This War of Mine released for the Amazon Fire TV — On sale for $9.99 [Expired]


The award winning survivor game This War of Mine has just been released for the Amazon Fire TV. The game takes a unique approach to your average war games. Instead of playing as an elite soldier, you control a group of civilians trying to get by in a war stricken world. You survive by scavenging, fighting, and making decisions based not only on whether you’ll win or lose, but also on the moral consequences of your actions. For example, if you’re group is attacked for their supplies, killing your attackers may not be the best move, even though you can easily overpower them. Depending on the mental state of the people living in your shelter, it could cause your group’s moral to enter a downward spiral that leads to your inability to survive.

This War of Mine was first released for PC last year where it has received 95% positive ratings from over 10,000 reviews. It has won several awards including ones from South by Southwest, Independent Games Festival, and Time magazine. The game is currently on sale for $9.99 to celebrate its launch, which is half the PC price. It’s compatible with only the Fire TV and requires a game controller to play.

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