The first season of these two different Sesame Street shows are currently free on Amazon [Expired]


You can currently get these two full seasons of these Sesame Street shows for free on Amazon. The free shows are the first season of Learn Along with Sesame , and the first season of Families Watch Together. Be sure the price is still listed as $0.00 when you make the purchase, and be sure to buy the season, and not just the first episode.

The first season of Sesame Street From Around the World and the children’s movie Sid the Science Kid are also free.

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  1. Frank Lin says:

    Awesome. Thanks!

  2. tom42 says:

    How do you keep finding $0.00 videos?

    Please keep them coming

  3. Ujn Hunter says:

    Don’t let your kids watch Elmo, please. Pre-Elmo Sesame Street or bust. Thanks for the freebies heads ups though.

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