Best Buy is including 2 Free Echo Dots with a Philips Hue 4-Bulb Color Starter Kit for $199.99

Best Buy currently has a deal where they’re including 2 free Amazon Echo Dots when you purchase the Philips Hue Color and White 4-Bulb Start Kit for $199.99. Just add the Hue Starter Kit to your cart and the two free Echo Dots will automatically be included at checkout. This deal essentially matches the lowest price this kind of bundle has ever been because the lowest price I’ve ever seen for this Hue Starter Kit is $139.99 and the lowest price the Echo Dot has ever been is $29.99. Adding those lowest ever prices together comes to about $200 for the bunch, which is what you’re paying for this bundle from Best Buy. This starter kit is my go-to recommendation when someone is wanting to get started with smart lights. It comes with the latest generation Philips Hue Hub and 4 of their best multi-color bulbs. While Philips Hue lights are certainly not the least expensive smart lights, I think they’re well worth the premium since they’re among the best on the market and are something you’re literally going to be using every single day.

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Philips Hue 4-Bulb Starter Kit is on sale for $139.97 — Lowest Price Ever

The Philips Hue 4-Bulb Starter Kit is on sale for $139.97. That matches the lowest price that I’ve ever seen for this kit which includes 4 of the top Hue bulbs and the Hue hub. Out of all of the smart bulbs on the market, this is absolutely my go-to start kit recommendation when people are looking to get into smart lighting for their home. Philips Hue products are certainly not the least expensive option available, but for a device that you’re literally going to be using every single day, it’s worth spending a little extra to get the best. One word of warning is that smart bulbs are addicting. Once you start adding smart lights to a part of your home you’ll quickly find yourself in an expensive habit where you want to automate all lights. That’s why I recommend this starter kit to kick things off because it includes the most bulbs. If you’re in the market for an Amazon Echo, you can bundle one with this Hue starter kit for an extra $50.

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Roundup of Philips Hue smart bulb deals for Black Friday [Expired]

A few new really good deals on Philips Hue bulbs and starter kits were just added to Amazon’s list of Alexa Deals, so I thought it’d be a good idea to round up al the Black Friday deals on Philips Hue products. Philips makes, in my opinion, the best smart light bulbs. That’s why I’ve personally gone all in with their products in my home. They certainly aren’t the cheapest way to control your lights with Alexa, but for something you literally use multiple times every day, I think it’s worth spending a little extra. Read more ›

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Echo Dot 2 lighting kit deals from Lutron and Philips Hue [Expired]


The Amazon Echo Dot 2 is continuing to turn up in more and more smart home bundle deals lately. Amazon is currently offering the Echo Dot 2, the Lutron Dimmer Switch Starter Kit w/ Hub & Remote, and a second Lutron Dimmer Switch w/ Remote for a bundled price of $159.89. That deal gives you a savings of nearly $30 off buying the 3 items individually on Amazon, and $50 off their retail price. The Lutron bundle allows you to convert two light switches in your home into voice and remote activated switches.

The Lutron kit is ideal for ceiling lighting, but if you use tabletop or floor lamps, then a kit from Philips Hue is probably more ideal for you. Best Buy is currently offering a Philips Hue Starter Kit and Echo Dot 2 bundle for $99.99, which saves you $20 off buying everything individually. The included Philips Hue Starter Kit comes with two LED bulbs and the Hue hub. You can then add additional Hue bulbs for about $15 each if you’d like. Both smart home lighting solutions above work with Alexa on the Fire TV as well.

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