Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick back in stock after being backordered for 5 months

The Alexa Voice Remote for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has just come back in stock. It went out of stock for the first time in August and has been backordered ever since. I speculated earlier this month that Amazon may be having trouble manufacturing enough of these remotes since, at the time, the voice remote was backordered and all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick bundles which included the voice remote were out of stock worldwide, while bundles that did not include the voice remote were in stock. It seems Amazon has, for the time being at least, worked out their supply issues because all bundles, except the Fire TV 2 in the US, are now back in stock. If you’ve been wanting to pick up a spare or replacement voice remote, here’s your rare chance to get it without having to wait.

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Non-Voice Remote for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick is back in stock


Just a quick heads up that the non-voice remote that shipped with the original Fire TV Stick has just come back in stock after being backordered for several months. It’s pretty safe to assume that Amazon will stop manufacturing this remote soon since they no longer sell it with a device. So this may be the last batch before they’re gone forever. I know some people love the simplicity and compactness of this remote, so if you’ve been wanting to pick one up as a replacement, as a backup, or even as a secondary game remote for casual games, here’s your chance. This remote works with all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models, new and old.

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Amazon’s Fire TV Remote App can now instantly launch apps directly and more


The official Fire TV Remote app by Amazon is a handy way to control your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Whether you want to use the app’s voice function because you have a non-voice physical remote, or you want to use the app’s keyboard to input text quicker than the Fire TV’s onscreen keyboard permits, the Fire TV Remote app is great to have installed on all of your phones and tablets. The app has just received its most significant update since launch with a few handy new features. You can now launch your favorited Fire TV apps directly within the remote app, put the Fire TV to sleep, and sign into your Amazon account for easier discovery of your Fire TV devices. Read more ›

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Piggyback Remote for Fire TV voice remote released and on sale


The Piggyback Remote for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Voice Remote by Mission Cables is now available. The Piggyback Remote is a universal remote that attaches to the back of the Fire TV remote. Earlier this year I reviewed the Piggyback Remote for the Non-Voice Fire TV Stick Remote and was impressed by it. My biggest complaint was that it was not available for the voice remote, but now it is. The Piggyback remote has 5 programmable buttons that can be taught to replicate any button from an IR remote you already own. This new voice remote model works with all voice remotes except the 1st generation Fire TV’s remote. Basically, if your voice remote’s battery door slides on, as opposed to clips on, then this new Piggyback Remote will work for you. The Piggyback Remote is regularly priced at $19.99, but is currently on sale for $14.99.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 includes the same voice remote as before


Amazon has named the voice remote that ships with the new Fire TV Stick 2 an “Alexa Voice Remote.” The inclusion of the word “Alexa” raised questions on whether the remote was a new model or the same voice remote that comes with the Fire TV 2, since Amazon never used the word “Alexa” to describe the existing voice remote. It seems all but certain that it’s not a new remote because Amazon just updated the existing voice remote’s product page and added “Alexa” to the products name.

In contrast, when Amazon did release a new voice remote model last year, they gave it its own product page instead of updating the older models listing. As for which version of the existing voice remote is included with the Fire TV Stick 2, my money is on the hard plastic version, as opposed to the soft-touch plastic remote, because the images used show non-glossy buttons and a black Amazon logo. The slightly more premium soft-touch plastic remote has glossy buttons and a grey Amazon logo.

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Fire TV and Voice Remote stock instability hint at new devices


The Amazon Fire TV has had some supply instability recently, which is likely an indication that new hardware is on the horizon. The Fire TV went out of stock as a result of the Prime Day sale in July. It didn’t come back in stock until earlier this week. All of Amazon’s other devices that went out of stock after Prime Day were back in stock within 2 weeks. Today, the Fire TV Voice Remote just went out of stock, for the first time ever, with an expected return date of Spetember 16th. The Fire TV’s long hiatus, and the Voice Remote’s sudden shortage, is a good indicator that both will likely be replaced soon. What’s most surprising though, is the Fire TV Stick’s supply stability. Read more ›

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Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot back in stock after backordered for 2 months


The Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot has just come back in stock. The last time this remote was in stock was 2 months ago and it sold out in less than a day. Before that, it was out of stock for 3 months. The remote’s persistent low stock is due to resellers clearing out Amazon’s supply to sell on eBay for a profit. So if you want one, order it quickly before the resellers get wind of the resupply.

This remote connects to the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot via bluetooth and allows you to control the device remotely from up to 30 feet away. You can issue commands to Alexa through the remote’s built in microphone, in addition to controlling volume and music playback. The remote is especially handy to have in areas of your house where you’re too far from the Echo for it to hear you, but close enough where you can hear it.

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PiggyBack Remote add-on for Fire TV Stick — Review and Giveaway

Reducing the number of remotes one uses is a difficult task for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners because, apart from the pricey Logitech Harmony remotes, most unisversal remotes can’t even communicate with these streaming devices, yet alone replicate all of the included remote’s functionality. Instead of replacing your Fire TV Stick remote, the PiggyBack Remote by Mission Cables adds universal remote functionality to your exsiting remote. This allows you to control common functions like turning on/off your TV, changing the selected input, and adjusting the volume directly from your Fire TV Stick remote. I picked one up to see if it can effectively reduce the clutter of keeping multiple remotes around and was pleasantly surprised to find that it does a great job at an affordable price. Read more ›

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New voice remote for Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick available for pre-order


Now that Fire OS 5 is making its way to all versions of the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, new and old, Amazon is ready to sell the new wifi-based voice remote once again for $29.99. This remote was briefly available for purchase in December for a couple days, but was likely pulled to prevent poor reviews from owners of 1st-gen Fire TVs and older Fire TV Sticks which were incompatible with the remote at the time. Since Fire OS 5 adds compatibility for this new remote to older Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices, it’s finally safe to sell it without confusing uninformed customers.

Pre-orders for the new voice remote will ship on March 3rd, which is a good indicator that all Fire TV devices will receive the 5.0.5 software update by that date. Judging by the non-reflective buttons and the dark Amazon logo in the product’s photo, I’d guess customers who order this voice remote will receive the slightly cheaper “B” version of the two available models. An alternative to this new voice remote is the bluetooth based non-voice remote, which is also compatible with all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models, and is still available separately from Amazon.


The pre-order page has been taken down, but you can now order the remote from here.

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Non-Voice Remote for Fire TV & Fire TV Stick on sale for $10.49


The Non-Voice Remote for the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick has just gone on sale for $10.49. This is the first time this remote has ever dropped below its regular price of $14.99. Even though the item title says it’s for the Fire TV Stick, this remote works perfectly fine with the Fire TV as well. It also works with both 1st and 2nd-gen models. If you’re looking to replace a lost remote, or add a remote to the Fire TV Gaming Edition, this is a great deal. You can also use this as an additional remote, since Fire TV devices accept multiple remotes to be synced with the device simultaneously. It can be used as a secondary game controller for simple games, or as a standby remote when your primary remote inevitably falls into the black hole that is the crack between your couch cushions.

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