Muse Alexa car adapter available for $35 in limited quantity

Muse is a $50 device that adds hands-free Alexa to any car by using your phones data connection and car speakers. It launched on Indiegogo last month and has managed to earn over $70,000 from over 1,000 backers. The people behind the device contacted me to thank me for writing about their product. They will be sending me a Muse to review when it’s released later this month, so look for that review in the coming weeks. They provided me this special link that allows the first 30 people interested to pre-order the Muse at a discounted price of $35. If you’re interested, have at it. Other than being promised a review unit, I am not being paid or given anything to publish this post, nor do I receive anything if you purchase the product. They simply offered the discount, so I’m passing it along because it looks like an interesting device that I figured some of you might be interested in.


#1 It looks like Muse is increasing the number of units available at the discounted price. It’s currently at 47 of 60 purchased. I do not know if it will increase beyond 60.
#2 Muse told me they’ll continue to honor the deal for my readers and move inventory from other tiers as needed.

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Muse is a $50 device that adds Amazon’s Alexa to any car

Owners of the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi have Alexa built into their cars, as will owners of some future BMW, Mini, and Nissan models, but for everyone else interested in having access to Alexa while driving, you’ll need to add the voice assistant through an aftermarket accessory. A new product from San Jose-based startup Speak Music called Muse promise to do just that at the relatively affordable price of $49.99. The small disc-shaped device uses your phone’s data connection to bring hands-free access to Alexa to any car. Read more ›

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