Amazon Echo Dot takes top spot as best-selling product this Prime Day

As packages stream out of warehouses, Amazon has released some figures for Prime Day, as they do every year after the big sales event. While last year’s big achievement was simply surpassing the previous year’s Prime Day in sales, this year’s Prime Day surpassed even last Black Friday and Cyber Monday in sales, making yesterday the biggest sales day ever in Amazon history.

Last Prime Day, the best-selling item was the Amazon Fire TV Stick for $24.99 (37% off), but since Fire TV device’s didn’t go on sale for Prime Day this year in the US, the Amazon Echo Dot at $34.99 (30% off) was the best-selling product of the day across Amazon globally. However, the Fire TV line didn’t stay completely out of the limelight, since the Element 55″ Fire TV Edition television at $399.99 (38% off) was the best-selling TV deal in Amazon history, even though it sold out in under 4 hours.

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Prime Day Deal for Element 55″ 4K Fire TV Edition TV sells out

The Element 55″ Fire TV Edition television deal for Prime Day has now sold out. At nearly 40% off the regular price, the $399.99 deal was too good for many to pass up. While the deal was live, it had a timer counting down until midnight. There is a very slight chance that a second Prime Day Spotlight Deal for the TV could start at midnight PT, with additon units reserved for the actual Prime Day itself. So if you missed out on the deal, try to hold out a few more hours.

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Amazon Prime Day Sneak Peek – All the deals we know about so far

Amazon has revealed some of the deals we can expected to see for Prime Day, starting tonight at 6pm PT / 9pm ET. I’ll be hunting down and posting all the best deals I can find all evening tonight and all day tomorrow, so be sure to check back then and check back often. Here are all the deals we know about so far. Read more ›

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Amazon’s 3rd annual Prime Day will be July 11 — Deals start on July 10 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET

Amazon has just announced that their third annual Prime Day sales event will be on July 11. However, what’s different this year, instead of deals starting at midnight, deals will start the previous evening on July 10 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET. Prime Day is like Amazon’s own Black Friday where Prime members can take advantage of all-time low prices. Typically, for Amazon’s own hardware, like the Fire TV or Echo line, sale prices on Prime Day are lower than any other sale throughout the year, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Many of the “Great” prices listed in my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide are typically only seen on Prime Day. As always, I’ll literally be spending all day that day continuously posting the best deals as they become available, so be sure to come by the site early and often. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of time about Prime Day this year. Read more ›

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Amazon sold over half a million Fire TV devices globally during Prime Day


Now that Prime Day is over, Amazon has released some figures for the big sales event. Comparing this year’s announcement to last year’s announcement reveals that over 500 thousand Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks were sold globaly yesterday. Amazon is notorious for not divulging sales numbers for any of their products, but last year they said “hundreds of thousands of Fire TV Sticks” were ordered during Prime Day and this year they said they “sold over 2.5x more Amazon Fire TV devices compared to Prime Day last year.” Assuming “Fire TV devices” includes all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick types, and “hundreds of thousands” means at least 200,000, multiplying that base figure by 2.5 translates to at least half a million Fire TV devices sold this Prime Day. Amazon said the Fire TV Stick specifically was the best-selling device globally on Prime Day, which is a repeat of the same accomplishment from last year’s Prime Day.

Amazon also said that the Amazon Echo had its “biggest day ever” and sales were “up over 2.5x compared to [the] previous record day.” That’s impressive since, presumably, the previous record day was Black friday last year, when the Echo “was the #1 best seller across all $100+ products on” As a whole, orders during Prime Day this year “surpassed Prime Day 2015 by more than 60% worldwide and more than 50% in the U.S.,” so it’s probably safe to say Prime Day will continue being an annual event for years to come.

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Glitch allowed some early Amazon Prime Day shoppers to receive twice the discounts


A glitch in how Amazon’s shopping cart system applied discounts during Amazon’s second annual Prime Day allowed some lucky shoppers to receive twice the savings as normal. The glitch stemmed from the fact that purchases made through Amazon’s website received discounts categorised as “Lightning” deals, while purchases made using Alexa, through devices like the Amazon Echo or Amazon Tap, recevied discounts categorised as “Alexa on Prime Day” deals. If discounted products were added to one’s shopping cart using both the Amazon website and Alexa, both types of discounts were applied to the order, resulting in twice the usual savings. Read more ›

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How to Prime Day


Theoretically, one could sign up for Audible to get the $10 credit, buy $50 in gift cards to get another $10 credit, add an Amazon Fire TV to your cart, use Alexa to add an Amazon Echo to your cart so you get the $10 Alexa discount, check out using an Amazon Visa to get $30 off, and end up with my two favorite Amazon products, which retail for $279.98, and end up only paying $139.98. I have no idea if all of those discounts and credits would stack together, but if someone does it, they should immediately stand up from their computer, drop the mouse, and walk away.

Lets hear about your best deals, and flaunt your Prime Day ninja skills, in the comments.

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Prime Day deals for Fire TV, Stick, Echo, Kindle, & Fire Tablets start at Midnight PT


Prime Day is just a few hours away and it’s looking extremely likely that all Prime Day Deals for Amazon devices in the US will be going live at midnight Pacific Time tonight. Japan, Germany, and the UK all kicked off their own Prime Day sales at midnight their time, and all three locations went live with their Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and other Amazon device deals from the start. Be sure to check the list of known Prime Day deals, and stay up late or set your alarm clocks for midnight PT if you want to ensure you buy one of the several Amazon devices going on sale. The Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Amazon Echo, Kindle Paperwhite, and Fire Tablet will all be on sale.

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Amazon Japan gives us first hint at Prime Day discounts — Fire TVs & Sticks 30% off w/ Free Amazon Coins


Amazon Japan is the first Fire TV market where Prime Deals have already gone live, giving us our first hint at possible Fire TV deals coming to other areas. All Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models for Japan are 30% off. If the same discount comes to the US, the Fire TV would be $69.99, the Fire TV Stick would be $29.99, and the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote would be $34.99. That would be a “great” price for the Fire TV, but just a “good” price for the Fire TV Stick, according to my Amazon Hardware Sale Pricing Guide. Interestingly, Amazon is also giving away 500 Amazon Coins with any Fire TV or Fire TV Stick purchase, which is something we’ve never seen offered before. Of course, just because Amazon Japan is getting 30% off, doesn’t mean the rest of the world will see the same. Last Prime Day, the deals across different countries were not the same. Additionally, the Fire TV and Amazon Prime in general are relatively new in Japan, so there are different priorities there for Amazon than in other countries.

As for other Amazon hardware, the Fire Tablet is 61% off, which would be a US equivalent sale price of $19.99. Other Fire tablets like the HD 8 and HD 10, are not on sale in Japan for Prime Day. The Kindle Paperwhite is also on sale in Japan for 51% off, which is a US equivalent price of $59.99. Both of the Fire Tablet and the Kindle Paperwhite sale prices in Japan are well into the “great” range of my guide.

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Please excuse the influx of Prime Day posts

If you’re a regular visitor of this site, you’ve probably noticed the increased number of deal posts during the past few days. I just wanted to reassure those of you not interested in these types of posts that this increased ratio of deal posts to non-deal posts won’t be a regular thing. Fire TV and Amazon related deal posts have always been a part of this website, and with Prime Day arriving tomorrow, there’s a lot more than usual to cover. If these don’t interest you, rest assured that I’ll resume my usual focus on Fire TV posts after tomorrow.

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