Alexa Voice Remote for Echo devices available used for $10.24 — Update: Now $9.84

The Alexa Voice Remote for Echo devices is currently available used in “very good” condition for $10.24 $9.84 from Amazon Warehouse. While this looks a lot like the Fire TV Alexa Remote, it’s made to be used with Echo devices so that you can remotely control media and talk to Alexa from a distance. The new remote sells for $29.99, so this is a significant discount if you’re okay with not buying a completely pristine remote. The remote works with all Echo models, including the 1st and 2nd gen Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. It does not work with the Amazon Tap and does not work with any existing Fire TV device. It’s unknown if it will work with the Fire TV Cube, but I’d say it’s unlikely. The remote lets you talk to Alexa through the mic built into the remote, but there is no speaker in the remote, like there is on the Dash Wand. You can also control volume and media playback with the remote. I have one and find that it’s most useful to use for controlling music when I have the volume turned up so high that I would need to practically yell for Alexa to hear me over the music.

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2nd-Gen Fire TV Edition televisions to feature new Alexa Remote with additional buttons

The first bit of information about the next generation of Fire TV Edition televisions was announced this morning. Not much about the “more than 10” new TVs has been revealed, other than being made by Toshiba and Insignia, and that they’ll come in 4K and 1080p variants. The one high-resolution image of the first TV made by Toshiba being released does include a view of the remote which shows new buttons not found on the current Fire TV Edition televisions or any other Fire TV device. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire TV Stick now comes with new Bluetooth Alexa Voice Remote

If you purchase a new Amazon Fire TV Stick today, odds are it’ll come with a different remote than it would have if you purchased it a few months ago, even though the packaging and remote itself look exactly the same. Amazon has created a new remote for the Fire TV 3 and is now including it with the Fire TV Stick 2 as well. Read more ›

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Fire TV 3 includes a new Bluetooth-based Alexa Voice Remote

The new Amazon Fire TV 3 includes an Alexa Voice Remote that looks and functions exactly like the remote that’s included with the 2nd generation Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick, but it’s actually a completely new remote on the inside. The new remote is actually Amazon’s fourth voice remote designed for the Fire TV and this latest version forgoes using WiFi-direct connectivity in favor of a return to Bluetooth. Read more ›

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New Voice Remote for Amazon Fire TV is likely close to being released

It looks like the new Alexa voice remote for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick that passed through FCC approval last month is getting close to being released. Amazon just updated their Fire TV Remote Software Update page with a third software version listing. The page used to only have version 352 and 217 listed, which are the software version numbers for the current Fire TV voice remote and the Fire TV Edition television voice remotes respectively. The page now has a third version number, 131, which is very likely the software version number for the new unreleased voice remote. Read more ›

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Exclusive: New Fire TV Remote will ship with the existing Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Last week, a new Amazon Fire TV Remote passed through FCC approval. Due to its identical profile to the existing Fire TV Voice Remote, I speculated that it could be a replacement for the existing remote, which has been having availability issues for some time. Trusted sources familiar with the matter have confirmed to me that the new Fire TV remote will indeed be packaged with the existing 2nd-generation Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Read more ›

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New Amazon Fire TV remote passes through FCC approval

A new remote for the Amazon Fire TV line of devices has just gone through FCC approval. As always, there is no actual indication that this remote is made by Amazon, since Amazon always uses a different shell company for all of their FCC filings, but I have absolutely no doubt that this device is the new Fire TV remote. Read more ›

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Amazon’s 2nd-gen Fire TV Game Controller and Remote are not compatible with Fire TV Edition televisions

I would love to be wrong about this, but it appears as though Amazon’s 2nd generation Fire TV Game Controller and 2nd generation Fire TV Voice Remote are not compatible with Element’s Fire TV Edition televisions. Nothing I tried could get them to pair with the TV. It’s not too big of an issue that the voice remote doesn’t work, as long as you don’t lose the one that comes with the TV, since Amazon does not yet sell replacements. The bigger issue is the Fire TV Game Controller, since that is the only official game controller that Amazon makes anymore. Read more ›

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Sideclick Remote for Fire TV on sale for $19.99 [Expired]

The Sideclick remote for all Fire TV models is on sale for $19.99 at Best Buy. This is the first time I’ve seen this great universal remote available for less than the $29.99 regular price. See my review of the Sideclick for everything you need to know about it, but essentially it’s a strip of programmable buttons that atatch to the Fire TV remote to turn it into a universal remote. I’m a big fan of the device and have been using mine ever since receiving it through its successful Kickstarter campaign. Everything you need to attach it to any of the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick remotes is included in the box, so there’s no need to worry if you’re buying the right one. The Sideclick remote is also available for Roku and Apple TV at the same $19.99 sale price.

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Alexa Voice Remote for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick is back in stock

The Alexa Voice Remote for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has just come back in stock after being out of stock for about a month. If you’ve been needing to buy a new remote, it’s probably a better idea to spend just $10 more and buy a Fire TV Stick 2, which includes this exact remote, than to buy the remote alone. However, if you prefer to just buy the remote, here’s your chance. This remote has been out of stock and backordered for nearly this entire year, so it’ll be interesting if it remains in stock this time for more than a day. Read more ›

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