My Downloader app should return to Google Play in 2 weeks, no thanks to Google

After 6 days of waiting, I received a reply yesterday from Google regarding the baseless removal of my Downloader app from the Google Play Store due to a ridiculous DMCA claim from Israeli TV firms. Google, after taking its sweet time, is taking a backseat to the situation and not reinstating my app at this time. Even though the claim that the web browser in my app is somehow liable for the copyright infringement occurring on some random website that I have nothing to do with is absurd to any sane person, Google is not intervening and is giving the TV firms that filed the DMCA notice their allotted 10 business days to either file “an action that seeks a court order to restrain” my app or file “a claim of infringement with the US Copyright Office.” Meanwhile, my app will remain suspended for at least two more weeks while it continues to bleed the user base I’ve spent over 5 years serving. Read more ›

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Fire TV Cube drops to a new all-time low price of $119.99

Amazon has just put the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube on sale for $119.99, which is the new lowest price that it has ever been through a standard sale. The flagship Fire TV was briefly available to select customers for $99.99 during an introductory offer through a promocode that worked for a small selection of people, but the Cube has otherwise only dropped to $124.99 prior to the current sale. All of the Fire TV Sticks are also on sale, but none of those deals are any lower than we’ve seen in the past like the Fire TV Cube price. If you’ve been waiting for the Fire TV Cube price to drop further, now is the time to pick one up.

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Amazon announces Fire Max 11, it’s largest and most powerful tablet yet

Amazon is moving beyond its Fire HD line of tablets with the newly announced Fire Max 11. As Amazon’s largest tablet, thanks to its 11-inch screen, and most powerful tablet, thanks to its octa-core processor, the new Fire Max positions itself at the top of Amazon’s tablet lineup for both media consumption and productivity. Read more ›

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My Downloader app was absurdly removed from the Google Play Store because the built-in browser can load a piracy website

This past Friday, my Downloader app was suspended and removed from the Google Play Store due to an absurd Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint from a law firm representing several Israel cable/satellite TV companies, including Yes TV and Hot TV. The lawyer Eran Presenti claims that because my app’s web browser is able to load some specific “copyright infringing website” (e.g., piracy website), which I have no association with, that it somehow makes my app infringe his client’s copyright. Google has rejected my appeal so now I ask for your help. Read more ›

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3rd-gen Fire TV Cube available used from Amazon Warehouse for the first time — Starting at $104.99

The 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube has been out for half a year but Amazon hasn’t given buyers much of a discount off its $139.99 retail price. A small number of lucky people were able to snag the new device for $99.99 through a targeted introductory promotion at launch but the lowest price it has been for most people is $124.99 when it has gone on sale. Today is the first day that the new flagship Fire TV has been listed used on Amazon, so if you want to pay less and don’t mind cosmetic imperfections, this is your opportunity to get it for as little as $104.99. At that price, Amazon lists the new Fire TV Cube in “Acceptable” condition with “small cosmetic imperfections on the item associated with regular use.” The Cube is also listed for $118.99 in “Good” condition which is described as having “minor cosmetic imperfections on the item.” Either way, these new used offerings are the cheapest way yet for most people to buy the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube from Amazon. Just click through to the product page and click the “New & Used” button to see the available used prices while they last.

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New refreshed Echo Show 5 is faster and hears better

In addition to the all-new Echo Pop announced today, Amazon is refreshing its entry-level smart display offering with a new 3rd-gen Echo Show 5. The new model offers better performance than the 2nd-gen Echo Show 5 released in 2021 and includes better microphones and support for the Matter smart home standard. Read more ›

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Amazon announces Echo Pop as its new entry-level smart speaker for $39.99

Amazon has announced the Echo Pop as its new least expensive smart speaker. At $39.99, it undercuts the Echo Dot which retails for $49.99. To achieve the new low price point, the Echo Pop trims off some seldom-used features found in other Echo models but keeps the essentials that matter. Read more ›

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New startup wants to give you a free 55″ Smart TV in exchange for always displaying ads on a second screen

Telly, a new hardware startup from the co-founder of streaming service Pluto TV, envisions a world where TVs are free if you’re willing to live with perpetual advertising. The first smart TV model revealed today has a 55-inch primary screen with a separate secondary screen below a soundbar that connects the two displays. While the secondary screen can display helpful information like sports scores, news tickers, weather, and stock prices, its main purpose is to always display ads that pay for the free TV. Read more ›

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Amazon increased all Fire TV Stick retail prices in Europe by as much as 20%

Amazon quietly increased the list price of all Fire TV Stick models in Europian countries, as spotted by YouTuber Free Tech. The increase seems to have occured around the middle of February and effects Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Stick 4K Max prices in at least the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the Netheralnds. Prices in the worst case increased by 20%. Read more ›

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Fire TV gains free NBC and Telemundo live local news channels in its News app

Amazon and NBCUniversal have struck a deal to bring NBC and Telemundo local news channels for free to the Fire TV News app. A total of fiften local channels in popular cities, eleven from NBC News and four from Telemundo, can now be selected and streamed in the built-in News app on Fire TV devices. NBC news streams from the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, South Florida, and Washington, D.C., as well as Telemundo channels for California, Florida, Texas, and Noreste (the northeast) are included. When Amazon first brought local news to the Fire TV’s News app in 2021, ABC and CBS channels were onboard, with FOX channels being added about a year later. The addition of NBC channels now rounds out the app with all four major US broadcast networks.

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