Movies Anywhere app now includes movies from FandangoNOW

Movies Anywhere has added a fifth member to their list of participating digital movie stores. FandangoNOW has joined iTunes, Google Play, Prime Video, and VUDU as the latest content source that can be viewed through the Movies Anywhere app on a Fire TV device. Movies Anywhere lets you link your multiple store accounts so that you can watch content regardless of where it was purchased. The addition of a new store to the service is nice, but what people are really waiting for is participation from additional film studios. Currently, Disney 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros allow their films to work across the service, but Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate are still notably absent from the service.

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Movies Anywhere app returns to 1st-gen Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

I’m guessing most of you had no idea, but the new Movies Anywhere app that debuted last week on all Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions dropped support for the 1st generation Fire TV and Fire TV Stick shortly after it was released. The app itself is not crucial to using the digital locker service, but it’s good to see that it is once again compatible with the older Fire TV devices. Read more ›

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Movies Anywhere digital locker launches on the Amazon Fire TV and other devices

The rumored Movies Anywhere digital locker service that I wrote about yesterday has officially launched today. The service links together Amazon Video, Google Play, Apple iTunes, and Vudu, so that movies purchased from participating studios through any of those retailers will be available in one unified app and across services. A new Movies Anywhere app for Fire TV devices is already available. Read more ›

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