Fire TV software history page has been updated


I finally got around to updating my Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick Software Update History page. There you can find information on what changes (that we know of) each software version made, as well as links to all of my posts related to each software version. It also tells you which software versions are rootable for each device. For any modders out there interested in making a custom ROM for the Fire TV, I’ve also included links to all the stock software images that I’ve managed to capture. Note that the page includes options at the top that allow you to hide information you’re not interested in so it’s easier to skim, and your view options are saved in the page’s URL for bookmarking purposes. I have not included Fire OS 3 update information yet, but I’ll do that soon. You can get to the page by using the menu bar, or by remembering the short URL or

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AFTVnews turns 2 years old


Two years ago today, I started this website (well…not exactly this domain) on a whim due to the lack of organized information available for the Amazon Fire TV. Now, over 1,800 posts later, there are hundreds of thousands of you visiting my little website. Thank you so much for enabling me to turn a hobby into a means to support my family.

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The AFTVnewscast is now available through Google Play Music


Google has finally launched podcast integration into their Google Play Music app and have included the AFTVnewscast among the available podcasts. If you have an Android device, be sure to subscribe to the AFTVnewscast if you plan to use Google Play Music as your podcast client. Of course, you’ll still be able to subscribe through iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, YouTube (video version), and the trusty RSS feed as always.

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Hi, I’m Elias. Should we chat about stuff?

Hi everyone. I thought it was about time I introduced myself. I’m Elias Saba, the guy who started/runs AFTVnews and the one who writes everything you read here. I just put up an About Page with some info about the site and myself. I also updated the menu bar a bit while I was at it.

I’ve been thinking of starting a weekly (or maybe bi-monthly?) live podcast/video stream thingy where you, the awesome readers, can ask questions that I’ll answer or suggest topics you want to hear me ramble about. We can talk about the Fire TV, recent posts, AFTVnews itself, blogging, tech in general, or anything you want. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in watching/hearing? Let me know what you think in the comments. Or just pop in and say hi back. Thanks for being the amazing community that you are!

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New Amazon Fire TV owners should start here

If you just received a new Amazon Fire TV and are wondering where to start as far as modding and rooting goes, then head over to my starters guide at It will walk you through the process of correctly setting up your new Fire TV, rooting it, and then updating it to the latest software version without losing root. Everything in the guide is reversible if in the future you wish to revert back to stock, but if you just let the Fire TV update normally and decide later that you want to do something that requires root, then you’ll be out of luck. It’s best to root and update properly now, and decide later if you want to keep your Fire TV rooted.

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Giving Guides Some Needed Attention

Guides are a big part of AFTVnews. You guys love following them, and I love writing them for you. They’re easily the most popular content I produce. That’s why I’m going to dedicate some time towards making existing and future guides better than ever. For starters, I’m going to be writing several new guides covering basic topics that are probably common knowledge to most of you. This way I’ll have something to reference in future guides instead of repeating the same information over and over. As a result, future guides will be shorter and easier to follow for experienced users without compromising any basic information needed by novice users. Once I’m happy with the state of the guides, I plan to create a directory that organizes all of the guides by topic and lists them on a single page for easy discoverability.

So when you start seeing new rudimentary guides or rewritten old guides show up on the homepage, know that I haven’t lost my mind or run out of topics to cover. I’m merely doing some tidying up that should make guides, old and new, better for everyone.

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My Apologies for the Downtime


This morning I decided to move to a more powerful server. Regrettably, I put my faith in my web host’s “one-click” automated migration service. It was supposed to copy the site to the new server and then point the domain to the new server. The copy procedure failed, but even worse, the domain still got pointed to the new (broken) server, resulting in the site going offline. It took a while to get the original server back up, and another 4 hours for the DNS settings to re-propagate across the internet.

I’m sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused. I’ll try to be more cautious in the future.

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Due to an email I received from claiming trademark rights on my previous domain, I have changed this website’s domain name to

The new name may not be as good as the previous one, but I wanted to stay away from any reference to the word ‘Fire’, yet keep the name similar. Alternately, you can access the site from ;-P. I am also forced to give up my previous Facebook page, so the new page is at If you use Facebook, a ‘like’ would be greatly appreciated. Thankfully I am able to change my Twitter account to @AFTVnews without losing any followers.

My biggest concern are the referral links across the internet pointing to the old domain. I have setup a redirect which automatically sends visitors to the new domain, however Amazon is only giving me until this Monday to turn over the old domain. Once Amazon controls the old domain, they will likely disable the redirect and all of those links will go dead. If you come across one of these old links in forums/wikis/comments, please do what you can to get them updated. I would greatly appreciate it.

By request, I have created a donation page. Please do not feel obligated to donate for any reason. I am part of Amazon’s Associate program, which means I get a small kickback anytime someone buys an app that I’ve linked to. While it’s not enough to live by, the money I make from this program is enough to pay for the website’s expenses. The more I receive, the more I can justify putting as much time into this website as I do, so please only donate if you have the money to give and feel compelled.

Lastly, this ordeal has taken a lot of my time recently. I apologize if the post quality or frequency has diminished the last few days. I should be getting back in the swing of things now that the name change is complete.

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Amazon is requiring me to turn over


I have received an email from Amazon stating that I must turn over my domain,, to them within 7 days because the domain contains one of their trademarks. They did not give specifics, but I assume it’s due to their trademark on the word: Fire. They are also requiring me to delete my Facebook page at They did not specifically mention my twitter account @fireTVnews, but I assume they’ll want that gone too.

I’ll admit, when I registered the domain, I knew there was a possibility that one day I would be contacted by Amazon’s trademark lawyers. I naively thought Amazon was nicer than your average mega corporation and registered the domain anyway. Lesson learned. It would have been nice if they gave me more than 7 days, or at least given me a way to contact them. Instead, I’m supposed to give them the domain release information through their standard ‘Contact Us’ form.

I’m just one guy with a small blog and a few loyal readers, so I wont be fighting their request. This website will continue, but under a different name and URL. I will post the new website information shortly. I hope everyone reading this will stick around and not get lost in the move.


See the new post about changing the domain name.

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