Amazon now offering $3 credit for No-Rush Shipping incentive

Those of you who are Prime members are probably familiar with Amazon’s No-Rush shipping incentives. They offer you a perk for selecting a slower shipping options instead of the free 2-day shipping that comes with being a Prime member. Those perks are most commonly $1 in digital content credit or $5 in Amazon Pantry credit. A new No-Rush incentive of $3 general Amazon credit has started being offered for select shipments. This is a significantly better incentive, so be on the lookout when making orders. Remember, Amazon now has a dedicated page for your No-Rush Shipping Credit to keep track of those incentives.

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Amazon Dash Wand now has Alexa and is free for Amazon Prime members

The Amazon Dash Wand is a small handheld device that lets you add items to your Amazon shopping list by scanning bar codes or dictating the item. The new version was released late last year and was mostly the same as the Dash Wand it replaced, but a little sleeker. Now Amazon has made the device a whole lot more useful by adding full Alexa capabilities. Just like with an Echo Dot, you can now speak to Alexa and hear responses directly through the Dash Wand.

The Dash Wand is only $20, making it the least expensive Alexa device Amazon sells, but it gets better because Amazon is essentially giving them away. If you’re a Prime member and order the Dash Wand for $20, you’ll automatically receive a $20 credit added to your Amazon account as soon as you register the device. See the promotion details here.

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Amazon Prime members can now earn a 2% bonus when paying with a Debit Card or Bank Account

Amazon Reload is a new program launching today for Prime members that will earn you a 2% bonus for reloading your Amazon Gift Card Balance using a bank account, instead of a credit card. Essentially, if you use your bank account to pay for purchases, instead of a credit card, Amazon doesn’t have to pay credit card transaction fees, so they’re passing some of those savings onto you. Once you setup your bank account information, you’ll instantly get 2% added to your gift card balance when you reload gift card funds. Those funds and the 2% bonus will be available to use on Amazon within a few minutes. This cannot be combined with the 5% rewards that Prime members get with the Amazon Visa or the Amazon Store Card, which is obviously a better deal, but for those who don’t want to open or use those cards, this is a nice alternative to save a little more money.

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Select Amazon customers can get a free $5 promo code for ordering a $25 Amazon gift card with Alexa

Amazon is running a new promotion where select customers will receive a free $5 promo code via email when they order a $25 Amazon gift card using Alexa. To qualify for the offer, you must have received an email regarding the promotion. Check your inbox for an email with the subject line “Special Offer: Get a $5 promo code when you use Alexa to voice order a $25 gift card.” If you received such an email, then you just need to order a $25 Amazon gift card using any Alexa device by saying “Alexa, order a $25 gift card.” The gift card order must be placed by April 16 to qualify for the free $5 promo code, which will be emailed to you once the gift card ships. The $5 promo code must be used by June 7. If you did not receive an email about this offer, you will not receive the free $5 promo code.


If you didn’t get the email, scroll through this page while logged into Amazon and see if there is a banner about this promo on the page. If there is a banner, then you qualify for the offer.

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Amazon Cash makes shopping on Amazon without a debit or credit card easier — Free $10 credit for trying it

If you don’t want to use a credit card, debit card, or purchase gift cards, Amazon Cash is a new alternative way to pay for purchases on Amazon. The way it works is you take a unique barcode linked to your account to a participating physical store. The cashier scans the barcode and you pay them any amount in cash between $15 and $500. That money then becomes available on your Amazon account as credit. Participating stores include CVS Pharmacy, Speedway, Kum & Go, D&W Fresh Market, Sheetz, Family Fare Supermarkets, and VG’s Grocery, with more retailers to be added soon. You can either print your unique barcode, or bring it up on a mobile device at the store.

To promote the new service, Amazon is offering a free $10 credit if you add $50 of Amazon Cash to your account. Just add $50 by May 31 and the free $10 credit will automatically be added to your account. The free $10 credit can only be used on digital goods like apps, e-books, digital movies, TV shows, music, and games. You’ll have until June 30 to spend the $10 credit before it expires.

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Amazon offering $5 future credit for using Alexa to order from Prime Now

Amazon just added the ability to place Prime Now orders using Alexa. To promote the feature, they’ll send you a $5 promo code, to use on a future Amazon order, just for trying it out. Place any Prime Now order using Alexa before April 30 and you’ll be emailed a $5 promo code in about seven days. This a new different promotion from the one from last week that gave you $5 for reordering something with Alexa, which, by the way, has been extended until March 24.

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Get $5 Amazon Credit for reordering something with Alexa

Amazon is running a new promotion where they’ll send you $5 Amazon Credit just for using Alexa to reorder something you’ve ordered from Amazon in the past. There’s nothing special you have to do to qualify for the promotion. Simply say “Alexa, reorder ______,” complete the order, and you’ll receive a promo code for $5 in your email inbox in about 7 days. You can place the order through any Alexa enabled device, including the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. If you don’t have a voice remote for your Fire TV Stick, you can use the Fire TV Remote App to talk to Alexa. If you’re not sure what to reorder, you can check your order history for ideas or see what Amazon recommends you buy again. This offer ends March 20, 2017 and is only valid for Prime members. The item you reorder must be a physical item that is at least $5.

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Amazon Fire TV Game Controller on sale and includes 550 Amazon Coins

Amazon is running a new promotion which gives you 550 Amazon Coins for free (a $5 value) when you purchase the Fire TV Game Controller. This is a great deal because the game controller is already on sale for $39.99, which is down from its regular price of $49.99. The combination of the sale price and free coins makes this the best deal ever for the official game controller. Unfortunately, click the terms and conditions link on the promotion page takes you to information about Amazon coins, and not this specific promotion, so there’s no way to know how long this deal will last. After purchasing the game controller, your 550 coins will automatically be added to your account’s coin balance within 48 hours.

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Update: Get any Dash Button, including the $20 AWS IoT programable button, for FREE


Earlier today I posted about a promotion that lets you buy Amazon Dash buttons for $0.99 each and still get a $4.99 credit when you use the button the first time. It turns out that there isn’t just one promo code that works, but several different promo codes. Even better is that the different codes stack on each other, so if you apply more than one code to a single order, it will make the Dash button completely free. You’ll even still get the full $4.99 credit when you use the button for the first time. The promo codes even work on the $20 AWS IoT Dash button meant for programmers and developers. I was able to stack several promo codes to get an IoT button and regular Dash button for free in a single order (screenshot). The stacking of codes is likely an unintended bug with this promo, so order soon because I exepect it will be disabled soon.


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Amazon Dash Buttons are $0.99 and you still get a $4.99 credit on first use


Amazon Dash Buttons are the handy little buttons that you configure to order a specific Amazon product, which you select, when pressed. Normally they cost $4.99 each, which Amazon credits back to you the first time you use each button. Right now, if you use promo code COLLECTDASH or RMNBUTTONS or ZIFFBUTTONS or REVIEWDASH at checkout, each Dash Button you buy will be only $0.99. The best part is, Amazon will still credit you $4.99 per button when it is first used. So you essentially get $4 for free for every button you buy and use at least once. There are now over 200 button brands to choose from, so you’re bound to find products that you’ll use the button for at least once. The terms of the promotion say you must use each Dash Button by December 31 2016 to receive the $4.99 credit. Dash Buttons are only available for Prime Members.


See my new updated post on how to get these buttons for free.

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