Roku lowers price of Streaming Stick+ to compete with Amazon and itself

Roku has permanently lowered the retail price of their Streaming Stick+ media player from $69.99 to $59.99. This is undoubtedly to better compete with the soon to be released Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, which matches all of the Roku Streaming Stick+’s capabilities, and then some, at only $49.99. Roku is also competing with themselves, since their new Roku Premiere+ is a 4K streamer that is priced the same as the Fire TV Stick 4K, but lacks advanced 802.11ac WiFi that the new Fire TV Stick 4K and Roku Stick+ share.

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Roku’s new $40 Premiere and $50 Premiere+ provide 4K streaming on a budget

Roku has announced a pair of new streaming media players that make 4K streaming more affordable than ever. The new Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+, which differ only by their remotes, offer 4K streaming and HDR for the staggeringly low price of $39.99 and $49.99, respectively. Roku has also announced that their Roku Ultra will now come with headphones in the box and that they’re adding support for the Google Assistant. Read more ›

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The Roku Channel comes to the Amazon Fire TV …sort of

About a year ago, Roku launched The Roku Channel, which is an ad-support collection of movies, TV shows, and live news that is available for free on Roku devices. The channel has been quite popular, so Roku made it available on the web a month ago. In doing so, they’ve inadvertently also made it available to all Amazon Fire TV devices thanks to the Silk Browser. The web interface for The Roku Channel works so well through the Silk Browser that I’ve released a Bookmarker app for The Roku Channel, to make accessing it through Fire TV devices that much easier. Read more ›

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Best Buy replaces Roku TV OS in their Insignia TVs with Amazon’s Fire TV OS

When Best Buy and Amazon announced their partnership this morning to make and sell new Fire TV Edition televisions running Amazon’s Fire TV operation system, it was great news for Fire TV fans because it will bring new hardware options to the Fire TV line. It turns out that the multi-year deal between the two companies goes a bit deeper because, not only is Best Buy going to start making Fire TV Edition televisions under their Insignia brand, they’re also going to be dropping Roku TV televisions. Read more ›

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Consumer Reports says Roku’s unrestricted remote control API is a security vulnerability

Roku streaming devices and smart TVs running Roku’s OS have come under fire due to an article by Consumer Reports that says the devices are vulnerable to hacking. Under scrutiny is Roku’s decision to provide a remote control API that does not require any kind of authentication before it can be used to control the streaming devices and TVs. Read more ›

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Roku to release new voice assistant and license OS to speaker manufacturers

Roku has announced that they’re developing their own voice assistant to compete with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s voice assistant. Roku players and Roku TVs will receive the “Roku Entertainment Assistant” by the fall of 2018. Roku says customers will be able to use the assistant to control entertainment devices even if their TV is off. Roku will also be licensing their operating system, along with the new voice assistant, to OEM speaker manufactures, much like they already do with TV makers. You can expect to see soundbars, smart speakers, surround sound, and multi-room audio systems powered by Roku OS released in the near future. TCL, Roku’s lead OEM partner, will announce the first device under the new program at its press conference at CES on Jan. 8.

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Roku Streaming Stick (2017) on sale for $39.99 — Lowest Price Ever

The Roku Streaming Stick is on sale for $39.99. This sale is the lowest price this model has ever been. This is the new 2017 model that was just released a couple of months ago. It has a processor that is faster than the previous model and comes with a new remote that can control power and volume on your TV. If you’ve been curious about trying a Roku device or want to get someone into streaming who might benefit from the Roku’s simplified interface, this is the best Roku model to start with if you don’t need 4K video support.

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Roku Streaming Stick+ w/ 4K HDR on sale for $48 — New lowest price ever [Expired]

The all-new Roku Streaming Stick+ has just gone on sale for $48 for Amazon’s Black Friday Sale. It’s normally $69.99 and this is the new lowest price it has ever been. This is the new model released last month that is capable of 4K and HDR. It’s Roku’s closest competitor to the Amazon Fire TV 3, which doesn’t look like it’s going to be on sale during Black Friday this year. While the interface isn’t as nice as Fire TV devices and it’s not as customizable/tweakable, Roku makes a very compelling product for those of you just wanting to stream content from major providers.

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Roku refreshes entire lineup of streaming hardware for 2017

Roku has refreshed their hardware lineup of streaming media players for 2017. Their lower end models are getting fast processors, their highest end Roku Ultra is getting a price drop, and their mid-tier Premiere models are being replaced by a new Roku Streaming Stick+ capable of 4K and HDR video. Read more ›

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Roku to release 4K HDR Streaming Stick with new remote

Roku will be releasing a new Roku Streaming Stick+ capable of 4K and HDR video this year, according to Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny, who has accurately leaked several Roku announcements in the past. The new device will also come with a new remote that features power and volume buttons for controlling your television. Read more ›

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