SPMC creator ends the app’s development and joins the MrMC team

Chris Browet, the creator of SPMC, a popular forked version of Kodi, has announced that he is joining the team behind MrMC, another popular forked version of Kodi. As a result, development of SPMC is coming to an end so that Browet, also commonly known by the handle koying, can concentrate on his new role of maintaining MrMC’s development for Android and Fire OS devices. Read more ›

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MrMC update v3.1 adds an all-new Skin and a Free Lite version of the app to try

MrMC, the media center that is created and supported by the developers who first ported Kodi to Android, just released version 3.1 of their app. The main new feature of this version is a completely new skin for the app, made from the ground up by the app’s developers. This update also adds several bug fixes, as most of their updates tend to do, with this latest set of fixes related mostly to Plex, Emby, and EDL support in the app.

In addition to the new skin and update, MrMC is now also being made available in two flavors. The full version is still $2.99, but there is now a MrMC Lite version that is free. The Lite version has the same player functionality as the full version, except it’s missing Divx codec playback and limits library lists to 8 items. Most people are definitely going to want to use the full version long term, but the Lite version gives you a way to try the app before committing to buying it, which is always great to see.

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MrMC adds Trakt.tv integration to backup, restore, and sync watched status across multiple devices

The MrMC app has just been updated to version 3.0.9 and with it comes a great new feature for those of you with multiple Amazon Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks or those of you who frequently factory reset your device. The app now supports linking up with Trakt.tv to keep track of what you’ve watched in a centralized place. This lets you back up and/or restore your watched history when necessary, or set it to happen automatically whenever you scan your library for new content. Read more ›

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MrMC updates add native Emby support, custom OSD timeout setting, and more

The guys behind MrMC, the media player app from the developers who originally brought Kodi to Android devices, have been quite busy since the last time I wrote about the app. They have released 4 recent updates to MrMC and are now at version 3.0.4 of the app. Those updates have brought support for the Emby media server, improved playback, new setting options, numerous bug fixes, and more. Read more ›

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Fire TV update causing poor 24p video playback in MrMC, Kodi, and SPMC

If your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick has received the software update, you may be experiencing poor video playback within MrMC, Kodi, and SPMC. The developer of MrMC has emailed me letting me know that the updated version of Fire OS does not handle switching the video output to a 24Hz refresh rate correctly. This is a feature videophiles use to achieve perfect 1-to-1 synchronization between the frames in a video and the rate at which the display updates, but with software version, it results in jerky stuttering video. Read more ›

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MrMC v3.0 adds support for Kodi 17 databases, full DVD playback, Plex transcoding, and more

MrMC has just released their version 3.0 update with several nice new features. For starters, now that Kodi 17 has finally been released, MrMC’s developers made sure to make this new version compatible with Kodi’s recent database changes. This means you can have both apps use the same database, if you need to switch from one app to the other, without having to maintain two databases. While MrMC does still uses a skin based on Kodi’s old interface, don’t let that detract you, because under the hood, it has long been incorporating Kodi 17 into its code base, even before Kodi 17 was officially released. Read more ›

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MrMC permanently lowers price to $2.99

Due to the success of their holiday sale and great community response, MrMC has decided to permanently lower the price of their app from $5.99 to $2.99 in the Amazon Appstore. MrMC is the forked version of Kodi that is available in the official Fire TV appstore. It is created and maintained by the two original Kodi developers that first ported Kodi to Android.

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App Deal: Kodi fork MrMC down from $5.99 to $2.99 [Expired]

To celebrate the app’s 1-year anniversary, MrMC has gone on sale for $2.99. This is the first time this app has ever been discounted below its regular price of $5.99. This sale price will last the entire month and will then return to its regular price next year. The app is available on all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models.

MrMC is a media center app created by the two developers who originally ported Kodi over to Android. This app sparks some controversy because many see it as just a paid version of Kodi, which is a free app that can be sideloaded. However, MrMC’s developers are continuously adding new features to their app, outside of Kodi’s development team, with a focus on the Fire TV specifically. As long as they continue doing that, they have my full support. The fact that MrMC is also open source, and therefore contributes back to Kodi’s development, is icing on the cake.

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MrMC v2.7 update released with Plex Cloud & Music support, and passthrough audio fix


The only Kodi fork in the official Amazon appstore, MrMC, has just pushed a new v2.7 update to their media center app. The biggest addition brought by this new version is support for Plex Cloud and Plex Music to the app’s built-in Plex integration. Also present is a fix for AC3 audio passthrough for older 1st-generation Fire TV devices and a new option to sort content by when it was last played. See the full list of additions and bug fixes on the app’s Amazon page.

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TruMC is a new Kodi/MrMC clone added to the Fire TV appstore that you should avoid


A new app called TruMC was just added into the official Amazon Fire TV appstore. It is a clone of Kodi / MrMC that I recommend everyone avoids. TruMC appears to be nothing more than a copy of an outdated version of MrMC. The app’s developer, and I use that term very loosely, went as far as to copy and paste MrMC’s app description, and even forgot to replace one instance of “MrMC” with “TruMC.” The app didn’t even do a good job of ripping off MrMC because some features, like resolution and refresh rate switching, don’t work and cause the app to crash. TruMC’s app description lists a link to the app’s supposed source code on GitHub, but the source is just a dump of a very outdated version of Kodi, which doesn’t match the app in the appstore. Read more ›

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