Woot is selling the refurbished Amazon Tap for $54.99 — Lowest price ever [Expired]

Woot is currently selling the certified refurbished Amazon Tap for $54.99. This is the lowest price that Amazon’s portable Alexa speaker has ever been. Even though it’s probably the most versatile Alexa smart speaker, thanks to its built-in battery and newly added hands-free capabilities, it doesn’t seem like Amazon will release a successor to the Tap anytime soon. Amazon still sells the Tap themselves for its full original price of $129.99, and most recently put it on sale for 79.99, but the price has never been as low as Woot is currently selling it.

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Amazon Echo Show on sale for the first time ever — Plus other Alexa deals [Expired]

The Amazon Echo Show is currently on sale for $199.99. This marks the first time that Amazon’s flagship Alexa device has dropped below its regular price of $229.99. The only other discount Amazon has ever offered for the Echo Show is $100 off when buying two units at once. Unfortunately, the SHOW2PACK promo code that normally takes $100 off of a pair is disabled during the current sale. Also on sale is the Echo Dot for $44.99 and the Amazon Tap for $79.99.

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Amazon Tap (refurb) on sale for $79.99 and Echo Dot (refurb) on sale for $37.99 [Expired]

Amazon dropped the price of the refurbished Amazon Echo to $79.99 last week. That sale is still active, but it’s not much of a deal since QVC is still selling new Amazon Echos for as low as $77.56. This week a couple more refurbished Alexa devices have dropped in price, which are a much better deal than the Echo’s price. The refurbished Echo Dot is down to $37.99 and the refurbished Amazon Tap is down to $79.99. While the price for the Tap is a decent price, the better deal is the Echo Dot. It’s not as low as the lowest price we’ve seen for an Echo Dot, which was $34.99 this past Prime Day, but it’s the second lowest price. If you don’t want to wait until Black Friday in November, when the Echo Dot might be a little less than this again, here’s your chance to save quite a bit.

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Amazon Echo $89.99, Echo Dot $34.99, and Tap $89.99 after rebate at Staples — Lowest Prices Ever [Expired]

Staples is currently selling the Amazon Echo Dot for $34.99 after rebate. The Echo Dot is on sale for $44.99, which matches Amazon’s current sale, but Staples is offering a $10 easy rebate in addition to the discount. This sale price matches the lowest price the Echo Dot has ever been, which was during Prime Day last month. The $10 rebate also applies to the full sized Amazon Echo and the Amazon Tap, bringing both of their final prices down to $89.99. That matches the lowest price the Amazon Echo has ever been, but is $10 higher than the lowest price the Amazon Tap has ever been. All three of these sale prices are likely lower than any prices we’ll see before Black Friday in November.

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Retailers match Prime Day prices for Amazon’s devices — Today Only Sale [Expired]

Every year, a few weeks after Prime Day, the various retailers that sell Amazon’s hardware have a sale that matches Amazon’s Prime Day prices. The sale only lasts one day and that day is today. If you missed out on any of the Prime Day deals for Amazon devices, here’s your second chance to get the Amazon Echo for $89.99, Echo Dot for $34.99, Amazon Tap for $79.99, Fire 7 Tablet for $29.99, and more. Read on for a list of stores and prices. Read more ›

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Amazon Tap portable Alexa speaker on sale for $79.99 — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]

The Amazon Tap is on sale for $79.99 for Prime Day. This matches last year’s Prime Day price and is the lowest price the Tap has ever been. Now that Amazon has updated the Tap to accept hands-free Alexa commands, it’s one of the most versatile Alexa devices Amazon sells, since it’s the only one that is portable thanks to its built-in battery. Also on sale are the protective Sling Covers for the Amazon Tap. Check out the other Prime Day deals that are now live and check back here often because I’ll be posting all the best deals all night tonight and all day tomorrow.

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Amazon Tap (Refurb) is on sale for $69.99 — Today Only [Expired]

The Certified Refurbished Amazon Tap is on sale today only for $69.99. The Amazon Tap is, in my opinion, Amazon’s most underrated Alexa devices. Its portability makes it easily one of the most used devices in my home. The addition of hands-free capabilities a few months back made it even better. This sale is part of Amazon’s Prime Day Countdown Deals, which are today focused around a music theme. Tomorrow’s deal theme will be Prime Video, so be sure to check back for those, since they’ll probably involve the Fire TV somehow.

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Amazon Tap is on sale for $99.99 [Expired]

The Amazon Tap is on sale for $99.99 on Amazon. That’s $30 less than its regular price of $129.99. This is an “Okay” price on my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide scale because it usually drops to $89.99 when Amazon puts all their Alexa devices on sale, which they are doing now. It has also been available for $79.99 through Alexa-exclusive deals twice in the past.

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Refurbished Fire TV 1 and Amazon Tap on sale on Woot [Expired]

Woot currently has the refurbished 1st-gen Fire TV and the refurbished Amazon Tap on sale. The refurbished Fire TV 1 is $52.99, which is $3 more than the lowest price I’ve ever seen for it. If you’re looking for something a bit more powerful than the Fire TV Stick but don’t want to spend the money for the Fire TV 2, the Fire TV 1 is still a very capable device. Plus, it’s the only model that has an optical audio port, which many can’t live without. The refurbished Amazon Tap is $79.99, which is not that enticing of a price, considering the brand new Tap was on sale for just $10 more just a few days ago.

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Last day to buy Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire Tablets on sale — Update: Sale extended another week [Expired]

Amazon has had several of their Alexa devices and Fire Tablets on sale this week. That sale is expected to end tonight at midnight. If you still haven’t placed your orders, this is probably your last chance to get these products at a discount before Christmas. The Amazon Echo is $139.99, the Echo Dot is $39.99, and the Amazon Tap is $89.99. Those prices match Amazon’s Black Friday sale prices and are pretty good overall. Be sure to check Prime Now if you need something that is backordered to arrive by Christmas.

The 7″ Fire Tablet is $39.99, the Fire Kids Edition Tablet is $89.99, and the Fire HD 10 Tablet is $199.99. Those deals are not as good as the Echo deals, but they’re still pretty decent, especially considering the Fire HD 10 never went on sale during Black Friday. Check my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide to get a better feel of how these prices compare to past sales.


12/18/16 Amazon has extended the sale another week and has also added the Fire HD 8 for $69.99 to the sale.

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