Target is taking 15% off of Amazon’s Black Friday prices on Fire TVs, Echos, Fire Tablets, and Kindles [Expired]

Target is currently taking 15% off of everything on their site. Since they are already matching Amazon’s Black Friday prices on Amazon’s devices, it means that everything is at all-time low prices. The additional 15% off will appear once the item is in your cart. Target REDcard holders will receive an additonal 5% off at checkout.

Fire TV

Echo & Alexa

Fire Tablets


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  1. AR says:

    the link to the fire HD 10 still says $99.99 not $84.99

    also i still do not understand the difference between the 2017 fire HD 10
    and the last one that came in aluminum , are the internal specs any differen?

    why is the last gen one so much more than the current one?

    • Tenderfoot56 says:

      There is a Target 15% discount at the checkout screen. The “Catch” is that there are no more to “Ship”, and you can only add it to your “Cart” if there is one at a local store where you can pick it up as they don’t appear to be shipping any longer. Same for the Fire Stick. Unfortunately, you only get the extra 15% discount if your order online, but you are not allowed to order online because either the warehouse or the store is sold out now… No option to wait for a later delivery date either… Crappy way to conduct a sale if you ask me.

  2. AR says:

    actually none of these prices are accurate , the fire stick is still showing up $24.99 still

    and the dot is still showing up as $29.99

    are these in store only prices or something? wouldn’t seem to make much sense since it is cyberMonday though

  3. Clamslam says:

    It worked for me just picked up a Echo Show for $165.92. Great Deal and free shipping!

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