Evidence of Alexa coming to UK and German Fire TVs


One of the most common questions I’ve been asked recently, during the Q&A portion of the AFTVnewscast, is whether or not UK and German Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks will be getting access to Alexa on their devices like is available on US devices. Now that the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are officially available in the UK and Germany, you would think Amazon would activate Alexa on all Fire TVs, but they’ve been silent on the matter. I did some digging through the latest Fire TV software update to see if I could determine the answer to this question for myself and I think I’ve found evidence that suggest Alexa is indeed coming to Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks in the UK and Germany. Read more ›

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Amazon UK offering £25 off a Fire TV Stick for new Prime members [Expired]


Amazon UK just started a new promotion where customers will receive £25 off a Fire TV Stick if they signing up for Amazon Prime in the next two days. With that discount, the Fire TV Stick would be only £9.99, which is just £3 more than the special pre-order discount offered when the Fire TV Stick first debut in the UK. Even though a new Fire TV Stick 2 is expected soon, that’s a pretty good deal for someone considering Prime membership. Thanks JackalDancer for the heads up!

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Amazon Alexa likely launching in the UK on September 14th


Amazon has sent out invitations to a mysterious event on September 14th to UK publications. If you ask Alexa what’s happening on that date, she responds with “I promised I wouldn’t tell, but a visit to London has always been on my bucket list.” While that isn’t confirmation of Alexa finally becoming available in the UK on that date, it’s pretty telling. There’s no clue whether we can expect any new Amazon devices that day, or if the existing Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap will become available in the UK that day. Hopefully, at the very least, Alexa in all UK Fire TVs will come alive that day, since the hardware is identical to US Fire TVs, which have had Alexa for nearly a year.

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Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick on sale in the UK and Japan [Expired]


Amazon devices are currently on sale in the UK and Japan. The Fire TV Stick is on sale for £29.99 in the UK and ¥3,980 in Japan. The Fire TV is on sale for £64.99 in the UK and ¥10,380 in Japan. Additionally, the Fire 7″ tablet is on sale in the UK for £39.99 and the Fire HD 10 tablet is on sale in the UK for £139.99. Germany and Austria’s Amazon sites don’t have any of these devices on sale, which is a bit odd since all three international sites tend to have sales in unison.

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Amazon Fresh grocery delivery arrives in the UK

amazon-fresh-truck-delivery(Joe Nicholson/Associated Press)

Amazon Fresh, the grocery delivery service, is coming to the UK. This marks the first time the service is being made available outside of the United States. Amazon Prime members in north and east London can sign up to have their pick of over 130,000 fresh items delivered to their door. Same day delivery is available if orders are placed by 1PM and you can pick a 1 hour delivery window to ensure you’re home. The service is initially available in 69 London postal codes.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick on sale in the UK for £29.99 [Expired]


Amazon is currently having a sale on the Fire TV Stick in the UK. The original Fire TV Stick is down £5 at £29.99, while the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote is down £10 at £34.99. The sale is expected to last until Saturday.

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Last day for UK customers to get Amazon Prime on sale for £59 [Expired]


Today is the last day for UK residents to sign up for Amazon Prime at the discounted price of £59. At midnight tonight, the price returns to £79. It’s rare for Amazon to discount Prime membership, so now is a good time to join if you’ve been considering it.

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Amazon Prime membership in the UK is on sale for £59 [Expired]


To celebrate The Grand Tour, Amazon’s new motoring show with the former Top Gear trio, residents of the UK can sign up for Amazon Prime for £59. That’s £20 off the regular price of £79. The promotion ends at midnight on May 16th and is only available to new Prime members. It’s very rare for Prime membership to be discounted, so if you’ve been thinking of joining, now is a great time.

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Fire TV on sale for £64.99 in the UK and 84.99€ in Germany [Expired]


Amazon has dropped the new Fire TV to £64.99 in the UK and 84.99€ in Germany. Other retailers, including Currys, John Lewis, and Argos have followed suit and done the same. Since the UK and Germany didn’t see the Fire TV go on sale during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale event, this is likely the cheapest the Fire TV will for international residents. Big thanks to iCHAP3RZ for pointing this out!

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UKTV brings its free on-demand service to the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


UKTV, a multi-channel broadcaster in the UK, has brought their UKTV Play app to all Fire TV models. The app provides free on-demand viewing of UKTV’s Dave, Drama, Really, and Yesterday channels. The app features themed content collections as well as the option to create one’s own collection of shows via the app’s “My List” feature. As you’d expect, UKTV Play is geographically restricted to UK residents.

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