How to move and run Amazon Fire TV apps from an External USB Storage Drive


This guide will show you how to mount an external drive to your Amazon Fire TV via the devices USB port. Either a flash/thumb drive or external hard drive will work. We will then show you how to move apps from the devices internal storage to the external drive, freeing up valuable internal storage space while leaving the app fully functional. Read more ›

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How to install the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire TV


The Amazon Appstore is growing everyday, but if it’s offerings are not enough for you, here is how to install the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire TV. Your Fire TV will have to be rooted to install the Google Play Store. You will also need a USB mouse for one of the steps. Once you have the Google Play Store installed, you will be able to download and install apps from the Play Store directly on your Amazon Fire TV. You will even have access to all of your past purchases from the Google Play Store. Read more ›

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How to play media files from External USB Storage on Amazon Fire TV

firetvscreenshot_20140615-192701Now that the Amazon Fire TV has been rooted, a slew of new capabilities can be unlocked. For starters, with a rooted Fire TV you can play media files from a USB drive or external hard drive. Read on for the full guide. Read more ›

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Alternatives to the Amazon Fire TV YouTube app

alternative-youtube-apps-headerThe YouTube app for the Amazon Fire TV leaves much to be desired. This is largely due to the app being a wrapper for instead of being natively written for the Fire TV. If you’re not satisfied with the YouTube experience on Fire TV, here are some alternatives.  Read more ›

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FiredTV Launcher is a Homescreen Replacement for Fire TV


Homescreen replacement apps (i.e., launchers) are very common in the Android world. They allow you to change one of the fundamental aspects of an Android device by replacing what your device displays when you hit the home button. FiredTV Launcher is the first homescreen replacement app for the Fire TV. It’s purpose is to get you quicker access to your sideloaded apps.  Read more ›

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How to watch the 2014 World Cup LIVE on the Amazon Fire TV

world-cup-headerThe 2014 FIFA World Cup starts this week on June 12th and you can tune in live using your Amazon Fire TV. We’ve uncovered three different ways you can stream all the action. Each method has its pros and cons, so read on to figure out which will work best for your specific circumstances. Read more ›

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adbFire simplifies sideloading and sending XBMC files to the Fire TV


A new Windows application, adbFire, has emerged to help make modifying XBMC on the Fire TV a little easier. The utility is similar to the Amazon FireTV Side App Installer, but adds the ability to send files to specific XBMC directories. It gets a bit tedious to open a command line and enter several commands just to achieve a simple task, so we’re happy to see helper utilities such as this emerging.  Read more ›

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XBMC 13.1 “Gotham” released for Fire TV


Unquestionably the best app to sideload onto your Fire TV, XBMC, has just beend updated to version 13.1. This new version is a minor update focused on bringing an assortment of bug fixes to stabilize the slew of features introduced with the massive 13.0 update. Read on for full instructions on how to backup your XBMC settings and upgrade to the latest version on your Fire TV.  Read more ›

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Side Load apps to the Amazon Fire TV in one click using the FTV Side App Installer

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.57.27 PMThe members of the XDA-Developers forum never cease to impress. One such member has created a handy little Windows utility called the Amazon FireTV Side App Installer. Simply load up the application, enter your Fire TV’s IP address, select an APK file, and click the big Side Load button to install the selected app on your Fire TV. The utility takes care of the rest. You don’t have to enter a single command like with the traditional method of sideloading. Just be sure to place the applications root FTV folder at C:\FTV. In addition to easy side loading, the program lets you backup and restore your XBMC user data, change your XBMC splash screen image, and a few other common tasks all with just a click. Download the program from the authors Dropbox at this link here. Now that side loading has never been easier, check out our list of apps to sideload.


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How to force all sideloaded apps into landscape mode on Fire TV


If you have been sideloading apps onto your Amazon Fire TV, like the ones from our post yesterday, you’ve probably run into the problem of apps stuck in portrait mode. Since the Fire TV doesn’t contain an accelerometer, apps that load in portrait mode by default have nothing to trigger landscape mode. The solution is an app called Rotate Screen Orientation. Once sideloaded onto the Fire TV, the app can be set to force all apps on the Fire TV to always load in landscape mode. You can download the app apk file for free from the XDA-Developers forum.


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