Downloader app v1.1.1 update for Fire TV adds built-in Web Browser

I am very excited to announce the latest version of my Downloader app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The big new feature of this 1.1.1 version is a built-in web browser. The browser allows you to easily navigate websites using the Fire TV remote without needing a mouse or keyboard. Downloading files is available through the browser so you no longer need to know the direct download URL to the file you want to download or the APK you want to install. You can just navigate to any website and click a download link to get the file you want. Read more ›

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MrMC v3.0 adds support for Kodi 17 databases, full DVD playback, Plex transcoding, and more

MrMC has just released their version 3.0 update with several nice new features. For starters, now that Kodi 17 has finally been released, MrMC’s developers made sure to make this new version compatible with Kodi’s recent database changes. This means you can have both apps use the same database, if you need to switch from one app to the other, without having to maintain two databases. While MrMC does still uses a skin based on Kodi’s old interface, don’t let that detract you, because under the hood, it has long been incorporating Kodi 17 into its code base, even before Kodi 17 was officially released. Read more ›

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More apps will be able to recommend content on the Fire TV home screen in the near future

When the original Amazon Fire TV was first released, one of its biggest criticisms was that there was too much focus on Amazon Video content in the device’s interface, and not enough highlighting of content from other services. Amazon has since made huge strides to address those criticisms, and they’ll soon be more ways for non-Amazon content to surface on the Fire TV interface. Amazon recently updated their Fire TV developer documentation to state that more apps will soon be able to recommend content on the Fire TV’s home screen. Yesterday the entry was updated to add that the feature would be coming in “Q2 2017 or sooner.” Read more ›

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Prime Photos app on the Amazon Fire TV can now be disabled to save internal storage space

The Prime Photos app on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has been updated with a new option that allows customers to disable the app altogether. As you would expect, disabling the app prevents it from being launched. More importantly though, and likely the main reason for adding this new option, disabling the app also prevents it from storing photos and videos from your Amazon Drive onto the Fire TV or Fire TV Sticks internal storage. This allows customers who don’t use the Photos app to reclaim the precious internal storage space that the app normally uses. Read more ›

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Pre-Rooted ROM for the Amazon Fire TV 1 Released

A pre-rooted ROM of the new software update for the Amazon Fire TV 1 has just been released by rbox. You can find the download link over at the XDA thread. If you need a refresher, here are instructions on how to install it using TWRP on a rooted device. This ROM allows those with rooted Fire TVs to update to the latest software version without losing root. See my rooting starters guide if you want to know if your device can be rooted. If you have the means, please consider donating to rbox to thank him for continuing to keep all of our rooted Fire TVs updated. Read more ›

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NVIDIA Shield TV update v5.0 rolling out to 1st-gen devices

Older 1st-gen NVIDIA Shield TVs are finally starting to receive the 5.0 software update. This update adds some of the new capabilities that come with the new NVIDIA Shield TV to the older hardware. Included in the update is the new Amazon Video app, 4K HDR streaming, and much more. Thanks Pawel for the heads up and the image!

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Downloader app v1.1.0 update for Fire TV adds file manager, settings, and more

The first update to my Downloader app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has just gone live. To add features quicker than I can, I hired Johannes Bramauer (a.k.a. superkoal on XDA), who has created some interesting Fire TV apps and modules for the community in the past. He has done a great job adding my requested features to the app. While this update does include some highly requested features, like basic file management, it’s mostly laying down the framework for more advanced features I hope to have added in the near future.

Read more ›

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Software update begins rolling out to 1st-gen Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks

The 1st-generation Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are starting to receive a new software updated, carrying version number and build number 562254320. I’ve received the update and, unfortunately, this update does not bring the new user interface to 1st-gen devices. The new interface is still coming to older devices, but that will happen at a later unknown date. The update with the new interface will likely carry a version number of or greater. I’m told this update’s purpose is to patch various security vulnerabilities within Android. Assuming there aren’t any issues with the update, most devices should receive it by the end of the week. I haven’t noticed any new features or obvious changes with this new software version, but I’ll be doing my usual digging shortly.

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NVIDIA Shield TV update v5.0 adds Amazon Video and more to first-gen hardware

The first-generation NVIDIA Shield TV is starting to receive software update 5.0 that adds many of the new features announced for the 2nd-gen Shield TV to the older hardware. Top on the list of additions is an Amazon Video app that, for the first time, brings all of Amazon’s streaming content to set-top box running Android TV. Read more ›

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Amazon Echo and Echo Dot update adds “Computer” wake word to help complete the Star Trek fantasy

A new software update for the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot seems to be rolling out that adds the option to select “Computer” as the device’s wake word. Instead of using “Alexa,” or one of the alternatives like “Echo” and “Amazon”, you’ll be able to get a little closer to the ultimate dream of having the Star Trek computer in your home. The new option was first spotted by Reddit users as a new feature for software version 4812 on the German Amazon page for Echo software updates. Amazon’s page has since removed the new feature listing, but other redditors are reporting that the option is starting to appear in the wild.

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