Amazon removes the Fire TV box from the “Fire TV Family”

Amazon has dropped the 2nd-gen Fire TV box from the “Fire TV Family” banner that appears at the top of product pages for Fire TV devices. The Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Edition television remain, but replacing the Fire TV + HD Antenna bundle is a new bundle for the Fire TV Edition television with an HD antenna. The Fire TV Family page also no longer lists the Fire TV box in the main list of products, but it does still include the Certified Refurbished Fire TV near the bottom. Read more ›

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Newly discovered “AFTA” device is very likely the Amazon Fire TV 3

An Amazon Fire TV app developer has posted on Amazon’s developer forum seeking answers about a pair of unreleased Fire TV models that appeared in their app’s access logs. The first new device identified itself as an “AFTN” device, which, thanks to a leaked benchmark I discovered earlier this year, we already know is a new mid-tier Fire TV model that Amazon is working on. The second new mystery Fire TV model identified itself as an “AFTA” device. This is the first time this model has ever surfaced and it is very likely the successor to the current 2nd-generation Fire TV. Read more ›

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What to expect from an Amazon Fire TV 3 and Fire TV Stick 2


Even though there haven’t been any leaks, like there were around this time last year, it’s fairly likely there will be a new Amazon Fire TV and/or Fire TV Stick released within the next few months. If Amazon repeats last year’s product roadmap, which they often do, new Fire TV devices will be announced in September and released in October. My theory that new Fire TV devices will be announced in time for the upcoming release of Prime Video in India has caused several of you to wonder what can we expect from a new generation of Amazon’s streaming devices. While there aren’t any leaks to go off of, here’s a breakdown of potential improvements and new features we might see in a Fire TV 3 or Fire TV Stick 2. Read more ›

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Theory: New Fire TV hardware to be revealed prior to Prime Video’s impending launch in India


Amazon has launched Prime service in India today, with Prime Video coming soon to the country. If you frequent this site, you may have noticed that I like to look at Amazon’s past actions to try and predict what they’ll do in the future. Last August, Amazon announced that Prime Video would soon be coming to Japan. A few weeks later, Amazon revealed the Fire TV 2, just in time for it to be made available in Japan for the first time, which nicely coincided with the launch of Prime Video in Japan. Now that it’s been revealed that Prime Video is coming soon to India, I expect we’ll see new Fire TV hardware revealed before then, so that the new device(s) can be launched in India as well, in conjunction with Prime Video. Read more ›

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