Yahoo to shutdown video service Yahoo Screen


Yahoo will be shutting down Yahoo Screens, their streaming video service which competed with the likes of NetFlix, Amazon, and Hulu, according to a report from Variety. Apart from a sixth season of Community, Saturday Night Live clips, and streaming one overseas NFL game late last year, the service hadn’t seen much attention. It’s strange this decision comes just 3 months after Yahoo released their first Yahoo video app for the Fire TV. They’ve already pulled their Google Play and iOS apps, but the Fire TV app is still live and functioning, so if you we’ve been putting off seeing the last season of Community, you better start binge watching as soon as possible.

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  1. hiavatch says:

    That’s a damn shame, we’ve really been liking Other Space. I found about it during the recent Kickstarter campaign to bring back MST3K. Joel, the original creator of that series, is on Other Space. Damn, I hope some other “network” picks it up. It’s like a modern American Red Dwarf.

  2. Hex says:

    Screen would webcast a lot of good live concerts (not peer-reviewed shows like Quello, actual live shows). Sad to see it shut down.


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