$16.64 Amazon Appstore Credit Absolutely FREE (UPDATE: No longer working) [Expired]

Amazon is giving away $16.64 in Amazon Appstore Promotional Credit for free. Simply click here and enter promotional code AMAZONBF to get the FREE credit.


4:15pm PT Looks like Amazon has killed the promotion, and worse, is retroactively removing the credit for those that had it applied. Considering the code ended in “BF”, this may have been a Black Friday promotion that leaked out too early. People are reportedly getting some or all of the credit back by talking to Amazon’s Customer Service.

4:35pm PT I’ve gotten to the bottom of this mysterious promotion. Apparently it’s a promotion that was supposed to credit you 50% of the cost of a specific in-app purchase for the game Brave Frontier. The promotion code was never intended to work on its own. That’s why Amazon has decided to reverse the credit.

Source Reader Kadafi

  1. MattF says:

    Don’t believe this is legit. Tried it. Seems to work at first. No way to use the balance though. Only purchase options for apps appear to be 1 click settings or coins. On subsequent visit to Amazon website via the link above my Amazon Appstore balance is back to $0.

  2. SangChul Lee says:


  3. X-man says:

    is not working… should i wait ?

  4. lowbee says:

    Had the credit applied successfully then a few minutes later when I check again, the credit is gone.

  5. JoeB says:

    Yup, same here. The promotion worked and the money appeared in my account and now a few minutes later it’s gone.

    No harm no foul. Thanks anyway AFTVnews for posting about this.

  6. Tzara says:

    Amazon just got a free bug check :-).

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