Showtime standalone service launching on Apple devices in July

In a move mirroring HBO Now, Showtime will be launching a new standalone subscription service next month. The new service, simply named Showtime, will undercut HBO by $4 and cost $10.99 per month. Unlike the current Showtime Anytime app, the new service will not require a subscription or cable service. The service will initially be available on Apple devices and online only. No word yet on when Apple’s exclusivity will end or when the service will be available on Fire TV devices. Showtime being available on the Fire TV at launch indicates the company has a good relationship with Amazon, so I’d expect the new service to be available on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick shortly after Apple’s exclusivity deal ends.


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HBO and Showtime apps on Fire TV devices now work for Comcast Xfinity customers

When HBO Go arrived on the Fire TV last december, the celebration for Comcast customers was short lived when they quickly learned that Comcast was not included in the approved list of cable service providers that granted access to the app. Amazon immediatly began negotiating with Comcast to allow Fire TV customers access, and now those talks have paid off. Comcast Xfinity customers who pay for HBO or Showtime can now activate the HBO Go or Showtime Anywhere apps on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. With HBO Now, the stand-alone service that doesn’t require a cable subscription, just around the corner, it feels like this gesture from Comcast comes too little too late.


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