Amazon Fire TV on sale for £59 Today Only in the UK [Expired]

The Amazon Fire TV in the UK has just gone on sale for one day only. It is reduced down to the same £59 price that it went for on Prime Day in the UK. No word if the US will also have a one day “Flash Sale”, but this sale started at midnight in the UK, so we should know in a few hours if the US will have an equivalent sale. If the US matches the same 25% price reduction, we’re looking at the possibility of a $74 Fire TV, which would match the Staples and Best Buy Black Friday price. Unfortunatley, currently lists the Fire TV as out of stock until August 10th, which doesn’t bode well for a US flash sale.

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TVPlayer Plus streams 25 premium channels to UK Fire TVs for £5 per month

UK Fire TV owners jealous of the US only Sling TV service have reason to cheer. TVPlayer, a Fire TV app which streams 59 free-to-air channels in the UK for free, has just launched a paid TVPlayer Plus package for £4.99 per month. For that price you get live streaming access to 25 additional premium channels without any contracts. The premium channels include Lifetime, History, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, TLC, Animal Planet, Gold, Alibi, Watch, British Eurosport, Sony Movie Channel, Cartoon Network, BabyTV, and more. The company also promises to bring additional genre-based channel packs to the service later this year.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick on sale for £25 in the UK [Expired]

Amazon has temporarily dropped the price of the Fire TV Stick in the UK from £35 to £25. There is no indication how long this sale will last, but based on past Fire TV sales, I’d expect it to last between 3 to 7 days. It has been just over a month since Amazon began shipping the Fire TV Stick in the UK, so it’s a bit unexpected that the device is being put on sale already. In comparison, the Fire TV Stick has never gone on sale in the US and the Fire TV didn’t receive its first sale until 4 months after it was released.

The Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s fastest selling device ever in both the US and UK, so it’s not like its release overseas was a flop and they’re trying to clear out unwanted inventory. What’s more likely is Amazon overproduced Fire TV Stick’s for the UK release in order to avoid the same 4 month long backorder they experienced with the device’s US launch. Their over-calculated loss is your gain. Now’s your chance to grab a Fire TV Stick in the UK for less than the cost of a Chromecast.

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Fire TV Stick repeats US success overseas — Becomes fastest-selling UK device

Officially released yesterday, the Fire TV Stick has become Amazon’s fastest-selling UK device ever. No other device sold by Amazon has sold more units in the week after going on sale. The Fire TV Stick holds the same achievement in the US, and has now repeated the same success overseas. This victory was no doubt helped by Amazon’s recent tendency of offering Prime members exclusive pre-order discounts not available to all its customers. This trend started with the announcement of the Fire TV Stick in the US when Amazon offered Prime members 50% off the devices retail price. Amazon offered an identical deal with the Amazon Echo and now again with the Fire TV Stick in Germany, Austria, and the UK. However, Amazon took the promotion a step further by offering non-Prime customers in the UK an even larger 80% discount off the Fire TV Stick if they joined Amazon Prime. This was the first time Amazon enticed new Prime signups with a heft device discount, but judging by the Fire TV Stick’s success, it seems to have paid off.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick officially released in Germany, Austria, and the UK

Just a few weeks ago Amazon announced the release of the Fire TV Stick in Germany, Austria, and the UK and began accepting preorders for the device. Today marks the official release of the Fire TV’s little brother, despite many customers receiving their devices ahead of schedule. It appears Amazon learned a thing or two from the Fire TV Stick’s US release and is handling demand for the device much better this time around. When the Fire TV Stick launched in the US, customers pre-ordering near the end of the first day were receiving expected delivery dates that were months after its release date. It took 3 months from its release for the device to be in stock. The Amazon Uk site is currently showing the Fire TV Stick as in stock, while the German and Austrian Amazon site are expecting to be in stock in May.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick pre-orders now open for Germany, Austria, and the UK


After dropping hints for months, Amazon is finally releasing the Amazon Fire TV Stick in Germany, Austria, and the UK. Pre-orders are now live for all three countries, and the device will be released on April 15th. The Fire TV Stick will sell for £35 in the UK and 39 EUR in Germany and Austria. Just like the Stick’s US launch, Prime members can pre-order the device now at a discounted price. Existing Prime members in the UK will pay just £19 and German Prime members will pay just 19 EUR if they place their order in the next 2 days. What’s different from the US release is the availability of an even better price for new Prime members. If you sign up for a new Prime membership, you can pre-order the Fire TV Stick for just £7 in the UK and 7 EUR in in Germany and Austria. Amazon will be enforcing that new Prime members pay their membership fee before receiving the initial discount. New Prime members will not receive the additional discount if they cancel their membership after the free 30 day trial ends.

The Fire TV Stick was the fastest selling product ever when it was released in the US. The device was back ordered for months after it was launched. Get your orders in early, because with these great pre-order discounts it won’t be a surprise if history repeats itself for the Fire TV Stick’s international release.

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International Fire TV Stick pre-orders start Tuesday, March 24th


We’ve been seeing hints and speculating the international release of the Fire TV Stick for several months, but now it’s finally happening. Amazon’s UK, German, and Austrian websites have all put up teaser pages with a countdown for this Tuesday. The teaser does not explicitly say it’s for the Fire TV Stick, but AFTVnews reader Kai has pointed out that the teaser image files all start with fts_ which is likely an abbreviation for Fire TV Stick. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Stick now fully functional in the UK & Germany

When the Amazon Fire TV Stick was first released in the US, none of Amazon’s services could be used from it overseas. Trying to stream content or download apps from the appstore while outside of the US resulted in error messages. In January that changed when US Fire TV Stick’s gained the ability to stream video content from Amazon’s German and UK video library. The Stick still couldn’t download apps but the new ability to access non-US content, along with the release of a German television app, lead me to speculate that the Fire TV Stick would soon be released overseas.

AFTVnews reader Steve in the UK just chimed in to let us know that the Fire TV Stick has now gained the ability to download apps from the UK Amazon appstore. Trying to do so would previously result in an error message. Apart from not having the option to change the device’s timezone, the Fire TV Stick is now fully functional in the UK, and likely Germany as well. Now that the Fire TV Stick is fully at home in the UK and Germany, the device’s international release is likely just around the corner.

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German television app hints at international Amazon Fire TV Stick release

If the headline of this post looks familiar, it’s because I wrote the exact same headline, minus the “Stick” part, a day before the Fire TV was announced for Germany and the UK. Once again, a German television app has jumped the gun and added support for a product not yet available in Germany. The German only app ZDFmediathek was just updated with the only new feature being support for the Fire TV Stick. Last month we saw our first hint that the Fire TV Stick would be released overseas when German residents who imported Fire TV Sticks from the US to use in Germany were suddenly able, for the first time, to access the German Amazon appstore with their imported Fire TV Sticks. Being Amazon’s fastest selling product, the Fire TV Stick is bound to be released international; the only question is when. If history continues to repeat itself, we’ll find out the answer to that question tomorrow.


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Amazon Fire TV Stick may soon be released in Germany and the UK

When the Fire TV Stick was announced, Amazon made no mention of a European release even though the Fire TV has been a success in Germany and the UK. We always assumed the Fire TV Stick would eventually make its way overseas, but until a few days ago, there had been no indication of when that would happen. German tech blogger Arne Hess is reporting that the Fire TV Stick he has been using in Germany, which he imported from the United States, has begun displaying content from Amazon’s German website. Previously, using a Fire TV Stick with a non-American Amazon account would not allow access to Amazon’s video library. Hess says that changed this week and he can now browse and play content from Amazon’s German video library. He also says German specific apps are now present within the Fire TV Stick’s appstore, but trying to install them results in a message about using an incompatible device.

A few days before Amazon announced the release of the Fire TV in Germany and the UK, I was able to predict the announcement by noticing an uptick in new German Fire TV apps. This news about Amazon’s servers suddenly delivering content to non-American accounts on Fire TV Sticks is a pretty strong indicator that a European Fire TV Stick release is just around the corner.


A UK reader has chimed in to let us know that he is seeing the same new behavior with his Fire TV Stick in the UK. He says he can now play videos and browse apps, which he couldn’t do before.

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Unlimited Cloud Storage for Photos extended to UK Prime members

UK residents are far too used to Amazon Prime benefits coming to US Prime members first. So, it was no surprise, when Amazon announced unlimited photo storage for Prime members that it was only available for US customers. Well, UK Prime members need wait no more as Amazon has opened up the free unlimited photo storage service to the UK. Amazon Prime Photos allows you to upload your entire photo library via the web, using its iOS or Android apps, or using its dedicated PC app. The photos will then be viewable on your Fire TV, among other places.

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UK Fire TV Released with New Software Version

Today marks the release of the Amazon Fire TV in the United Kingdom, joining the US and Germany as the third country where the device is now available. Along with the launch is the release of a new software version,, that we haven’t seen before. UK Fire TVs are arriving with at least version, as indicated by the presence of a language selection screen during initial setup. Like the German Fire TVs, these units are forcing an unskippable (and unblockable) software update during the initial setup process. This forced update is the aforementioned new version. This means that, like German Fire TVs, the UK Fire TVs cannot currently be rooted.

If history repeats itself, expect all Fire TVs to soon receive this new update. I’ll be sure to cover any changes this new update brings.

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Suite of Fire TV BBC Apps Released for UK Residents

Just in time for tomorrow’s UK release of the Fire TV, the British Broadcasting Corporation has released BBC iPlayer, BBC News, and BBC Sport apps for the Fire TV. As expected, the apps are geographically restricted, meaning they can only be downloaded if the country setting in your Amazon account is set to the United Kingdom. Even if you installed the apps on a non-UK Fire TV, the apps themselves are IP restricted, meaning you would only be able to view content if you were connected to the internet through a British internet service provider. I’ll be posting a guide on how to bypass these restrictions later today.


My guides are now up. To install these BBC apps (or any geographically restricted apps) on a non-UK Fire TV, follow this guide. To bypass the regional restrictions within the app, follow this guide.

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Amazon unveils First UK ad for the Fire TV

The above video is the first Amazon Fire TV ad set to start running in the UK. The Fire TV will be released in the UK this Thursday, October 23rd. Much like the American ads, this ad focuses on the device’s voice search capabilities. Amazon hopes the ad, created by British ad agency Lucky Generals, will cast the Fire TV in a friendlier light and “more of and for the British people”.

SourceMarketing Magazine

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American Fire TVs now accept UK and German Amazon Accounts


Early adopters overseas who have imported American Fire TVs can rejoice as the latest Fire TV software update, version, which is rolling out now has added full compatibility for UK and German Amazon accounts. Prior to this update, an American Fire TV purchased from would not work with foreign Amazon accounts. That has changed because, if you’re running the latest software version, you can now login with either a UK or German Amazon account and have full access to region specific content, including each country’s unique Prime Video selection and appstore content. Even the Fire TV timezone gets updated to each countries local time. You just need to go into the Fire TV settings, login with a UK or German account, and select the “Sync Amazon Content” option. This news is yet another hint that American and International Fire TVs will likely be identical and interchangeable.

If you are rooted and want UK or German compatibility but don’t want to lose root, I recommend you do not update. A pre-rooted version of that you can install manually is in the works. Stay tuned.


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Amazon Fire TV now available for pre-order in the UK and Germany


Yesterday I speculated on an international Amazon Fire TV release, and now it has arrived. The Amazon Fire TV is now available for pre-order in the UK and Germany. The device will arrive to customer on October 23rd in the UK and on September 25th in Germany. Pricing for the UK is £79 ($130 USD), but Amazon is running a promotion through Monday that saves Prime members £30, bringing the price to just £49 ($80 USD). Similarly, German pricing is 99 EUR ($130 USD) with a promotion for Prime members that brings the price down to 49 EUR ($64 USD).

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Amazon Fire TV coming to UK for Christmas


An unnamed source from Argos, a british retailer, has told UK tech publication TechRadar that the Fire TV is on its way to the United Kingdom and will be available to buy “for Christmas” this year. Specifics on release date and pricing were not given. Amazon themselves have said nothing about a UK release, however they did hold a Fire TV developer workshop in London a month ago which hinted at a UK release.

A direct conversion of the $99 US price would translate into a UK price of £59. However, judging by the UK pricing of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets, we expect the UK price to be higher. On average, the UK version of Kindle Fire tablets are priced 50% higher than their US equivalents. Applying the same 50% increase would price the UK Fire TV at £89.


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