Amazon’s regular Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Voyage are on sale [Expired]

In addition to putting most of their Alexa devices on sale for Father’s Day, Amazon has also put most of their Kindle models on sale. The regular Kindle is down from $79.99 to $59.99, which is a “Good” price on my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide scale of “Okay/Good/Great” because you can probably expect it to be $10 less during big sales like Prime Day and Black Friday. The Kids Edition version of the regular Kindle has also dropped by $20 to $79.99. The kids versions comes without sponsored ads and includes a free cover plus a 2-year worry-free guarantee. The Kindle Paperwhite is down from $119.99 to $99.99, which I also consider a “Good” price, based on past sales. Lastly, the Kindle Voyage is on sale for $179.99, which is just an “Okay” price in my book, since this is the oldest Kindle model Amazon sells and it has been available for much less in the past.

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Image of new waterproof Kindle leaks

The above image of a supposed next generation Kindle has just surfaced on a MobileReader forum. The leaker claims to have received the image from a retailer in China and that it is of a future waterproof version of Amazon’s eReader. The edge-to-edge glass front of the device does seem to suggest this could be the first waterproof model. Lord knows Amazon loves showing off their Kindles at the beach and next to a pool in marketing photos, so a waterproof model makes a lot of sense. Read more ›

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Amazon Prime members save up to $50 off Kindle, Paperwhite, and Voyage e-Readers [Expired]

Amazon is having a sale on several of their Kindle models for Prime members. The regular Kindle is down from $79.99 to $49.99. My Amazon Device Pricing Guide puts that as a “great” price since that matches the lowest price this Kindle has ever been. The Kindle Paperwhite is down from $119.99 to $89.99. That too is a “great” price and matches the lowest price it has ever been. Lastly, the Kindle Voyage is down form $199.99 to $149.99. Again, this is the lowest this model has ever been. All discounts will appear at checkout and not on the product page.

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Black Friday prices for Kindle E-readers are already live [Expired]


Amazon has already gone live with their Black Friday sale prices on their Kindle e-readers. The base Kindle is $49.99. That is the lowest price this new 2016 model has ever been. The Kindle for Kids Bundle is $69.99, which is also the lowest price ever for that bundle. The Kindle Paperwhite is $99.99. That’s $10 more than the Prime Day price, which is the lowest the Paperwhite has ever been. The Kindle Voyage is $169.99, which is probably the weakest deal among the bunch, since it’s the oldest model of the three on sale, and the Voyage was $149.99 during Prime Day. Check out my brand new Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide to get a feel for where these sale prices stack up.

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Echo, Kindles, Fire Tablets and more refurbished Amazon device deals added to Black Friday Countdown [Expired]


Amazon has added a bunch of their refurbished devices to their Black Friday Countdown deals page. The 1st-gen Fire TV for $49.99 and the 2nd-gen Fire TV for $64.99 are still available. The 1st-gen Fire TV Stick for $24.99 is back ordered, but also still available. Newly added is the Amazon Echo for $119.99, which matches the Prime Day price and is the lowest price it has ever been.

You can also now get the 5th-gen Fire HD 8 tablet for $44.99, which is the lowest price it has ever been. This is last year’s model that retailed for $149.99, but it’s actually more powerful than the new Fire HD 8 that came out a few months ago, which retails for $89.99. The larger Fire HD 10 for $159.99 is now also listed. That’s a savings of $70 over buying the Fire HD 10 new. Lastly, the Kindle Paperwhite is $79.99 and the Kindle Voyage is $119.99.

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Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Voyage are $20 off [Expired]


As part of their Countdown to Black Friday, Amazon has discounted some o ftheir Kindle models by $20. You can get the all-new Kindle for $59.99, the Kindle Paperwhite for $99.99, or Kindle Voyage for $179.99. These deals are not as good as last month’s Prime exclusive Kindle sale, but still pretty decent, especially on the lower end models. Just like the sale from last monht, this sale does not include the Kindle Oasis, which has still never been discounted.

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Base Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Voyage all on sale for Amazon Prime members [Expired]


Amazon Prime members looking to take full advantage of the over 1,000 free titles available through the new Prime Reading perk can do so with a new Kindle at a discount. Amazon has currently discounted new Kindles up to $50 for Prime members only. The regular base Kindle is $30 off at $49.99, the Kindle Paperwhite is also $30 off at $89.99, and the Kindle Voyage is $50 off at $149.99. Unfortunately, the uber premium Kindle Oasis is not included in this promotion, so it’s still $289.99 right now. There is also a Kindle for Kids Bundle that is $30 off at $69.99. That bundle includes the base Kindle without ads, a kid-friendly cover, and a 2-year no questions asked replacement plan.

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Kindle is $49.99, Kindle Paperwhite is $89.99, and Kindle Voyage is $149.99 for Prime Day [Expired]


Amazon has put three of their Kindle models on sale for Prime Day. On the low end, the all-new base Kindle is on sale for $49.99. This Kindle was just released a few weeks ago, so this is a great price for such a new device. Next we have the Kindle Paperwhite, which is on sale for $89.99. That price matches the lowest price the Paperwhite has ever been. Last is the premium Kindle Voyage for a sale price of $149.99. This also matches the lowest price this particular model has ever been in the past. The best buy among the three models is the base Kindle. It’s the newest one, yet receives the biggest price reduction at 38% off, where as the other two Kindles on sale are $25 off. Be sure to check my Prime Day Hub throughout the day for the best deals and check all the live Prime Day deals so you don’t miss anything.

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Kindle Unlimited subscriptions are 25% to 40% today only [Expired]


As part of their countdown deals leading up to Prime Day, Amazon is discounting the price of a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Membership is normally $9.99 per month, but if you sign up over the next few days today, you can get 25% off a 6 month subscription, 33% off a 12 month subscription, and 40% off a 24 month subscription. Kindle Unlimited is like Prime Vide but for books instead of movies and TV shows. A subscription gives you unlimited access to over 1 million titles. Many of the titles come with Audible audiobook versions which can be listen to for free with your subscription. Alexa on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick is capable of playing back these audiobooks through a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Even if there isn’t an audiobook version available, Alexa recently gained the ability to read you the text version out loud by simply say “Read [book title],” making a Kindle Unlimited subscription accessable through the Fire TV, as well as other Alexa-enabled devices like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, and of course the new Kindle e-book reader that was released a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t done so yet, read up on all the Prime Day deal types that we can expect, see all the currently live Prime Day Deals, and check my Prime Day Hub where I’ll be posting all the best deals I find.


It looks like this deal is likely good today only.

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Redesigned Amazon Kindle is thinner, lighter, comes in white, and still $79.99


Amazon has released a new redesigned Kindle e-reader. The new model is thinner and lighter than the previous generations Kindle, and features a more rounded design to make it easier to hold in one hand. It has double the memory and now comes in a white option. It is also the first Kindle with built-in Bluetooth audio support. This model replaces Amazon’s most affordable Kindle, which was last redesigned in 2014, and maintains the same $79.99 price.

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