Prime Members can get 2-Months of Showtime and/or Starz for $0.99 per month

Amazon is offering Prime members a 2 month subscription to Showtime and/or Starz for just $0.99 per month. You have to be a Prime member because these are subscriptions to Prime Video Channels. You can subscribe to either one or both and you will be charged $0.99 each month per channel. Your subscription will automatically renew at the regular price of $10.99 for Showtime and/or $8.99 for Starz after those first 2 months. If you only want the subscriptions during the 2-month discounted price, just be sure to go to this page in a month and cancel the subscription. Once canceled, you’ll still be able to watch until the month is over. If you’re worried you’ll forget to stop the renewal, you can subscribe right now and then immediately cancel to just get 1 month at $0.99, since you don’t have to subscribe for 2 months. This deal ends July 7, 2020.

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Amazon Prime Video app w/ Offline Viewing is now available for Windows 10

An Amazon Prime Video app has just been released in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 computers. You may think it’s unnecessary to have a dedicated app, since you can access all the same content through a browser, but the app comes with the unique ability to download videos for offline viewing. Like Amazon’s mobile apps, you can select from video quality settings of Good, Better, and Best when downloading content. One hour of video at the highest setting, which maxes out at 1080p, will use around 2.4 GB of storage space. The app is free, but you’ll need a Prime membership to access movies and shows.

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Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions are all on sale AND include a Free Echo Dot — Up to 50% off

Amazon just started a new promotion where you get a Free Echo Dot with the purchase of any Insignia or Toshiba Fire TV Edition television. Just add any Insignia or Toshiba Fire TV Edition television to your cart, then add an Echo Dot of any color to your cart, and then enter promocode FTV20 at checkout to get a $49.99 discount applied. Note that the Echo Dot with Clock is excluded. This deal is extra good because all of the Fire TV Edition models are currently on sale, which lets you double up the discounts. The promo also applies to all sizes, so even the least expensive 24″ Insignia TV, which is on sale for $99.99 (down from $149.99), qualifies for the Free Echo Dot. That’s a 50% savings for that combo which, together, retails for $199.98. The Free Echo Dot offer ends July 9, 2020 but it’s unknown when the Fire TV Edition sales will end. Read more ›

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Sling TV guarantees they won’t raise prices for a year

In response to YouTube TV raising prices and Fubo TV raising prices this week, Sling TV has announced a 1-Year Price Gurantee. Existing customers and anyone who signs up by August 1st, 2020 will automatically guarantee their current service price through August 1st. 2021. Read more ›

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Amazon extends Fire TV’s Free 1-year subscription of Food Network Kitchen to Echo Show owners

Earlier this year, Amazon and Food Network teamed up to offer a free 1-year subscription to Food Network Kitchen to Fire TV and Fire Tablet owners. Now that offer is being extended to Echo Show owners as well. Food Network Kitchen, which normally costs $40/year or $5/month, offers live cooking classes, cooking tutorials, recipies, and commercial-free episodes of Food Network shows. To take advantage of this offer through an Echo Show, just say “Alex, subscribe to Food Network Kitchen.” To take advantage of this offer on a Fire TV or Fire Tablet, just install the Food Network Kitchen app and follow the in-app instructions. Note that your subscription will auto-renew after your free year, so you’ll probably want to turn off auto-renewal on this page here immediately after starting your free subscription.

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Amazon launches Watch Party feature for co-viewing Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has introduced a new Watch Party feature for group viewing sessions with up to 100 people. The feature allows Prime members to watch the same content with playback synchronized. Currently, it’s only compatible with Prime Video content and only through the desktop website. Read more ›

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Fubo TV increases price by $5 and automatically moves customers from base to mid-tier plan

Just one day after YouTube TV increased their price to $65, competing streaming TV service Fubo TV has announced that they’re increasing their two least expensive plans by $5. The Standard plan is going from $55/month to $60/month and the Family plan is going from $60/month to $65/month. Worse yet, Fubo TV has decided to automatically move all existing customers on the Standard plan to the Family plan to, as they put it, “provide more value.” Read more ›

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YouTube TV increases subscription fee from $50 to $65 per month

YouTube TV has announced that they will significantly increasing their subscription price from $50 to $65 per month. The service launched 3 years ago at a reasonable price of $35, but increased to $40 about a year later. Last year, the service fee increased once again to $50, and now it will be $65 for both new and existing subscribers. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo Glow is on sale for $24.99 — Lowest Price Ever

Get this Echo Glow Deal

The Amazon Echo Glow is on sale for $24.99, which is a savings of $5 off of the regular price of $29.99. This is only the second time the Echo Glow has ever been on sale and it matches the lowest price it has ever been. The Echo Glow is a smart light, not a smart speaker. It does not have a mic or a speaker in it. Instead, it pairs with any Echo device you already have for its control. Apart from being able to adjust its color and brightness, like most smart lights, the Echo Glow has a few unique features. You can set it’s light to one of several modes, like campfire or underwater, to create a fun lighting effect in the room. You can say “Alexa, start a dance party” for music and a light show to start. The Echo Glow light can also be controlled by tapping anywhere on its dome. Each tap cycles through a different color and the tap control can also be disabled/enabled through the Alexa app or through an Alexa routine.

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Amazon Fire HD 8 & HD 8 Plus tablets are ALREADY on sale for as low as $59.99 — TODAY ONLY

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The all-new Amazon Fire HD 8 line up of tablets, which were just released last month, has already gone on sale for the first time. The base Fire HD 8 32GB is on sale for $59.99, which is a savings of $30 off of its regular price of $89.99. For $30 more, you can double the storage to 64GB for $89.99, which is down from $119.99. The Fire HD 8 Plus 32GB is on sale for $79.99, down from $109.99. The “Plus” model has 3GB of RAM, instead of 2GB on the base model, supports wireless charging, and includes a quick charger. For double the storage, the Fire HD 8 Plus 64GB is on sale for $109.99, down from $139.99. Lastly, the Fire HD 8 Plus w/ Wireless Charging Dock is on sale for $119.98, which is $30 off of its regular price of $139.99. Continue on for a full list of all models, colors, and storage capcities that are on sale. Read more ›

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