Amazon Tap is on sale for $99.99

The Amazon Tap is on sale for $99.99 on Amazon. That’s $30 less than its regular price of $129.99. This is an “Okay” price on my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide scale because it usually drops to $89.99 when Amazon puts all their Alexa devices on sale, which they are doing now. It has also been available for $79.99 through Alexa-exclusive deals twice in the past.

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Refurbished Fire TV 1 and Amazon Tap on sale on Woot

Woot currently has the refurbished 1st-gen Fire TV and the refurbished Amazon Tap on sale. The refurbished Fire TV 1 is $52.99, which is $3 more than the lowest price I’ve ever seen for it. If you’re looking for something a bit more powerful than the Fire TV Stick but don’t want to spend the money for the Fire TV 2, the Fire TV 1 is still a very capable device. Plus, it’s the only model that has an optical audio port, which many can’t live without. The refurbished Amazon Tap is $79.99, which is not that enticing of a price, considering the brand new Tap was on sale for just $10 more just a few days ago.

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Last day to buy Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire Tablets on sale — Update: Sale extended another week

Amazon has had several of their Alexa devices and Fire Tablets on sale this week. That sale is expected to end tonight at midnight. If you still haven’t placed your orders, this is probably your last chance to get these products at a discount before Christmas. The Amazon Echo is $139.99, the Echo Dot is $39.99, and the Amazon Tap is $89.99. Those prices match Amazon’s Black Friday sale prices and are pretty good overall. Be sure to check Prime Now if you need something that is backordered to arrive by Christmas.

The 7″ Fire Tablet is $39.99, the Fire Kids Edition Tablet is $89.99, and the Fire HD 10 Tablet is $199.99. Those deals are not as good as the Echo deals, but they’re still pretty decent, especially considering the Fire HD 10 never went on sale during Black Friday. Check my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide to get a better feel of how these prices compare to past sales.


12/18/16 Amazon has extended the sale another week and has also added the Fire HD 8 for $69.99 to the sale.

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Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Tap on sale at Amazon — Same prices as Black Friday

Amazon has put their Alexa family of devices on sale for the same prices they had during Black Friday.
The Echo Dot is $39.99, which is as low as the Dot has ever been. The black version is currently backordered, so if you want that color, get your order in quick or check Prime Now to see if it’s available from there in your area. The full-sized Amazon Echo is $139.99, which is just $10 more than the lowest it has ever been. Again, check Prime Now’s listing for faster delivery. Lastly, the Amazon Tap is $89.99, which matches Amazon’s Black Friday price.

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Amazon Tap and Fire Tablet bundle is $119.98 — Today Only


Amazon is offering a bundle which includes the Amazon Tap and Fire Tablet for $119.98. This is the first time a bundle like this has ever been available. The included tablet is the 16GB version which costs $69.99, so buying the two items together saves you $80 off of their regular prices. Referring to my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide, the combined “Great Price” for these two devices comes out to $113.32, so this deal is pretty good if you’re in the market for both of these two items. The bundled sale price ends tonight at midnight.

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Amazon Tap is as low as $74.99 when purchased using Alexa


The Amazon Tap, the portable battery powered Alexa-enabled speaker, is currently $79.99 for Prime members. That matches the price from Prime Day and is the lowest price the Tap has ever been. If you haven’t made an Alexa purchase during the Black Friday Countdown, then you will also get a bonus $5 Amazon Credit after your order ships, which brings the price of the Amazon Tap down to $74.99. Amazon is also selling the black Amazon Tap Sling Cover for $14.99 if purchased through Alexa. That’s $5 off the retail price and is also equal to the lowest price I’ve seen for the protective cover.

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Amazon Tap on sale for $79 at Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Toys R Us, and others

The Amazon Tap is curently on sale for $79 at several retailers. B & H Photo, Lowes, Toys R Us, and Bed Bath & Beyond all have it listed for the same price. This price matches the Alexa exclusive price we saw during Prime Day, and is the lowest price the Amazon Tap has ever been.

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Amazon Tap Alexa-enabled speaker on sale for $99.99


The Amazon Tap has gone on sale for $99.99 for Prime Day. If you missed out on, or were unable to take advantage of, the Alexa-exclusive deal on the Amazon tap from a few days ago, here’s your chance to buy it through Amazon’s website for a great price. It’s not as good of a deal as the $79 Alexa exclusive price, but it is still the second lowest price the Tap has ever been. Be sure to check my Prime Day Hub throughout the day for the best deals and check all the live Prime Day deals so you don’t miss anything.

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Amazon Tap for as little as $69.00 when ordering through Alexa — Today Only


Today only, if you use Alexa to order an Amazon Tap, you’ll receive a $50.99 discount, bringing the price down to just $79. That’s the lowest price the Tap has ever been by a longshot. The cheapest the Tap has ever been before today was $109.99 a month ago. Additionally, if ordering the Amazon Tap is your first Alexa order, you’ll receive an additional $10 off, bringing the price down to $69. Simply say “Alexa, order an Amazon Tap” to an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap and Alexa will verify the discounted price before asking you to confirm the order. This promotion is technically not meant to work through Alexa on the Fire TV, but it does seem to be possible, although, it’s very hit or miss. Sometimes when I ask Alexa on the Fire TV to order the Tap, I see the discounted price, then a few seconds later when I ask again, I see the regular price. There seems to be a separate listing, with a different Amazon product ID, for the discounted Amazon Tap, so it appears to be a matter of getting the Fire TV to select the discounted special listing. Be sure to keep an eye on the Alexa Prime Day Deals page for additional Alexa-only deals.

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Amazon Tap on sale for $109.99 — Lowest Price


The Amazon Tap Alexa-enabled speaker is currently on sale for $109.99. That’s the lowest price the Tap has ever been. This is like a portable version of the Amazon Echo, with the main drawback being that it doesn’t have microphones that are always listening. Instead, you have to press the mic button before speaking to Alexa. Read my list of 10 things to know about the Amazon Tap to learn more.

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