Roku Streaming Stick (2017) on sale for $39.99 — Lowest Price Ever

The Roku Streaming Stick is on sale for $39.99. This sale is the lowest price this model has ever been. This is the new 2017 model that was just released a couple of months ago. It has a processor that is faster than the previous model and comes with a new remote that can control power and volume on your TV. If you’ve been curious about trying a Roku device or want to get someone into streaming who might benefit from the Roku’s simplified interface, this is the best Roku model to start with if you don’t need 4K video support.

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Roku Streaming Stick+ w/ 4K HDR on sale for $48 — New lowest price ever [Expired]

The all-new Roku Streaming Stick+ has just gone on sale for $48 for Amazon’s Black Friday Sale. It’s normally $69.99 and this is the new lowest price it has ever been. This is the new model released last month that is capable of 4K and HDR. It’s Roku’s closest competitor to the Amazon Fire TV 3, which doesn’t look like it’s going to be on sale during Black Friday this year. While the interface isn’t as nice as Fire TV devices and it’s not as customizable/tweakable, Roku makes a very compelling product for those of you just wanting to stream content from major providers.

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Roku refreshes entire lineup of streaming hardware for 2017

Roku has refreshed their hardware lineup of streaming media players for 2017. Their lower end models are getting fast processors, their highest end Roku Ultra is getting a price drop, and their mid-tier Premiere models are being replaced by a new Roku Streaming Stick+ capable of 4K and HDR video. Read more ›

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Roku to release 4K HDR Streaming Stick with new remote

Roku will be releasing a new Roku Streaming Stick+ capable of 4K and HDR video this year, according to Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny, who has accurately leaked several Roku announcements in the past. The new device will also come with a new remote that features power and volume buttons for controlling your television. Read more ›

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Roku enters the streaming service business with their own new channel

Roku has been a staple in the world of streaming devices for some time. One characteristic that they’ve had which differentiated them from competitors like Amazon, Apple, and Google, is not having a horse of their own in the streaming service race. By not competing directly with streaming services, they’ve been able to attract more content providers to their platform than any other streaming device manufacturer. That all might change because today Roku has launched their own channel where they’ll provide free ad-supported movies and shows that they’ve directly licensed from studios, making them a streaming service provider. Read more ›

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Roku’s latest 4K models are on sale at Amazon for as low as $48 [Expired]

Amazon just put several new and refurbished Roku models on sale. The refurbished Roku Premiere is $48. This is the latest model and is the least expensive 4K player Roku makes. For a little bit more, you can get the refurbished Roku Premiere+ for $65. I think the “plus” model is well worth the extra $17 because it adds HDR support, ethernet, a microSD card slot, and a non-IR remote that does not need line-of-sight to work.

If you don’t like buying refurbished devices, the brand new Roku Premiere+ is $79, which is down from $100. For all the bells and whistles, you can get the Roku Ultra for $117, which is down a bit from the regular price of $130.

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What do you want to know about the Xiaomi Mi Box and Roku Express?


As I’ve mentioned a few times recently, I’ve been thinking of covering streaming media boxes other than the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick a little more frequently than I have in the past, so I picked up a Xiaomi Mi Box and a Roku Express. I selected these two devices because I consider them to potentially be the best competitors to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, respectively. The Mi Box seems to have a decent set of specs and features without breaking the bank, which is a category the Fire TV dominates, and the Roku Express is a super cheap media streamer, which is a category the Fire TV Stick dominates. Covering these devices in relation to Fire TV devices is new territory for me, so I’m asking for your help and suggestions on what you’d like to see from me regarding non-Fire TV streaming devices. Read more ›

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Roku introduces 5 new streaming boxes starting at $29.99


After several leaks, Roku as officially revealed their new lineup of streaming media boxes to the world. At the low end is the Roku Express, coming in at an impressively affordable price of $29.99, and at the upper end is the Roku Ultra, which replaces the Roku 4 from last year, at $129.99. If affordable 4K support is all you’re after, the $79.99 Roku Premiere has you covered, while the $99.99 Roku Premiere+ adds HDR and a few more features. Read on for a break down of each models specs and features. Read more ›

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Next generation Roku Express, Premiere, and Ultra images leak


After uncovering Roku’s new naming conventions and specs a month ago, Zatz Not FUnny has jut posted the first images of Roku’s unreleased line of next generation streaming media boxes. Not surprising, the Roku Premiere and Ultra models, which are set to replace Roku’s flagship models, look just like the existing Roku 4. The Roku Express however, appears to be an all new device which is interestingly powered via a micro USB cable. Read more ›

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Five New Roku Models Leak — Three with 4K and Two with HDR


Two Canadian websites, discovered by Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny, have let slip information about 5 new Roku models coming later this year. Combined with the information found in Roku’s FCC filing from earlier this month, it paints a pretty clear picture of the new hardware expected from Roku. It appears Roku is getting rid of their numerical naming convention, and instead using Ultra, Premiere, and Express as the device’s names. Three of the new models will support 4K video, while two will support HDR, which is a first for Roku. Read more ›

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