” keys in the upper right. When the “For Win” key is pressed, the top row of keys function like standard F1-F12 keys, but when the “For Android” key is pressed, the top row function as Android specialty keys, as indicated by the icons on those keys. You don’t have to hold down the “For…” key along with the key in the top row that you want to press. The “For…” keys function as a mode switch where one press changes the keyboards mode until the other “For…” key is pressed.


One key characteristic in a Fire TV and Fire TV Stick keyboard I look for is if it can replicate all the buttons on the Fire TV remote, so that it can be used as a complete replacement for the remote. Unfortunately, the 1byone does not pass this test because it has no way to replicate the Fire TV’s MENU button. The spot on the keyboard where I would expect to find a Windows right-click menu button, which usually functions as a MENU button replacement for the Fire TV, the 1byone keyboard has placed a touchpad disable/enable button. This is hands down the biggest issue I have with the 1byone keyboard. When using this keyboard with the Fire TV, you will need to keep the regular remote close by in case you need to press the MENU button on the remote.


All other Fire TV remote buttons are replicated in some form on the 1byone keyboard. When in “For Android” mode, the top left HOME button works exactly like the Fire TV’s HOME button. On most keyboards, the ESC key works as a BACK button, but on the 1byone keyboard, the ESC key is used as the HOME button when in “For Android” mode, so there is no dedicated BACK button. However, you can still execute a BACK button press by pressing the “Fn” and “ESC/HOME” button simultaneously. The REWIND/PLAY/FORWARD buttons on the keyboard’s top row also function correctly on the Fire TV.


Oddly enough, swiping from the LEFT edge to the RIGHT on the trackpad, with one finger, also executes a BACK button press. The trackpad supports Windows gestures, so I suppose this quirk is a result of that support. Another oddity is that, in “For Win” mode, the button that has an Internet Explorer icon on it functions as a HOME button for the Fire TV. So, you could leave the keyboard in windows mode, use the ESC key as a BACK button, and use the Internet Explorer key as a HOME button. Pressing the SEARCh key (F1) on the 1byone keyboard brings up the Fire TV’s search prompt, but, as is expected, it does not trigger Alexa. The keyboard’s arrow keys and Enter key are used as the Fire TV remote’s directional circle buttons and select button.


The 1byone Bluetooth Keyboard w/ Touchpad is a very nice and affordable keyboard, but I would still choose the Logitech K400 if given the option. The lack of a MENU button and dedicated BACK button make it a mediocre choice for Fire TV or Fire TV Stick owners looking to replace their remote with a keyboard. If, however, you’re a Fire TV Stick owner looking for a Bluetooth based keyboard with a built in touchpad, to use alongside your regular remote, the 1byone keyboard is hard to beat for the price.

  1. xnamkcor says:

    If this were cheaper than a Logitech keyboard, it would get some consideration, but considering how finicky Bluetooth connections can be with the Fire TV, and how solid the Unifying dongle and devices are, I’d rather have the Logitech.

  2. Tony Ramirez says:

    Same here I like devices with a dongle. Bluetooth is a pain especially since it sleeps so fast. Having to use the keyboard just for it to wake up first is not a pleasant experience.

  3. Omar says:

    My go to keyboard is the Logitech n 5902 backlit I have 3 and love them to death. They even have a key that mimics the home key on fire TV remote

  4. Lo says:

    Any statement on the kind of battery life this device gets?

  5. Ted Cissel says:

    For the overall size of the keyboard, the touchpad isn t too small which I was expecting to be prior to receiving it. It s as close to a laptop touchpad as I feel you can get. When it comes to mobile devices, if you want that small, thin technology, then you often will lose some durability. However, this certainly doesn t seem to be the case with the 1ByOne Bluetooth keyboard at all.

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