TWRP and Fire OS 5 Pre-Rooted ROM released for 1st-gen Fire TV


The day many of you have been patiently waiting for has arrived. Rbox has finally released TWRP custom recovery, as well as a pre-rooted ROM of software version 5.0.5 and, for the 1st generation Amazon Fire TV. This will allow those of you still on the or older pre-rooted ROM with ClockworkMod installed to upgrade to Fire OS 5 without losing root. This will also allow those of you that rooted a 5.0.0 or newer Fire TV 1 with KingRoot to install TWRP custom recovery and update your device without losing root. Read more ›

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TWRP Custom Recovery will NOT reject a stock Amazon update


A few months back, rbox updated his pre-rooted ROM for the Fire TV 2 to disabled the stock recovery so that official Amazon over-the-air updates would not install if they managed to download onto the device. It turns out that isn’t actually the case. After an XDA member was surprised to find his rooted Fire TV 2 had updated, I did some testing and can confirm that a rooted Fire TV 2 running the latest 5.0.5_r4 pre-rooted ROM, which downloads the update, will automatically install the update and lose both root and TWRP. It’s unknown if Amazon changed something to force the installation, or if the block rbox put in place never worked from the beginning. Regardless, as I’ve always advised, you should be blocking updates if you want to keep root and never rely on TWRP to reject a stock update.

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How to install TWRP custom recovery on a rooted Fire TV 2

This guide will walk you through the steps of installing TWRP custom recovery on a rooted Fire TV 2 regardless of which method you used to root. Read more ›

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How to use TWRP’s built-in MD5 file integrity checker to avoid bricking

One of the most common ways of running into issues when flashing a new ROM image on the Fire TV, like when you’re rooting it, is to unknowingly use a corrupt ROM image file. Thankfully, TWRP has a built in method to verify the integrity of the image you are flashing before applying it to your Fire TV. Here’s how to use the feature in order to reduce the chance of bricking your Fire TV when flashing an image in TWRP. Read more ›

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