Amazon announces all-new Fire HD 10 Tablet with Hands-Free Alexa

Amazon has just announced an all-new Fire HD 10 Tablet. The new model is a significant update to the previous version thanks to its 1.8 GHz quad-core CPU that offers a 30% boost in performance over the previous generation. The new Fire HD 10 also bumps the screen up from 720p to 1080p and doubles the RAM to 2 GB. Also included, which is a first for any Amazon tablet, is hands-free Alexa capabilities that let you control the tablet and access all of Alexa’s features without having to press any buttons. Read more ›

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New Amazon tablet passes through FCC approval

A new Amazon tablet has just passed through FCC approval. The tablet carries FCC ID # 2AIP5-3975 and model number SL056ZE. As with all of Amazon’s FCC filings, there is no explicit marking that the tablet is made by Amazon, but it has plenty of signs that give it away as an Amazon device. Read more ›

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Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (Refurb) on sale for $119.99 — Lowest Price Ever

The Certified Refurbished Amazon Fire HD 10 has just gone on sale for $119.99. That’s $80 less than the price it was yesterday and is the new lowest price this tablet has ever been. This price is for the 16GB model with either a black plastic back or the newer silver aluminum back. The 32GB version in silver aluminum is also on sale for $149.99, which is the same $80 off. This is Amazon’s largest and most powerful tablet. It has a quad-core 1.5 GHz CPU, while the other tablets clock in at 1.3 GHz. It has a micro SD card slot for expandable storage, which makes it a great device for watching movies and TV shows, thanks to offline storage on micro SD cards.

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Last day to buy Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire Tablets on sale — Update: Sale extended another week

Amazon has had several of their Alexa devices and Fire Tablets on sale this week. That sale is expected to end tonight at midnight. If you still haven’t placed your orders, this is probably your last chance to get these products at a discount before Christmas. The Amazon Echo is $139.99, the Echo Dot is $39.99, and the Amazon Tap is $89.99. Those prices match Amazon’s Black Friday sale prices and are pretty good overall. Be sure to check Prime Now if you need something that is backordered to arrive by Christmas.

The 7″ Fire Tablet is $39.99, the Fire Kids Edition Tablet is $89.99, and the Fire HD 10 Tablet is $199.99. Those deals are not as good as the Echo deals, but they’re still pretty decent, especially considering the Fire HD 10 never went on sale during Black Friday. Check my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide to get a better feel of how these prices compare to past sales.


12/18/16 Amazon has extended the sale another week and has also added the Fire HD 8 for $69.99 to the sale.

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Fire HD 10 and Fire 7″ tablets on sale at Amazon

Amazon has just put several of their tablets on sale. For the most part, these sale prices are not too impressive, but if you’re looking for an easy gift idea for someone, you can’t go wrong with a tablet, and it’s unlikely they’ll be any cheaper than this before Christmas. The Fire 7″ Tablet is $39.99, which falls under the “Okay Price” point according to my buyer’s guide. Prime Day and Black Friday prices are usually around $33 to $35, so this is a usual sale price outside of those special days. The Fire HD 10 tablet is $199.99, which is slightly above my buyer’s guide’s “Okay Price” of $179.99. Oddly enough, this tablet did not go on sale during Prime Day, so while this isn’t a great price overall, it’s as low as you’ll likely see for a while. Lastly, the Fire Kids Tablet is $89.99, which like the other deals, is an “Okay Price” point.

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Amazon Fire HD 10 on sale for $129 through Alexa & $149.99 through Amazon — NOW LIVE!


The Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is currently available for $129 exclusively through Alexa voice shoping as one of several Alexa Exclusive Deals that just went live. This is by far the new lowest price this tablet has ever been and it beats the previous all time low by $40. Additionally, if you haven’t purchased anything through Alexa since July 8th, you will receive an additional $10 off your order, bringing the tablet’s price down to $119. Just say “Alexa, order a Fire HD 10 tablet” to an Alexa-enabled speaker to take advantage of this deal. Technically, Alexa Exclusive Deals are only supposed to be available through the Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot, and the Amazon Tap speakers. However, after many attempts, I was able to successfully get Alexa on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick to bring up the Alexa Exclusive Countdown Deals that went live earlier this week. The process is very hit or miss and all you can do is keep asking Alexa to buy one of the exclusive items and hope that you eventually get offered the discounted price. If you don’t have access to Alexa, or can;t get the Fire TV to offer you the discount, the Fire HD 10 Tablet is also on sale for $149.99 on Amazon’s website, which is still a great price.

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Amazon to sell the Fire HD 10 Tablet for $129 on Prime Day exclusively through Alexa


Amazon will be selling the Fire HD 10 Tablet for the ridiculously low price of $129 exclusively through Alexa on Prime day tomorrow. That’s a full $30 less than the lowest price this tablet had ever been before. Just to give you an idea of how good this price is, my Amazon sale pricing guide listed a “great price” for this tablet as $159.99. The Alexa exclusive deals require that you order through an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap by saying “Alexa, order a Fire HD 10 tablet.” It may be possible to order this, and other Alexa exclusive deals, through a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick using a voice remote on Prime Day. I was able to get the Alexa exclusive preview deals from earlier this week to appear on the Fire TV, but it took many tries. See my post for tips on how to improve your chances of getting Alexa on the Fire TV to offer the discounted price.

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New aluminum-body Fire HD 10 tablet on sale for $179.99


The newly released aluminum Fire HD 10 has gone on sale for $179.99. This price is just $10 more than the Cyber Monday price for the plastic versions, which was the cheapest the plastic version had ever been, yet this is for the aluminum version that was just released last week. This is the largest tablet Amazon makes with a 10.1 inch HD screen, a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 8 hour battery life, and 16GB of memory. You can bump the storage up to 32GB for $30 more or 64GB for $60 more, although you may not need to since all models come with a microSD card slot for external storage.

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Amazon upgrades Fire HD 10 tablet to aluminum body and offers 64GB model


Amazon has introduced a new aluminum version of the Fire HD 10 tablet. The best part is it’s the same price as the older black or white plastic models. Everything else about the tablet is the same except now it’ll feel better in the hand with the new aluminum body. Inside you’ll find the same 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 5MP camera, 8 hour battery life, and 10.1″ HD screen. One other thing that has changed is that there is now a 64GB option which quadruples the regular 16GB internal storage. The extra storage will run you $60 more than the base price and is currently only available on the new aluminum model.

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Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10 Tablets on sale for less than they were on Black Friday


Amazon has just put most of their tablets on sale. The two best deals are on their two newest tablets. The Fire HD 8 Tablet is on sale for $129.99. This is the brand new model they just released a couple months ago. It’s the first time this all new tablet has ever been on sale. The other great deal is the Fire HD 10 Tablet for $179.99, which is a full $20 less than its Black Friday sale price.

This sale is part of Amazon’s 12 Days of Deals where each day they’re having sales that appeal to a specific type of person. Today’s deals are for the “Entertainment Lover”, which is why the Fire TV and Fire Tablets are on sale.

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