Dot Genie wall plug mount for the Echo Dot 3 is now available

The Echo Dot 3 Wall Mount by Dot Genie is now available for those of you with the new 3rd-gen Echo Dot who want to hang your speaker from an outlet. The mount uses the stock power adapter that comes with the Echo Dot and, at just $8.99, it’s the least expensive mount available on Amazon. If you order quickly, you might end up getting 2 for the price of 1 because the creator is running a promotion where he’s throwing in a second mount for free with all orders that are placed during the product’s first 24-hours of availability. The mount is available in both black and white. I’ve written about Dot Genie’s products in the past, so just to be clear, I’m not paid or compensated in any way by them to write these posts. I just have a soft spot for “one-man-shops,” like myself, who are trying to make a living, and it just so happens that their products are actually quite nice and very affordable. Update: I’ve been told that the 2-for-1 deal will end tonight at 9pm PT. Orders placed before then will receive double the number of mounts purchased.

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New inexpensive Fire TV Cube wall mount gives you several positioning options

The company that created several interesting Amazon Echo Dot mounting solutions has released their first Fire TV product and it’s a wall mount for the Amazon Fire TV Cube. The new Fire TV Cube Wall Mount by Dot Genie is a minimalistic mount that still manages to give you 3 different options for positioning the Fire TV Cube. Placed on its front face, the device’s cables route out of the top. This is ideal for mounting the cube below a wall mounted TV, so that the cables are hidden behind the TV. It also allows for easy access to the to the Alexa buttons while keeping the LED light bar visible. Read more ›

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Redesigned Echo Dot mount perfects the minimalistic hanging holder

Last year I wrote about a new wall mount for the Amazon Echo Dot that cleverly hung the smart speaker from its power adapter. The creator has just released an updated version of the wall mount, called The Essential Mount, that quite possibly perfects the hanging holder style. The new design is sleeker and more compact than it’s predecessor. It also now allows you to mount the Echo Dot in any direction, depending on your outlet’s orientation. It improves on the first design in multiple ways and yet is also significantly cheaper at $7.99 for one or $14.99 for a pair. The mount includes a custom short USB cable, so you just need to provide the Echo Dot and its stock power adapter.

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The Spot Outlet Cover Plate is the cleanest way to mount an Echo Dot to your wall

Apart from cutting a hole in your wall, the new Spot USB Outlet Cover Plate is the cleanest way to mount an Amazon Echo Dot to your wall. This is the latest mount from Dot Genie, whose mounts have previously involved attaching the Echo Dot to its power adapter. This new mount replaces your power outlet’s cover plate with one that has a cradle for the Echo Dot molded into the side of the plate. The reason it’s such a clean setup is that it relies on a USB outlet for power, so it eliminates the large power adapter altogether. The USB power outlet is not included, so you’ll need to have or install your own for this holder to work. Dot Genie recommends this $12 USB outlet by Top-Greener, but most USB outlets capable of 2 Amps of power should work, since they all generally place the USB ports in the same place. The Spot USB Outlet Cover Plate is currently available for $7.99 in white or black and it comes with the small right-angle USB cable.

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New Spot Deluxe outlet wall mount for Echo Dot is simple and minimalistic

A few months ago I posted about The Spot, which lets you hang an Amazon Echo Dot from its power adapter. The creator of it has just released its successor, The Spot Deluxe, which improves on the concept in numerous ways. The new Spot Deluxe incorporates its own power adapter into the mount to greatly reduce the overall size of the device. It’s easily the most minimalistic outlet mount available. A nice touch is including a dummy ground plug on the included power adapter to improve the mount’s rigidity. This new improved mount also no longer blocks the adjacent outlet, which was a common complaint of the first version. The kit includes the mount, power adapter, and a perfectly sized tiny USB cable, providing everything you need to mount a 2nd Gen Echo Dot to a wall outlet. You can buy The Spot Deluxe for $14.99 from Amazon, which is a very reasonable price, considering it comes with its own power adapter.

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Flush Dot Mount by Mount Genie recesses the Amazon Echo Dot in your wall or ceiling

The creator of The Spot outlet hanger for the Amazon Echo Dot, that I posted about last month, has come out with his second product. If you want a more professional look when mounting the Echo Dot to a wall or ceiling, then you should take a look at the Flush Dot Mount. It’s a perfectly sized pocket that gets recessed in your wall to hold an Echo Dot cleanly flush. This is obviously a bigger commitment than the outlet hanger, since you have to cut a 3 5/8 inch hole in your drywall, but the end result is a much cleaner appearance. The mount comes with a 10 foot USB cable so you can power the Echo Dot from inside your wall. The easiest way would probably be to run the cable through the wall to an outlet in your attic or basement. To thank AFTVnews and Reddit visitors for making his first product a hit, the creator tells me he is selling the Flush Dot Mount at an introductory price of $14.99 for the next few days.

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The Spot is a new dead simple way to wall mount an Echo Dot without screws or adhesive

If you’ve ever considered mounting an Amazon Echo Dot on the wall but didn’t want to commit to something permanent, you might be interested in a new product called The Spot that just got released. It’s a cradle that hangs off the Echo Dot’s included power adapter to get the device off of a countertop or table. It seems most ideal for use in a kitchen or bathroom, where you likely have power outlets that are up high. The Spot is currently on Amazon for $13.99, although it started the day at $11.99, and includes a short USB cable in the box to keep things tidy. It’s available in white or espresso. The creator has mentioned on reddit that gray and blue are coming next week, with a black version coming later.

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Amazon Fire TV Mounting System on sale for $19.99 [Expired]


The TotalMount Fire TV Mounting System is currently on sale for $19.99. This isn’t the cheapest this mounting bracket has ever been, that would be when it was $14.99 for a day in 2014, but this is the first time it has dropped below $20 in over a year. This bracket works for both 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TVs and has great reviews. It attaches to the back of your TV with vent hooks or adhesive strips, or use the screw holes to screw it to the wall or furniture. The bracket features ventilation spacers to keep air flowing around the Fire TV. If you’ve been wanting to clear up shelf space, here’s your chance to save a few bucks on the best Fire TV mounting bracket.

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TotalMount Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Remote Holder down from $14.99 to $9.99 [Expired]

The TotalMount Fire TV Remote Holder has just gone on sale for $9.99. This is the first time this has ever dropped below its regular price of $14.99. The holder is a simple piece of black plastic that holds either the Fire TV’s voice remote or the Fire TV Stick’s non-voice remote. It has an adhesive back which attaches it securely to most surfaces, like the side or back of a TV. This remote holder has great reviews with a 4.7 out of 5 star rating from over 140 reviews. If you constantly find yourself losing the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick’s remote, this is a great gadget to give your remote a permanent home.

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iSkelter Bamboo Station for Fire TV & Remote down from $58 to $19.99 [Expired]

The iSkelter Bamboo Station for the Amazon Fire TV and Voice Remote is currently on sale for $19.99. The station normally sells for $58 and has been as low as $32 in the past, but this sale price is the lowest it has ever been. Most Fire TV mounting systems try to tuck the unit away, while this product does the exact opposite. It highlights the Fire TV front and center by framing it and the remote in beautifully finished bamboo. If your Fire TV is sitting next to your TV, this is an elegant way to dress it up and provide a handy home for your remote. Finish off the premium look with a slim HDMI cable and black flat ethernet cable.

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