Fire TV Edition televisions can now change Picture and Sound settings with voice commands

Amazon has updated Fire TV Edition televisions with a few unique Alexa voice commands. It’s now possible to change the picture mode of the TV using your voice. This lets you quickly switch between Standard, Movie, Game, and other picture modes with a single voice command. Similarly, you can also now change between the various sound modes, like Music mode or Enhanced Bass mode, just as easily through voice commands. For a bit more fine tuning, TV equalizer sound settings can also be changed individually by voice. Read more ›

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Microsoft to release TV apps and its own streaming device for Xbox cloud gaming

There have been rumors of Microsoft releasing its own hardware for cloud gaming through its Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) service for many years but now it’s actually happening. The company announced that it is building a standalone streaming device that can be plugged into a TV for xCloud gaming. It also announced that TV apps for xCloud, which currently only supports mobile devices, are coming soon. Read more ›

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Amazon Sidewalk, going live today, affects Echos but not Fire TVs — What you need to know and how to turn it off

Amazon Sidewalk is a new system that is being activated today across millions of Echo smart speakers and a few Ring devices. It allows those devices to act as a middleman for internet access so that other Sidewalk-enabled devices can use your network. The catch is that anyone’s devices, not just your own, can use your network for internet access. If that’s not bad enough, it’s retroactively being flipped on by default for everyone and has been shown to turn itself back on even after you explicitly turn it off. Read more ›

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Target is now selling slightly updated Tivo Stream 4K devices

The Tivo Stream 4K saga continues. While some stores seem to be having a fire sale on Tivo’s Android TV dongle, other stores are received revamped devices. According to Zatz Not Funny!, the Tivo Stream 4K seen in the image above was purchased recently from Target, which just this week started selling Tivo Stream 4K units. What’s notable is the embossed “Tivo Guy” character on the dongle, which differs from the housing of older Tivo Stream 4K devices. Furthermore, Tivo is now using a new remote design in its marketing for its little streaming device. Read more ›

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Amazon’s stupidest Fire TV Stick 4K sale has just started

The Fire TV Stick 4K just went on sale for $39.99 and it’s the stupidest sale Amazon has ever had. At $10 off the regular price of $49.99, this is literally the least amount that Amazon ever discounts the Fire TV Stick 4K. Normally, I’d just call it a mediocre sale and move on, but with Prime Day less than 2 weeks away, what’s the point of this sale? All it’s going to do is annoy anyone who unknowingly buys it now because, in less than 2 weeks, they will see it for a lower price during Prime Day. While there are actually legitimately great early Prime Day deals going on right now, where the prices are lower than they have ever been for many Amazon devices, this Fire TV Stick 4K sale feels like Amazon is tricking people into thinking it too is an early Prime Day deal. Worse yet, the Fire TV Stick 4K was already on sale for this price as recently as 2 days ago and that sale lasted over a week. I feel sorry for all the people who get tricked by this sale. At least you reading this aren’t one of them. The Fire TV Stick 4K will likely be on sale for $24.99 within a couple of weeks, so wait until then if you’re interested in picking one up. Amazon will not refund you the difference if you buy it now and contact customer support in 2 weeks when it drops even lower.

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Amazon quietly releases new Amazon Smart Plug model

While rounding up the new batch of early Prime Day deals on smart home devices that went live this morning, I realized that Amazon has quietly updated the Amazon Smart Plug. The old model, which used the “Amazon” text logo on top, has been replaced with a new model that just has the Amazon arrow logo on top. While the specs and exterior dimensions are the same between the two versions, the guts inside have certainly changed with the 2nd-generation model because it has a new model number, it required new FCC approval, and the weight of the device has been reduced from 98 grams for the old model to 81 grams for the new model. Read more ›

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Ring & Blink cameras, Eero routers, and more are now on sale as early Prime Day deals — All at lowest price ever

Amazon has continued their early Prime Day deals with the release of several more Amazon device deals today. While we saw Fire TV Edition televisions go on sale last week, today’s deals are focused on home security devices, like Ring and Blink security cameras, and smart home devices, like Amazon’s Smart Plug and Eero mesh Wifi routers. Every one of these deals is the lowest price that the item has ever been, with many of them being new all-time low prices. So, if you’ve been thinking of getting any of these items, now is absolutely the best time to buy them. Here’s a list of all the new deals. Read more ›

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Amazon’s “Spend $10, Get $10” promotion for Prime Day is now available

Amazon’s promotion that earns you $10 to spend on Prime Day for spending $10 with small businesses is now live. If you’re a Prime member, just buy something from a participating small businesses and you’ll receive an email to claim your $10 credit. The massive list of qualifying products can be found here. Use the category menu on that page or the “Support Small” search filter it applies to narrow down the items. The small business purchase must be made by June 20 to earn the free $10 credit. Be sure to check your email for the credit claim message because the credit must be claimed before it’s applied on Prime Day.

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Tivo Stream 4K dropping to $19 at some stores in possible fire sale — $25.49 at

The Tivo Stream 4K, the companies first Android TV streaming device, has a foggy future. The company first hinted at abandoning the product to focus on TVs running Tivo software, but then backtracked to say they are still supporting their streaming dongle and plan to release a successor. While the future of the Tivo Stream 4K is unknown, one thing that’s certain is that the price is dropping like a rock in what appears to be a fire sale to clear out inventory. Read more ›

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Prime members get 21 Photo Prints for Free — Early Prime Day Deal

The list of early Prime Day deals keep growing. If you’re a Prime member, you can get 21 free photo prints when you enter promo code PRINTS21 at checkout. You can select either a glossy or matte finish on the prints and you can select either 4×6 or 4×5.3 sized prints. Then just upload your photos or select from the ones you already have in your Prime Photos account. Delivery is free as well. Amazon normally charges $0.15 per print, so you’re getting $3.15 worth of prints for free, but, hey, free is free.

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