Amazon likely close to launching its own cheaper Fire TV-branded TVs

Smart TVs from various manufacturers with Amazon’s Fire TV operating system built-in have been around since 2017. However, it wasn’t until 4 years later that Amazon decided to release its own branded Fire TV Smart TVs with the introduction of the Fire TV 4-Series and Fire TV Omni Series TVs in late 2021. While those TVs did all have 4K screens, they lacked many high-end features. It wasn’t until last year with the release of the Fire TV Omni QLED Series in 2022 that Amazon incorporated premium features into its own line of TVs. Now it’s looking like the next set of Amazon-branded Fire TV Smart TVs will target the opposite end of the TV market with cheaper TVs. Read more ›

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Amazon shows off its Project Kuiper satellite internet dishes capable of up to 1 Gbps

Amazon has released the first shots of its upcoming satellite internet dishes for its Project Kuiper broadband service. The services will use a constellation of low-Earth orbit satellites to provide internet access across the globe, much like the Starlink service. Amazon touts these terminals as being “smaller, more affordable, and more capable” than competing services. There are three different antennas ranging from just seven inches square at the small end to thirty inches wide at the high end. The larger the terminal, the higher the possible internet speeds you can achieve. Read more ›

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Check your Amazon account for expiring No-Rush Shipping Credit

If you’re a Prime member and have taken advantage of Amazon’s no-rush shipping option which rewards you with digital credit for choosing a slower shipping option, you might have credits that are expiring today. These credits tend to expire in batches and today is one of the days for credits to expire. You can check your balance by visiting this page. If you have credits expiring soon and are looking for something to spend your credit on, the Prime Video Deals page is a great place to start or the Kindle Deals page. If you still can’t find something, please consider supporting my apps with your credits. You can donate within my Downloader or Informer apps, or use the credits to remove the interruption (which appears about every 10 launches) in any of my Loader Shortcut apps. All in-app purchases on Fire TVs will always use your reward credits instead of charging your credit card.

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Older Android TV devices are gaining a new Account Profile Switcher

Most of the focus these days is on the newer Google TV interface, but older devices still running the Android TV interface seem to be getting a new account profile switcher on the Home screen. Reddit users are reporting that some Android TV devices with the “Discover” interface can now switch user accounts through a new profile icon that has appeared in the upper right corner of the home screen, as spotted by 9to5Google. This profile switcher isn’t as robust as the one found on Google TV devices, which can change recommendations and watchlists for each user. Instead, this is meant as an easy way to switch between Google accounts. This is likely being added to make switching accounts within Google apps, like YouTube, possible since those apps no longer rely on in-app account switchers and need to use an OS-level switcher.

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Fire TV gains an NCAA March Madness Hub and interactive bracket game

Amazon has added a March Madness Hub to Fire TV devices for the 2023 NCAA basketball tournament. The hub contains links to various apps where the games can be streamed, a row of basketball movies to watch while you wait for the tournament to start, and an interactive game where you can fill in your predictions for the final tournament bracket. Read more ›

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Ring’s new Video Doorbell is its first with both a proper aspect ratio and battery

A lot has changed since the first Ring video doorbell was released nearly a decade ago but one thing that has become clear is that standard widescreen 16:9 cameras aren’t nearly as useful as those with a greater vertical field of view. That’s why the newly announced Ring Battery Doorbell Plus for $179.99 comes with a much more practical 1:1 aspect ratio, making it Ring’s first head-to-toe battery-powered video doorbell. Read more ›

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Prime Video to stream Black Friday NFL game for free to all

Amazon has announced that it will be streaming an NFL game on Black Friday, November 24, for free to anyone that wants to watch. You will not need a Prime membership to watch the game, as you do for all of Amazon’s other NFL game streams. Given how important of a shopping day that is to Amazon, you can probably expect plenty of Amazon shopping tie-ins and ads during the stream, but if you’re not a Prime member and have never watched one of Amazon’s game streams, this will be your chance to try it out without signing up for anything.

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3rd-gen Fire TV Cube and 4K Fire TV Sticks are on sale at Amazon — Several all time low prices

Amazon just kicked off a sale on most of its Fire TV models. The latest Fire TV Cube is on sale for $124.99 which matches its lowest price ever. Similarly, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is on sale for $34.99 which is also its lowest price ever. Those two are the deals most worth getting. The Fire TV Stick 4K is on sale for $29.99 but you can often get it for $5 less than that. The Fire TV Stick is on sale for $26.99 but it regularly drops to $19.99. Lastly, the Luna Game Controller is on sale for $49.99 which is $10 above its recent Prime Day and Black Friday prices.

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Xiaomi announces new Redmi Fire TV Smart TV with a never before seen remote

As expected from multiple teases earlier in the week, Xiaomi has announced a new Fire TV Smart TV model. The new TV is slated for release in India under the brand Redmi, which is one of Xiaomi’s numerous sub-brands. While what little is currently known about the TV isn’t terribly interesting, it appears the TV will not come with the standard Fire TV remote that nearly all Fire TV Smart TVs ship with. Instead, the TV appears to include an an all-new Fire TV remote. Read more ›

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Xiaomi to release its Fire TV Smart TVs in India for the first time

Xiaomi is about to expand its Fire TV Smart TV offerings to India according to multiple teases by the official @XiaomiTVIndia Twitter account. Xiaomi released its first Fire TV Smart TVs just under a year ago but they have only been available in the UK thus far. There’s no word yet on the specs of the Xiaomi Fire TVs slated for India, but odds are they will be nearly identical to the F2 Series Fire TVs in the UK, which support 4K HDR10 and come in 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch sizes. This expansion to new regions seems to indicate that Xiaomi has been happy with its partnership with Amazon so far, as the Xiaomi Fire TVs have been fairly well received in the UK with an average customer review rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Fire TVs from Xiaomi will join models from Akai, Onida, Croma, and AmazonBasics which are already available in India.

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