Fire TV 3 (pendant) is on clearance for $20.98 in Target stores

For those of you willing to venture out into the real world, Target stores have placed the Amazon Fire TV 3 (pendant) on clearance for $20.98. This is the lowest price that the 3rd-gen Fire TV has ever been and will likely be among the last deals you’ll see for this model, since it has been discontinued and replaced by the Fire TV Stick 4K in Amazon’s lineup. The Fire TV Stick 4K is a much better device and it’s worth spending the extra $14 over this clearance deal to get the Fire TV Stick 4K for $34.99 during Black Friday, however, compared to the regular 1080p Fire TV Stick, which will be $24.99 during Black Friday, this Fire TV 3 at $21 is a much better buy. You can try checking Target’s website for stock information in your area, but it’s not very accurate since it said my local Target didn’t have any but they actually did have a pair on the shelf. You might have better luck calling your local Target and asking them to check the stock of item number 00806023, instead of relying on the website stock information.

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NVIDIA Shield TV with Free Echo Dot is on sale for $139.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

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The NVIDIA Shield TV is currently on sale. Combining that with the ongoing promotion where you get a free Echo Dot with every purchase means you can get a Shield TV + Echo Dot 3 for $139.99. The lowest price the Shield TV has ever been is $139, so the fact that you get it for that price with the all-new Echo Dot included makes this the best deal on a Shield TV that has ever been available. The Shield TV is really the only media streamer running official Android TV that anyone should consider. Google’s efforts towards Android TV has been lacking, to say the least, but NVIDIA continues to support the Shield TV and add features to make up for it. UPDATE: Echo Dot is no longer included for free, but the Shield TV is still on sale for $139.99.

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HSN is selling the Amazon Fire TV Cube for as little as $39.99 [Update: now $49.99]

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HSN appears to be clearing out stock of the older Fire TV Cube bundle that includes the original Alexa Voice Remote, which does not have the new power and volume buttons. You can currently buy the Fire TV Cube for $59.99 from HSN. If you use MasterPass, which is a checkout system that uses any MasterCard credit card, you will receive $20 off instantly, bringing the price down to $39.99. If you don’t care about having power and volume buttons on your remote, this is a fantastic deal. You can always also buy the new Alexa Voice Remote for $29.99 and use it with the Fire TV Cube from HSN and still come out saving quite a bit over the regular $119.99 price of the new Fire TV Cube bundle. This deal is expected to end tonight at midnight or until it sells out.


11/1/18The sale is over, but the price has only gone up by $10, so with the $20 MasterPass discount, you can still buy the Fire TV CUbe for $49.99, which is still a great price.

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Refurbished original 1st-gen Amazon Echo is on sale for $49.99 — New Lowest Price Ever [Expired]

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Amazon’s Alexa has come a long way since the 1st-gen Amazon Echo was announced, but the original smart speaker is still a great device to this day. If you prefer the aesthetics of the original Echo, can’t live without a volume wheel, or just don’t want to pay twice as much for the Echo 2, the refurbished Amazon Echo just went on sale for $49.99. This is the first time the Echo 1 has ever been available at such a low price. The refurbished version has been listed at a regular price of $79.99 on Amazon since the start of the year. The only thing the Echo 1 doesn’t have that the Echo 2 has is an audio-out 3.5mm jack on the back. Otherwise, the two devices are identical in features. The newer Echo sounds a tiny bit richer with music, but the older Echo sounds better with spoken word content, like audiobooks and podcasts, thanks to its larger tweeter. Both the black and white Amazon Echo are available at this sale price.

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Get a free 3rd-gen Amazon Echo Dot with the purchase of an NVIDIA Shield TV

To go along with the announcement that Amazon’s Alexa can now control NVIDIA Shield TV media players, NVIDIA is including a free 3rd-gen Echo Dot with the purchase of a Shield TV. For the regular price of $179, you can get the NVIDIA Shield TV with remote and Echo Dot. If you also want a game controller, you can get the Shield TV with remote, controller, and Echo Dot for $199. Even the $299 Shield TV Pro, which comes with a 500GB internal hard drive, is available with a free Echo Dot. This free Echo Dot promotion will be available from Amazon and Best Buy through November 10th.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick is on sale for $29.99

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick has just gone on sale for $29.99, which is $10 off its regular price. This sale is on the original 1080p Firestick, not on the new Fire TV Stick 4K which sells for $49.99. If you’re looking for a deal on the higher end Firestick, you can save $10 when you buy two and use promo code TWOPACK.

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QVC is selling a 2-pack of Fire HD 8 (2018) tablets for as little as $89.95

QVC currently has a 2-pack of Fire HD 8 tablets for $99.95. If you’re a new customer, you can use promo code TEN4U to drop the price down to $89.95. These are the new 2018 versions of Amazon’s mid-range tablet that were announced last month. Amazon has put their Fire HD 8 tablet on sale for $49.99 during the last two Black Fridays, so this QVC deal is as good as Amazon’s best sale price, if you were planning to buy two tablets.

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Generic Alexa-compatible mini smart plugs are on sale for $5.99 or less

Amazon currently has various packs of Alexa-compatible ISELECTOR mini smart plugs on sale for $5.25 to $5.99 per plug, depending on how large of a pack you buy. The 1-pack is $5.99 with promo code YQSSDV6F, the 2-pack is $10.99 with promo code SBHZKZBK, the 3-pack is $15.99 with promo code RX8USF9I, and the 4-pack is $20.99 with promo code DKVNPHV6. I have no experience with these plugs or this brand, but expect to be giving up something, since you’re essentially getting 4 plugs for the price of 1 name-brand plug. Usually, the worst aspect of these plugs is the software/app, but once you set them up, you’ll be able to use the Alexa app and voice commands from then on, so you shouldn’t need to use their own software much.

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All Amazon Fire TV models are on sale starting at $29.99

Amazon currently has their entire Fire TV lineup on sale in some form or another. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is on sale for $29.99. That’s just $10 above the lowest price it has ever been. The Amazon Fire TV 3 (pendant) is on sale for $39.99 exclusively forPrime members. That’s just $5 more than the lowest price it has ever been. Note that the Fire TV 3 is currently out of stock until October 1st, indicating to me that it might soon be replaced by a new model. Lastly, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is on sale for $79.99. This is the lowest price that it has been without needing to be a Prime member to purchase it. At least some of these sale prices are expected to end in a couple days on September 28th.

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Amazon Kindle on sale for $49.99 and Kindle Paperwhite on sale for $79.99 for Prime members — Lowest Prices Ever

Amazon’s current Prime-exclusive sale on hardware includes the Fire TV, multiple Fire tablets, and multiple Kindles. The regular Kindle is on sale for $49.99, which is $30 off its regular price of $79.99. The more premium Kindle Paperwhite is on sale for $79.99, which is $40 off its regular price of $119.99. Both of these sale prices match the lowest prices that these ebook readers have ever been. The Kindle for Kids Bundle is also on sale at $69.99. All of these sale prices are only available for Prime members.

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