Alexa on the Fire TV can now open websites and perform searches in the Silk Browser

Amazon has added the new Silk Browser as an option for voice searches through Alexa on Fire TV devices. When you use Alexa to perform any kind of voice search, you can now scroll to the bottom and pass that search query directly to the Silk Browser. If the query is a website address, the URL will be automatically loaded in the browser, otherwise, a web search will be performed instead. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick now support Voice Search for YouTube

If the uncovered Silk browser for Fire TV is any indication, Amazon will enable voice input for Fire TV apps in the future. That might still be a long time away, so in the mean time, Amazon has made voice search possible for one of the most popular apps. With the new software update, you can now use voice search to search YouTube on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Read more ›

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Netflix and HBO content finally added to Amazon Fire TV Universal Voice Search

Netflix and HBO have finally been integrated into the Amazon Fire TV’s universal voice search. This means you can use your voice to find and bring up Netflix and HBO movies or TV shows in the Fire TV interface, even if the content is not available in any way through Amazon. Selecting the content will launch the respective app directly. This ability, which was promised by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings when the Fire TV first launched in 2014, has been a missing sore spot for Fire TV owners. A sore spot no more, because the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick now have full Netflix catalogue integration. Read more ›

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STARZ and ENCORE added to Fire TV voice search with 10+ more services being added by the end of the year


Amazon has added STARZ Play and ENCORE Play content to the results of the Fire TV’s universal voice search. When browsing movies and TV shows in the main Fire TV interface, you’ll now see if the video is available through either of these two newly added apps. STARZ and ENCORE are joining existing universal search services like HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Crackle, and Vevo.

Amazon has also announced that over 10 new services will be added to the Fire TV’s universal search by the end of the year, including A&E, HISTORY, Lifetime, and PBS. The sudden influx of new services being added to voice search will probably be a direct result of the next-generation Fire TV being announced soon. Still no word on whether Netflix will make good on their promise and finally be included in the Fire TV’s voice search results.

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Who’s to blame for the Fire TV’s lack of Netflix voice search integration?

The latest round of Fire TV and Fire TV Stick software updates have addressed more customer complaints than ever before. Yet, Netflix voice search integration, which has long been one of the most requested features, is still missing from Amazon’s line of streaming media devices. Since the Fire TV’s release one year ago, we’ve seen voice search, its most advertised feature, expand to include additional sources like Showtime and Crackle. Why then is Netflix, the world’s leading internet media streaming service, still missing from the list of supported services? Is Amazon deliberately keeping its biggest streaming media competitor out of the spotlight, or is Netflix making the Fire TV less attractive to its customers on purpose? Here are the facts for you to decide. Read more ›

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Add “Prime Only” to Voice Searches to Filter Results

Lost among the slew of information on the Fire TV Stick product page is a handy tip to help refine voice searches on the Fire TV. If you append “Prime Only” to any search, the Fire TV will display only Prime eligible content. In the image above you can see the difference between saying “Tom Cruise prime only” and saying just “Tom Cruise” in a voice search.

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