UK Fire TV Released with New Software Version

Today marks the release of the Amazon Fire TV in the United Kingdom, joining the US and Germany as the third country where the device is now available. Along with the launch is the release of a new software version,, that we haven’t seen before. UK Fire TVs are arriving with at least version, as indicated by the presence of a language selection screen during initial setup. Like the German Fire TVs, these units are forcing an unskippable (and unblockable) software update during the initial setup process. This forced update is the aforementioned new version. This means that, like German Fire TVs, the UK Fire TVs cannot currently be rooted.

If history repeats itself, expect all Fire TVs to soon receive this new update. I’ll be sure to cover any changes this new update brings.


  1. Darryl says:


    Should be ok, as I will block all updates past this one. Just means I can’t plug the USB into this directly. No worries! Will plug it into my Homehub, then block OTA updates so it goes no further.

    Now the UK is on board, fingers crossed a root will follow.

  2. Bal says:

    Got mine today and noticed BBC iPlayer and 5oD and Amazon Music which I haven’t got on my US version.

    Installed asphalt8 and was hoping my data would sync but it didn’t so if anyone can help me with that I would be grateful :)

    Yet to install or test anything else.

  3. Mike says:


    Not only can you not root it but XBMC won’t run on it either. Tried both Gotham 13.2 and Kodi 14.0 and hey both install OK but then crash right after the 1st run.

    Another issue is after running Netflix if you hit the home button it takes you back to the register device screen.

    One way to prevent this is to EXIT Netflix within the app itself.

    Thinking of sending mine back for a refund as not work keeping if unrootable, but even more worthless if XBMC won’t work.


  4. noname says:

    TVMC worked for me and I could play movies from yify through NaviX

    • David says:

      I had the exact same problem with XMBC, installed fine but crashed after 1st run. Tried SPMC and Gotham, will try TVMC later, do you know if other addons work like icefilms?


  5. Tad says:

    I just got the UK version last night and was forced into an update so sadly I am stuck on 51.1.4 UK version. I take it that I cannot “downgrade” this version to an earlier version or use the terminal to block future updates?

    Anyways, not all doom and gloom, using this website for downloading XBMC and for Step TVMC Sideload APK and it works no problem. Although to open XBMC (or alternatively now know as TVMC!) you are required to go to settings and applications, but I am sure there is a way to get it on the home screen!

    Here is to hoping that future updates won’t block XBMC…

    • ED209 says:

      Tad are your add-ons working ok though? Some users have reported that most of the popular add ons such as Genesis are not working, as though the content has somehow been blocked by Amazon

      • Tad says:

        Ed209, to be honest no I haven’t was concentrating on mapping my network last night.

        I did see the add-on but yet to try them out, I cannot see how Amazon could block them if they are already there, it is most likely to be you ISP, can you use your computer to test it?

        I shall try it later and let you know…

        • ED209 says:

          Some users are reporting that add-ons such as Icefilms and Genesis are NOT working properly on their new UK FTV, but those same add-ons are working on their HTPCs / RaspPI

          • Tad says:

            I have no problem at this end with the add ons etc, have you tried a fresh start and re-install fusion again?

  6. noname says:

    Also installig TVMC, I installed Llama (Sideload through ADB) and YuppTV (from Amazon sotre)

    Then created a rule in Llama, When exit YuppTv, open TVMC.

    So now I have two step to open TVMC > Open Yupp and Exit.

    When setting up to open TVMC with Yupp, it was going in a loop, so the exit rules, work perfectly.

  7. Alexander uk says:

    Xbmc is working fine mate . After you send it by adb launch it and it will crush it come back at fire tv menu where you launched go to clear cache and press and clear data and press . I got xbmc on my fire tv since 2 days with fusion fully loaded . Working with 13.1 with user 514006420 .

  8. nemo says:

    XBMX, TVMC and SPMC are loading fine in my case – the problem arises when I tried to install addons. It either reports script error or all installs fine but the lists are all empty :(

    I’ve spent days trying all sorts of fixes found on YouTube but all were to no avail.

  9. Rebecca says:

    I have just got a fire tv. have put xmbc on it but don’t know how to put icefilms on. Need a step by step if anyone can help pleeeaasee.x

    • Gary says:


      The easiest way to get all the good addons, including the one that you mention would be to install TVMC rather than XBMC.

      TVMC is basically a fully configured version of XBMC which takes all the hassle out of setting up the extras. It can be downloaded from

      According to another forum relating to Fire Tv, this version also works well.

      Good luck.

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