Exclusive: New Amazon Fire and Fire HD 8 tablets expected to be announced this week

They aren’t really much to look at, since once you’ve seen one black rectangle with a screen in the middle, you’ve seen them all, but above are thumbnail images of the new Amazon Fire and Fire HD 8 tablets that are very likely going to be announced as early as tomorrow. These are the new Amazon tablets that passed through FCC approval a couple of weeks ago. Read more ›

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Amazon’s tablet strategy of Less is More


Amazon just announced their new Fire HD 8 tablet and in doing so, have dove deeper into their tablet strategy of: less is more. Amazon’s Fire Phone failure marks a turning point where the company stopped trying to go after the upper-end flagship hardware market, and started dominating the lower-end of the hardware spectrum. Last year’s line of new tablets reduced hardware specs across the board and cut prices by more than half. In doing so, they became Amazon’s best selling tablets to date, and include Amazon’s single best-selling device ever, the $49.99 Fire 7″ tablet, which incidentaly took the title of best-selling device from Amazon’s other budget device, the Fire TV Stick. This year’s new Fire HD 8 continues the trend of less is more. Read more ›

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Amazon brings Alexa to mobile with all-new Fire HD 8 tablet


Amazon has announced their all-new Fire HD 8 tablet. The biggest new feature is that the Alexa voice assistant will make its mobile debut in this new tablet. As for hardware, the new Fire HD 8 features 50% more RAM than the previous generation, at 1.5 GB, and a massive 12 hour battery life. The storage has been doubled to 16GB for the base model and it still includes a microSD card slot for expandable storage needs. It features the same 8″ 1280 x 800 HD screen as before, but Amazon has reduced the processor slightly from a 1.5 Ghz quad-core in last years model to a 1.3GHz quad-core processor in this new model. A slight reduction in some specs in order to reduce the device’s price is starting to be a trend for Amazon, and reduce the price they certainly have. The new Fire HD 8 is just $89.99, which is a significant drop from last year’s $150 price. Preorders are open now and the tablet will ship on September 21st. It’s also available in the UK for £89.99 and Germany for 109.99€.

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Amazon introduces the Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition with 1 year of Kindle Unlimited included


Amazon has released a new Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition bundle to go along with a new tablet feature, called Blue Shade, which makes reading on their tablets at night easier on your eyes. Blue Shade automatically adjusts the tablet’s backlight and minimizes blue light, which studies have shown can inhibit your ability to fall asleep. The new reader’s bundle includes a Fire HD 8 tablet, which normally costs $149.99 (but is currently on sale for $129.99), a 12-month membership to Kindle Unlimited, which normally costs $119.88, and a premium leather case, which Amazon will be selling separately for $79.99. The bundle costs $249.99, which is a $100 savings over buying the three included items individually.

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